More school please :)

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Well, this school thing is still going on. Its a new experience for me, though I must say Im getting a little tired of this every day getting up early thing.

More school please :)

Well, this school thing is still going on. It's a new experience for me, though I must say I'm getting a little tired of this every day getting up early thing. I mean I yearn for a little bit of diversity in the morning, like I used to have, but now it's just the same old thing every day, having to get ready for school each and every week-morning.

I find school extremely easy really. I could always draw, so learning to make the numbers and letters on our little chalk boards, is very easy. The first letter we learn to write is i. The first number is 1.

Missis Bera always has a story about every letter and number, so the children can remember what the story is with every symbol we learn do write.

I catch on quickly, but it seems it's just me and Liam, another guy in the class, and one or two girls who are "getting it". Some of the children make the letters or numbers the complete wrong way around. And some just can't copy a shape, I mean really! Some really really just draw these incomprehensible things when they're supposed to be drawing a "2" or a letter or something.

Missis Bera is always friendly and very patient with them all though. I suppose she doesn't want to discourage anybody. I don't want to laugh at anybody; I know they're trying, but seriously sometimes when we have to draw a single simple letter on our chalkboards, some of the children make these ghastly shapes that make no sense whatsoever. I never knew people could be so different in their thinking and their sight it seems.

Anyway, now that I can read and write, Cyan and I have a new game at home: Playing school. Yes, very exciting, I know. Sometimes he's the teacher, sometimes I'm the teacher. Sometimes Karlien plays with us, although playing school isn't really her favorite thing to do.

Unfortunately soon Cyan develops a new trend: The teacher hits the children when they're "naughty". Of course this soon ruins everything because it's a lot of hurting "pupils" all the time, beating them with a ruler and so on and on. Cyan seems to think it's fun being the teacher this way. Nobody wants to be the pupils anymore; everybody wants to be the teacher or they walk. Pity that our "game" is ruined now.

Well, I can read, I can write, I can make sums, and I know a lot of things now. I guess school came in useful.

But I sense I'm getting some resistance inside myself for school, mainly because it feels like this routine of getting up early each and every morning is really, really wearing me out. Some days I just want to sleep in. How much longer is this going to carry on?? Oh, just for 12 years, that's all. WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!


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14th Jul 2013 (#)

So true and well written article..

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