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Poetry is something we mostly do for our soul, we share it with others to touch their spirit or stir emotion. Poetry, and poets, are sadly undervalued in our modern society. I hope you enjoy my poems.

A Thousand Teslas

Tesla's essence in the ethers,
coating chrysalides with his cosmic dust,
sparks of genius ignite,
the lives within,
infuse them with power,
the power to create,
A thousand Teslas emerge,
like butterflies fluttering their wings,
Ten thousand creations are the rain,
Zero point is gained.
Other wonders not yet conceived,
await creation from the tiny vibrations,
of these sublime wings.

Nikola Tesla was a creative genius that is responsible for many inventions that we now take for granted. This is a poem I wrote for the intention of bringing more minds like his onto Planet Earth.

Afraid of the Light

Always running from God,
thinking you are running to God.
Hiding in temples,
hiding in churches,
hiding from the light.
forever hiding.
Always running from the light.
Fearing the light,
fearing the dark,
fleeing from God.
Fleeing from God, towards the gods men have created.
Abstaining from life in favor of spirit.
Always missing the point.
Not understanding spirit.
Rejecting the material for the spiritual
is rejecting the spiritual.
Always suppressing.
What is the point of your existence?
Never indulging.
What is the point of your existence?
Rejecting the material world.
Why did you make the trip?
You always run from the light of God,
the beauty of this material world,
this chaotic absurdness of our universe.
You always run from the proof of God,
all the beauty,
the smells,
the sounds,
the tastes,
the sensations of the sensual world.
The sensual world is God,
a goodness created by God,
from God,
therefore is God.
You run into those churches.
Rejecting God's creation, the material world.
You run into those temples.
Rejecting God's gift to us, the material world.
You run into unholy holy places,
hiding from the light,
hiding from life.
Sitting in a cave listening to nothing or
Ripping yourself off trying to transcend this illusion.
The illusion is the feeling that you need to
transcend this illusion.
Abstinence is the ultimate sin.
Experience is your divine commission,
come into that light.

I spent many years of my life searching for what is termed “spiritual” only to come to the realization that my purpose in this life, if there is any within its absurdness, is to experience the material universe that I seem to be existing in. I am not the first person to come to this type of realization. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin proposed that we are spiritual beings having a material experience, while Camus alluded to an understanding that how we make meaning in this absurd reality is through our experiences and the relationships we form and foster.

I have known about these theories and philosophies on life for a long time, however I wish I would have understood what these concepts really meant earlier in my life. It seems we regret the things we did not do far more than the things we did do.

Flaccid Confinement

The snow brings ghosts,
ghosts of reflections of the past
Pasts you remember over and over.
Pasts you remember when the snow falls.
People were never the same
as you remember them.
The snow falls imprisoning you
year after year.
Solitary fear or frustration,
solitary comfort or kindness,
no matter what,
you are solitary.
No matter who you are with,
the snow confines you,
keeping you separate,
especially when you are together.
People are never who you want
them to be when you are with them.

A poem written whilst I was feeling a bit melodramatic about my persistent cabin fever and seasonal affective disorder. Living out here on our hobby farm is great most of the time, but in the winter I do find it isolated, especially after many snowy and cloudy days.


I strongly encourage you to read other poems by other Wikinut Poets, you can find them to the right > Under Similar Pages, just click an icon, and enjoy. I am sure they would be happy to read your comments as well.

Special thanks to Wikinut Poet Rathnasikamani for reminding me to share more poetry. And thanks to Buzz for reminding me to show this side of myself more often.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
Raised in Michigan, I have a son who recently joined the Military. I am living in Canada with my wife where we have a hobby farm.

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author avatar johnnydod
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Mark its great to see more of this side of you, to me a poet is someone who opens his heart for others to see,and you have done just that.
Your vision on life and man is wonderful.

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author avatar Bets
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Heey Mark~ None can escape the material world; we live around it everyday. I enjoyed reading some of your works here. Let me say; Our all knowing Creator God is among us here and helping to enjoy what is His. Churches are also his of which I delight taking part in. There is music, choirs, readings, prayers that uplift ones' spirit. I enjoy reading your take on running or hiding from God. Actually Mark, being in church is being in His presence. He loves for a people to worship Him also, that way.
About Teslas; I recognized that name, that word but until I read further down, I was still blind about it. That's when the switch came on, "oh yeah! That guy!" hahaha. Enjoy reading your written material. Take care!

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author avatar Carol
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Well done Mark. You have revealed the poetic side of your writing, and it's very nice too. How clever to be able to write and also weave poems. I am hopeless at poetry. Well deserved star too!

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author avatar Retired
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Wonderful to see you sharing more poems here, Mark. Great job, too! enjoyed the Tessla poem and especially smiled reading these lines in the other one-
Ripping yourself off trying to transcend this illusion.
The illusion is the feeling that you need to
transcend this illusion.

Bravo on your deserved star.
Warmly,r d

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author avatar Buzz
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Wow, Mark! Yesss! I felt exhilarated to see these poetic juices flowing from your innermost soul for the first time (since I joined Wikinut, that is).

I'm not an authoritative judge of poems written by someone higher than me, so I can only quote S.T. Coleridge to describe my delight in these poems you wrote for us Wikinutters:

"The best words in their best order."

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author avatar Vernazoa
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Mark, you are just too brilliant! I will bet all of wonderful thoughts can't be kept in a nap sack or any other container.

