More than there is

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There is more to life that is known
when we enlarge our ability to see
and broaden our horizon beyond what we see, know and believe
only then can the darkened part be unveil in part

More than there is

More than there is

To everyone with life in this life
To everyone with air in his nostrils
To everyone with beats in his heart
To everyone with name to answer
To everyone with assignment to accomplish
To everyone with choice to make
To everyone with decision to act on
There is more to life than you see, know, and experience

To everyone with religion to stand for
To everyone with prayers to make
To everyone with hope and faith
To everyone with dreams and aspirations
To everyone with desires and inspirations
To everyone with a skin color
There is more to mans existence than you are aware of
Man is made of up spirit, soul and body
Each component with it functions and a destination after life works

To everyone in a continent
To everyone in a country
To everyone in a city, town and community
To everyone in a family
To everyone in a group or association
There is more to belonging than you and yourself
Life is not all about you
It also involves others just like you
A little difference
A little similarity
All requiring attention

To everyone who need to be loved
To everyone who want to love
To everyone who need attention
To everyone with feelings and emotions
There is more to love than feelings and convenient
It is a standing order to be acted on
And a pathway to victory

To everyone with disappointment
To everyone with disadvantage
To everyone in pain and despair
To everyone in troubles and problems
To everyone in need and want
To everyone with budget
There is more to your situation than you can imagine
They are turn in disguise of good tidings
If your faith fade not
After the traffic come free flow of movement
After rain come sun
After night comes day
They are in the mood of afterwards

To everyone who is leading
(Yourself and others)
To everyone with a responsibility
To everyone in a position
To everyone with a title
To everyone with a post
There is more to being in charge than it thought of
There is an accountability to be made physically and spiritually
(God and Man)
Lead right
Lead well
It is inevitable especially with God
Even if mans own is skipped

Oh ye who tacked from every corner of the earth
May your vision of a new life within you shine along the line as you travel
May your life rhyme with your harvest
In the awakening of a new life
Where there is more to it


Aftermath, Consequence, Life

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Writer. disciple of christ, preacher, teacher, counsellor, motivational speaker, ...
I love poetry because it help me put my imagination into writing.
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author avatar GenkiWorld
30th Jan 2015 (#)

loved it! it's so full of incurragement and optimism :)

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author avatar Solomon Sunday
30th Jan 2015 (#)

thanks Genkiworld

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