Mornings, Panic and Learning the Ropes ;-)

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Just another day eating hotdogs for breakfast and fiddling with napkins ^^

4 In The Morning...

Yep, this time my day starts at four...well, quarter to four in the morning. Let me explain.....

For some reason I had a bad feeling that Lee wouldn't wake up for his shift today, and I also wanted to be awake for when he woke up. So I decided to stay up all night until he woke up at half four and left at five. Unfortunately he woke up at quarter to four asking why I was still up. He made me come to bed and go to sleep.

Next thing I know his mother comes in the room at half past seven yelling at him because he never got up! He really should have just left me awake.
He works as a chef in an important hotel and he was the only chef in. I haven't heard from him all day either, even though he was supposed to finish at two in the afternoon, it's now five past eleven at night. Needless to say, I'm extremely worried.

11 ^^

Just after eleven Lee's mum comes in and wakes me up asking if I want hotdogs. I giggled after she left because technically I was having hot dogs for breakfast, not really all that funny I know...but still.
So after that my day was pretty boring, all I did was wait around for six o'clock to roll round so I could go to work.

Six o'clock, Off To Work!

Finally six o'clock came around and I started work. For anyone that hasn't read my previous diaries, I've just started a job at a pub as a waitress/KP. But I think they're just going to keep me as a waitress as that's what I've been the past three shifts now. I can tell you, working there has been the best. Everyone is always friendly and the banter is great!

Our head chef is really nice, he always makes tea for us, the other chef is really sweet and nice, the other KP's/Waitress are really great to work with and the bar staff are awesome too. So all in all, the place really is the best for me. :-)

When the owner is in she does a bit of everything, but mostly waitressing. And tonight she showed me how to properly lay out the tables and how to do a little origami thing on the napkins to make them look nice. It isn't actually that hard to do, it's just fiddly.

About an hour after she showed me all that she went home and told me I was in charge of the waitressing for the rest of the night. Which was great, all the customers are lovely and I even bumped into an old boss. I helped out with making ice creams and scared the head chef as payback. ;-)

He was horrible earlier in the night, he was just talking and I was doing an ice cream and he said 'now the things you have to watch out for are things like this...' I turn around, scream and run off. He'd put a lobster like thing in my face!!! I turn round and all I see is beady little black eyes staring at me!!! So I scared him later on as payback.

11 At Night

Well, now I'm home and so so tired, haven't sat down in about five hours. And I'm worried. I wish Lee would call. I don't know where he is and I haven't heard anything at all today from him.
i miss him loads. :-( xxxx

Well that's it really, I'll be writing more tomorrow, no doubt ;-) x


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author avatar raman13
11th Jul 2010 (#)

Good stuff
Follow me as well

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author avatar leylucs
11th Jul 2010 (#)

great share!

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author avatar RSyed
11th Jul 2010 (#)

your life is interesting! Hoping for the best for Lee though!

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