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most of my mornings start with thoughts that i cant do away with... and luckily most of my friends love it if i share these thoughts with i have a compilation of these thoughts...

Morning Muses

1. While somethings break many of our precious hopes, it reminds us that we much cherish the "now" time coz we might never know when the last moments comes by! :)

2. We may not realize with the fast pace of life that the more things change --- the more they are just the same! :)

3. The greatest & worst time of life ironically is the same. Coz its the time when you come face to face with the reality, leaving behind yo impossible dreams! :|

4. The opposite of Love is NOT Hate! Hate is only Love --- gone bitter!

5. Life is both funny & extreme. Once you are very close to a person, life's ought to take you too far from them one day. Avoid the hurt - avoid getting close to anyone!

6. The things that naked eyes cannot see,
Are the most amazing things that can ever be,
So feel them with a pure heart whenever you can,
Coz only these amazing things can set your soul free.... -- Poetic Soul's morning muse

PS: Poetic Soul is my Pen Name

7. When surrounded by unlimited chaos, you can hear the thots in my head loud & clear! :)

8. When you know things at yo end arent going okay, its better to keep yo mind and mouth shut, anything can backfire, and that can be really ugly!!!

9. ideally none of us know anything about life or wats in store next, so its better to shut up and jus go with the flow... ♥ :)

10. Till the time you shall not accept who you are, no one else will!

11. Friendship only builds on TRUST which usually RUSTS due to lack of love, care or communication... so u know... ;)

12. Never be too busy to mirror your heart's desire. Be empowered to connect to those who love -- trust & need you...

13. Lil things matter the most- when they can touch a heart than the extravagant ones that are only superficial!

14. Experience speaks volumes, thus mark Poetic Soul's words ----
Never LEAVE:
- relations half dead
- books half read

15. The first step to resolve all conflicts is acceptance!!

~~~ Poetic Soul's morning muses

.........................more to come soon.... !! :)

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author avatar Poetic2984
25th Jan 2012 (#)

Thanks for your comment-

You writing is very thought provoking.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
8th Feb 2012 (#)

This is excellent work Wordcraze, and your pseudonym is well chosen. Thank you nfor sharing.

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author avatar wordcraze
8th Feb 2012 (#)

thank you @poetic1984

thanks @tranquilpen ... :) glad!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
20th Mar 2012 (#)

Brilliant and lovely items for sharing. Thanks.

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author avatar wordcraze
20th Mar 2012 (#)

thank you Karim sa'ab! :)

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