More trouble for Osborn

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Paying child support is never enough. The child's mother will usually want to completely suck dry the father. His money shall go to her. That seems to be how these things work.

More trouble for Osborn

Osborn knocks on the door of Lordly House.

I open the door and see the most adorable baby staring at me. It probably doesn't see many white people so it's kind of wary but still so curious.

It is of course Osborn's illegitimate baby with that other woman who gives him so much hell. I've never seen her but apparently she and her family are making life a living hell for Osborn, always trying to suck money out of him and using the child as justification.

Osborn tells me they arrived unannounced and dropped the child off.

I tell him to tell them they do know he's at work now and can't babysit, right?

He says he notified them fully well.

Anyway, now he's going to have the child with him where he's cleaning in Tower Mansion, and just came to tell me so that I don't unexpectingly find the child in Tower Mansion and then wonder what the hell is this and where did it come from.

Later on I go into Tower Mansion and find Osborn washing dishes. However, there's no child with him.

He says those people came back and took the child, and now that woman is sitting with the child, waiting all the time at the servant's eating place.

The nerve. What does that woman think this is? Some public place? She can't just come into the grounds onto our property and just decide she's going to spend the day here.

Anyway, Osborn is one emotional mess because of this. He says it's because those people must have heard that he had recently sold his old SAAB car for which parts were too expensive and hard to get, for R20,000.

He says that's why that woman is here now of course. She knows he has money now and now she's telling Osborn to give her money so she can buy the baby diapers.

Osborn was just like what the hell; he pays "child support" every month and that's what that money is for - taking care of the child's needs. He refuses to just give them more money any time they want.

Now that woman is just sitting there in the eating quarters next to Osborn's accommodations, waiting for him with the child until he gives them money.

Osborn is also now scared that it's these people who poisoned him to sabotage him.

Sigh. Well, children can be a blessing I'm sure, but the evil there can be between the parents is sickening.

I suppose Osborn will be working as long as he can now in Tower Mansion, so that he doesn't need to go face that pesky woman.



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