Mother falls

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Mother gets swept off her feet! No, not romanticlike. By some inconsiderate dog. And there she goes flying and injuring herself...

Mother falls

I've just come into Tower Mansion when I hear Mother talking to a dog outside. I believe she's probably gone to call me at my studio so I go back out again.

Yup, there's Mother again, frustrated that I wasn't there where she was looking for me. She wants me to come eat.

We are just about to walk around the corner of Tower Mansion when suddenly Bella, one of the husky looking dogs speeds past underneath us.

Poor Mother is knocked off her feet by this rude dog and there she goes.

From my point of view, it looks like the fall is just never ending. She loses her balance and she falls and once she's on her bum she keeps falling over with her head against a tree. Horrible sight to behold.

Finally she's done falling and I can help her into a sitting position. She has hurt her ankle.

She says she feels like her ankle is off (broken) but, says she, Father is going to say well at least her thick ankles stayed intact. Apparently Father must have said some time before that her ankles are thick.

Anyway, I sit with her while Majesty is looking at us with big eyes, wondering what is going on. Bella also comes back but she's all smiles and panting and doesn't seem to realize what she's done. Got dammit that makes one angry - I feel like beating her to a pulp for hurting Mother, but the stupid dog won't even know what it's about so I just try to keep calm.

Finally Mother is done crying and we get up and go eat our supper. It takes a while before Father realizes we're all quiet. He asks what's wrong and Mother says she's in shock.

Anyway, we look at the rain meter that Waldorf put up some time ago. He first put it up under some bushes, and we couldn't understand what he was thinking. So he put it onto another pole.

But now, it'll have to move again because Waldorf is in the process of putting up a higher fence. He's making a grazing camp for the deer that is coming.

Recently Father and Harrison have gotten the idea of taking up wildlife farming. Apparently there's lots of money into it.

At first I thought it's good but I thought they'd start slow and cheap and go from there, but nope, the very first single buck of sorts that they're getting is one that costs a quarter of a million rands.

Well, I hope their wildlife idea works.

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