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author avatar Marijo Phelps
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Poetry helps us to fine tune our focus and get out thoughts and ideas out with a minimum of words and a maximum of clarity - am enjoying yours!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Wonderful... poet,artist ,writer, and farmer, just a short list of which I am sure there is much more... I am amazed Mark truly lovely...

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author avatar Sheila Newton
21st Oct 2011 (#)

How right you are. Poets ARE undervalued. These poems are simply wonderful. Every word has some deep-seated meaning. Love your work, Mark.

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author avatar Bridgitte Williams
21st Oct 2011 (#)

WOW! :-) I loved these, esp the last deep and true. Happiness within and amen. BRAVO!

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author avatar Bridgitte Williams
21st Oct 2011 (#)

ps loved the Tesla one, too. I can understand why he felt the way he did. He was so brilliant. I think of him sometimes, when I listen to the radio. Few do, though. Sadly, it takes death for many artists, poets and writers to be appreciated. But, at least, we all leave our words time. :-)

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author avatar Bets
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Thank you Mark. Well, this is getting better for me although there is still a problem at login for me. I have to get a new pw everytime. For some reason time and again, the pw I've chosen is not sticking. Even having to get back to read others' works, my messages, & etc, I still have to acquire a new password to login to do so. This alone keeps me hopping. I am learning use of this however not understanding the problem with the logging in issue. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Until then, ('cause I'm so tired of this happening), I will keep my page limited. Thnx for any assistance and I know there is someone who may help to make this experience better for me at wikinut.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
22nd Oct 2011 (#)

Bets I do not have that problem myself. If you have another browser try that and see if it is your browser that is the problem?

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author avatar Bets
22nd Oct 2011 (#)

Thnx Mark. I'm not computer savvy and didn't think I would run into a PW problem. Since I am not savvy about PC's, I will have to dig the info out about how to fix what you have suggested. Have a nice day! I'll be back to reading more later. Smiles; Bets

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author avatar Jojay
3rd Nov 2011 (#)

Mark, I so enjoy your poems! Isn't it a shame that there are so few (literary magazines) places to submit poetry? One of my poems was accepted and published in the same literary magazine that featured Raymond Carver's first short story. That meant a lot to me Just as reading good poetry and articles in Wikinut and being surrounded by people who value (and encourage) creative writing.

"Afraid of the night" was beautiful---may all of us ...await creation from tiny vibrations" and appreciate all the material wonders of the world represented in: "these sublime wings." Thank you for sharing your gift.

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author avatar Maria Malone
6th Nov 2011 (#)

Beautiful poetry Mark, wonderful to read, thanks!

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author avatar Bets
8th Nov 2011 (#)

Awsome writings Mrk. This line is so true, "People are never who you want
them to be when you are with them.
Browsing your pages now. Have a nice day! Smiles, Bets

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author avatar Bets
8th Nov 2011 (#)

typo... (Mark)! So sorry about that. lol, Bets

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
8th Nov 2011 (#)

When we are past our lives, it is a beautiful conception that, we ‘become cosmic dust, sparks of genius speckled across the ethereal realms there to ignite the lives within ourselves’. Poets and inventors come to this world, fulfill their function and mission and are gone in no time. Just as their creations delight and serve us roaming the surface of this earth, they stand there on the rainbow frills and flutter like butterflies, to further captivate us. It is true, in spite of all the philosophy and guidance of our bygone poets, inventors and scientists that man runs from light, from the beauty of God, and from all pleasantness of faith and divinity. But it is only natural because he, like the world, originated out of chaos. It was only long afterwards that the light of kindness was extended to him, after Aeons of pain, agony, suffering, dejection. See the Christ walking to his cross-making his own cross, walking stooping with the burden of it, the final persecution with nails and abuse. What thoughts would not have passed through his soul in those long hours of agony, betrayal and isolation? I some times think I was him. Often times such is the loneliness of human soul in the midst of a crowd. That is why they, at least many, tend to flee from the light, seeking solace in darkness. The flight of a soul in distress is justified. Anyway, happy or not, he finally returns in ashes to the richness of the material world. Snow means no-warmth, and surreal confinement, the perpetual climate of this world and nature of mankind, except when broken by brief respites of sunshine, brightness and warmth. Mark Gordon Brown’s observation that poets and their poems are undervalued in our society is just modesty. Poetry is condensed thought, and society values them more than anything else. Poetry is indeed inspiring and such poems as the above more.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
9th Nov 2011 (#)

Wow, dear Mark, I'm pleasantly surprised to see you referring me on this page, and I thank you for weighing my opinion.

Your poetry is soul searching and accentuates the disillusionment of living the life as it is.

I appreciate your concern for the poets and their poetry that needs to be read for the inspiration we humans desire to cherish for the 'condensed thought' (as PSRC said) illuminating our inquisitive conscience.

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author avatar Songbird B
13th Nov 2011 (#)

Mark, what can I say? Your poetry an utter delight to me, and a pleasure to read.. I will be looking out for more...These are wonderful, and it is so good to see your poetic soul my friend..\0/x

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author avatar Tranquilpen
15th Nov 2011 (#)

Hello Mark, thank you for your great share of yet another great aspect of your persona. Like Buzz, I am not skilled enough to adjudicate your poem which possesses so many little gems of wisdom that I found myself reading through it twice. You entertain several schools of thought here without necessarily accepting them all. Aristotle once said: "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Thank you for sharing

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