Mr. Miles’ Last Swimming Class

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“Peter, don’t do this to me. You’re making me upset. Please get up and join in the game. Just take a look at what you’re missing.” And as Mr Miles turned to face the class, he got a surprise. All the students had left the pool and formed a chain, holding hands.

Mr. Miles’ Last Swimming Class

Mr Miles, a well reputed long term swimming tutor of sixty five, was holding his last swimming class before retirement and it was certainly not going to be easy for him to say goodbye to all the boys and girls at the end of the lesson, as they had all grown very attached to him. As always, he was first to arrive at the School Swimming pool and because the news had spread all across the school that he was leaving, it was a full afternoon class today. He smiled as all the students arrived and formed a line, in their swimming kits and he blew his whistle for their attention and complete silence.
“Hello boys and girls,” He said in a low voice, ”as you all must be aware by now, it’s your last lesson with me today, so I’ve decided…that we’re all going to have some fun today!” All the students applauded and whistled.
“Sir, you’re a real sport and we’re really going to miss you heaps!” Quipped Stuart Dunlop, one of the boys.
“Too right, Sir,” called out another voice, belonging to Derek Fisher, “but this is not fair. You’re easily the best teacher in the entire school and now you’re going to abandon us all.” He burst out crying. Mr Miles walked up to him and gave him a tight hug.
“Listen Derek. Look at me.” Mr Miles placed his left hand under Derek’s chin and raised his head up softly. “You’re just like a son to me. But you must be strong. Life must continue as normal and that applies to all of you, do you hear?” He looked around at everyone and they saluted him and replied loudly, “Yes sir!!”
The girls were definitely alot stronger than the boys, who were clearly upset. They were more reserved and mature. Mr Miles stared at his wrist watch to estimate the length of the lesson.
“Alright, we’ve got just over forty five minutes officially, but because it’s a special day, I’ve decided to extend the lesson to an hour. Now, when I blow my whistle, I want you to step into the swimming pool, but first, I would like all the girls to come to the left side of the swimming pool where I’m standing, and likewise, all the boys to the right. Thank you all very much. ”

The students swiftly obeyed his instructions. Sarah Hamilton, one of his favourite students walked up to him and whispered in his ear. “Mr Miles, you’re one heck of a hunk; lady killer!” She winked and joined the line. Mr Miles face blushed and his face turned red in embarrassment. “Er…thank you very much for the compliment, Sarah.” And then, he blew the whistle and everyone jumped into the water to await further instructions after which he excused himself and returned shortly, holding a long net and a bouncy beach ball. He flung them both into the water at the boys.
“Boys, please do me a kind favour and tie this net across the middle ends of the pool against the hooks as we’re going to play beach volley ball in the water!”
“Yeahhh!!!” They all yelled. Suddenly, Mr Miles noted another boy covering his face in the water. He walked up to him. “Peter Prooner; I might have guessed. You always were a very sensitive kind of boy and from a very loving family too. I was fortunate enough to meet your parents.”

“Oh, leave me alone!” Replied Peter, elbowing him in protest. He was clearly getting very emotional and came out the pool and ran to one corner, bursting into a fit of tears. Mr Miles excused himself and instructed the remaining students to carry on. He then approached Peter who was crying uncontrollably against the wall.
”Hey, Peter, come on. Remember, boys don’t cry.”
“Huh!” Said Peter, sobbing. “Th..that..sob..sob….that’s a good…one…sob…sob.”
“Meaning?” Asked Mr Miles.
”Sir, please don’t leave, I beg you.” “We can’t imagine coming to school without you. We love you too much. Peter fell on the wet floor and held Mr Miles legs. Mr Miles eyes turned red and he fought back the tears that were forming in his eyes. He wasn’t aware that he had formed such a loving bond over the last three years with this group.

“Peter, don’t do this to me. You’re making me upset. Please get up and join in the game. Just take a look at what you’re missing.” And as Mr Miles turned to face the class, he got a surprise. All the students had left the pool and formed a chain, holding hands.
“W..what’s got into all of you? Please return to the swimming pool immediately. He blew his whistle out aloud, but there was no response. Then suddenly, all the students grabbed hold of the net and ran towards him and placed it over him.
“Sir, there’s no way you can leave us like this. You have to stay.” After this, all the students began to sing a song in a choir which they had made up.
“Mr Miles, we love you. Yes, sir, it’s true.” “You’re the best there is, and life without you will be so blue.” The girls hummed in the background and one student brought in a woodwind instrument to add music in the background.
“Mr Miles, we all love you, so please don’t leave. You’re a part of our lives now so now you must stay.”
Just then, an overwhelmed Mr Miles called out,
“Alright! That’s enough. Please stop. I…I’ve decided that…I’m going to stay.”
“Yeahhhhh!!!” Screamed all the students and released him from his net and jumped back into the net and punched the ball around, playing with it.
And so, the class continued as scheduled for one hour but on the next day, there was an unexpected surprise as a new tutor stood there. Somehow, he looked very familiar; like a younger version of Mr Miles.
“Good afternoon, dear students. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the son of Mr Miles and your new tutor!” There was one moment’s silence which was followed by loud whistles and cheers. And so, once again, the students had gained a new swimming tutor for their sessions who went on, over the coming time, to earn a loving bond coupled with respect, just like his father had before him.

The End.


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Uhmm. Did I missed the would help i guess if you put a summary lead statement. But great prose overall!

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Thanks very much, Saigon. :-)

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