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Steve Job's baby versus Bill Gates' baby. It's the debate that causes friends to stop talking and enemies to team up. Time to take a look through the eyes of someone who knows both.

Before we begin...

I was raised as an Apple kid. Thanks to my elementary, middle, and high schools all having PCs, and the sudden owning of a desktop Dell within my house, I have become level-headed and what I would consider 'even' for the debate. I know both better than the average Jane or Joe, and it honestly annoys the hell (oh dear - I swore) out of me, when people cling to one side, or scream that they hate the other for dumb reasons. Thought I'd take a crack at breaking down the two to see what comes out.

"Steve Jobs is Satan." "Does that make Bill Gates God?"

Once people latch onto one sort of machine, it is rare that they will allow another type into their lives without throwing a hissy fit and explaining to all who are around them, why they hate the other sort so much. My personal favorite are Mac-haters. Most used an old Apple once in their life, and couldn't figure it out. Therefore it is the devil's work - and Steve Jobs is Lucifer himself! According to the average Mac-hater, Apple products are all overpriced, too sparkly (therefore they must hate Twilight too), not technical at all, and made for people that wear berets and live at coffee shops.

While every stereotype has basis, I still find it amusing. I have noticed that Mac-haters are more prevalent than PC-haters - though they do exist.

The average PC-hater is normally a very arty person, occasionally a bit full of themselves, sometimes they have never tried a PC "and don't plan to," hate video games, and a bit on the rich-end of things.

I know both of the above stated stereotypes are a bit broad and harsh, but it is simply an average of what I have noticed from friends, fellow students, and random customers in stores.

Now that we know the people behind this war - let's take a look at the companies and devices themselves.


I can and will basically say this in one sentence that will be slightly run-on.
Macs are good for creative and digital art; PCs are good for games and technical things.

Both have their flaws and perks - meaning I have wanted to throw both against the wall at some point. I've had both Macs and PCs crash out at critical points, causing me to face-keyboard/desk/floor/wall/person/palm. Yes there was at least one normal expression in that last sentence.

What it comes down to is what you need the system for. I don't see a need to get all pompous over a system if it does not fit your needs, honestly.

Music Players

Steve Jobs has dominated the music player scene with the iPod. Most would say I should be biased towards the iPod, considering I owned an iPod mini, and still own a Shuffle and iPod click. Honestly though - most people buy the iPod simply because it has that lovely bitten apple upon it, and most see it as a status symbol. I could get into some 'forbidden fruit' mumbo jumbo here almost too easily, but instead I'll just get to the point.

iTunes is a decent program, but it's not the best in the world, honestly. I've crashed it many times, and it keeps pushing their new products on me. No - I do not want an iPad. No - I do not want an iPhone. I am content with my non-touchy-screen-clicky-iPod. LEAVE ME ALONE.

I have also learned that because of the super-high-demand for these damn products - their quality has gone to the toilet.

Story time.

The iPod I currently own (named Pants) is my second device of the same model. My first one had a messed up hard disk (which I found out at 30,000 feet...when it sounded like a bomb ticking), so I took it to the Apple store. The guy basically threw it over his shoulder and handed me a new one. UMM...I HAD SEVERAL GIGS OF MUSIC ON THERE. They didn't even try to fix my baby for me. I didn't even have all my music on one computer or even on a computer anymore (my dad updated Windows XP on our desktop PC and it erased MY documents. Not HIS. MINE. And yes I was running it off of a PC).

For their older models of iPod, they have repair kits and everything. It's disappointing that they now make them so...disposable.

Now on the other side of the spectrum, we have the Zune. I have only seen Zunes from afar until I learned my boyfriend owned one. They are not bad devices at all. But honestly - how many people do you know that own those things? I know four. The Zune software doesn't seem to buggy either from what I have heard and seen.

So when it comes down to it - the iPod is the name-brand expensive jacket that all the kids are buying for prestige, while the off shoot is just as solid (if not more) but no one seems to care.

Honestly the prices are somewhat similar - it was just a very fitting example. When it comes down to it - both players are decent, and if you aren't sure which to buy - go for the one that is the same as your default system, considering it'll probably run better.

Netbook and iPad

These aren't computers. These aren't game consoles. Honestly, I'm not sure what to call them. For PCs, the Netbook is a computer minus the guts, basically. It can basically run super-gentle software (like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint), and connect to the web. PC-people love it, considering it's a cheap alternative to a laptop when you don't need any real power to your computer.

What people are calling "the Mac alternative for the Netbook"...really isn't a Netbook at all. It's a giant iTouch that's competing with Amazon's Kindle and the Sony Reader.
But the iPad doesn't support Flash!
But the Netbook doesn't have a touch screen!
But the iPad can't fold to a convenient size!
But the Netbook can't handle any real applications that are worth while!
But the iPad can't multitask!

And the list goes on. What it comes down to is quite simple. Save up your dough for a real computer. Neither are very good at all, but serve basic web functions if you just want that. I can see needs for both, and each are both innovative and fail in different ways...but still. I'd prefer a real computer.

When it comes down to it...

Macs are Macs.
PCs are PCs.
I love and hate both.
Each have their function in the universe, which doesn't require getting your panties in a twist about.
So chill, haters.


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author avatar Anuradha
7th Jul 2010 (#)

I enjoyed reading ur article. Excellent comparison of Apple and Windows. I haven't used much of Apple though.

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