Moving my studio to Lordly House

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My offices and editing studio have been where they were since 1996, and I never thought I'd want it somewhere else.

One afternoon I take an afternoon nap, and during my sleep I think about moving my offices and studio to a room in Lordly House.

Moving my studio to Lordly House

I have no idea why I thought to do it. Maybe it's my subconscious that felt my current offices and editing studio is just too cold. It has been a very cold winter this year.

Other years I was fine there; in fact there was many years that I actually slept in the same building too. But yes, I did have two blow heaters on both sides of me, one blowing hot air around my upper body but not in my face, and one blowing hot air over my legs from the other side. I remember it was wonderful; I felt so relaxed when I slept like that, it was like sleeping in a nice hot bath but without the danger of drowning.

But later on the crickets for some reason became unbearable there at night. They were outside and inside and crawled into the sofas and onto the curtains and made so much noise at night that I finally couldn't stand it.

And, just like in the Bible with its ten plague story, this plage was followed by frogs. I think the frogs came to eat the magnitude of crickets.

But frogs like to sing at night. And good lord, can they sing!! They made so much noise that I soon couldn't sleep there anymore even if I wanted to.

During the day I could work there though. It seems none of these horrid creatures like to make their presence known during the day.

Anyway, what plague would frogs lure there? Storks?

Nope. Frogs lured snakes there. Snakes like frogs. Little house snakes I didn't care so much about, but then came the huge big poisonous snakes that like to swallow up frogs.

Yep. Those were the days. The days of the pests.

I was never going to sleep there ever again. And never did. Except once in 2007 when I accidentally fell asleep there on the bed and had a wonderful night's sleep. There was no noise that night and the window was open through which this room temperature breeze came in that was absolutely heaven to breathe in.

Wonderful as it was though, at a later date I tried it again but now the air was horrible and cold and I couldn't replicate that wonderful night's sleep.

Anyway, the place was still good to work in. Lots of office space and of course as you might know, I also made my wardrobe department there.

And then suddenly that one afternoon in June 2014, I got the idea to move my studio and office over to a room in Lordly House.

And, I got up and started. It took some days and then the results were fantastic.

I don't know what it is, but now my office and studio feels so homely. It really is sooooo different from working in what I now call The Future Hall.

There's lots less space in my new office and editing studio in Lordly House, and yet I love that warm feeling. Not to mention there's a fireplace into which I've put one of those heaters that have the animated flames on a screen on them. Those things can sometimes look tacky but this one has a wonderfully realistic, very lively display of animated flames on it, while it heats the room up swimmingly.

At the same time though, every time I go back to The Future Hall to get something to bring to my new Lordly House office, I do feel so at home in The Future Hall. It's like it feels right to be there too. But, right now I want to work in Lordly House.

It must be the sentiment talking every time I see The Future Hall so empty for now. It's like I should be there because that's my workspace and workplace and where I've been for so long.

But of course once I'm back in my cosy new workplace in Lordly House, I know the move was a good thing. It's even inspiring to have a change of scenery. Really inspiring.

And it's much warmer and homely.

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