Mrs. Martha Sally Clemmins: How We Assist Others At Their Time Of Transition From This World To The Next

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The woman in this article, Martha, has given us her permission to share her story with you which concluded her transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of FreePlanets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

(Revised below)

I have worked in the past with many souls who needed some kind of assistance in finding their way onward to the next realm which is a world similar to this one and just as solid. Now I work in conjunction with my husband Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez in assisting souls over the cross line to the next world. Here is one recent story. But first, an explanation.

We all at this level of our existence at one time or another face what many of you call “death.” There is no death to speak of, but the transition of the soul body from the physical to another physical body is evident. The soul body upon the transition of so-called “death” is only different in molecular structure and that is why people can pass through walls and other structures. They can also walk through you, the ones still inhabitating this dimension or earth plane.

Unfortunately, too many souls came to me and through my efforts to assist them they drained me of my energy. For years I refused to help any more. Now I take them one at a time and do not allow more than one into my sphere at any given time.

I take scribings from the starship commanders and others of high acclaim and that is my first priority.

One young gentleman I assisted to cross over had of himself a vocabulary which would have made a sailor blush, but we are not here to judge nor condemn, only to help.

We each have our own path to walk and lessons to learn and some people have a harder time than others.

The woman in this article, Martha, has given us her permission to share her story with you which concluded her transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Publishing The Files

Rania: Alright Martha, we are going to take you next because we know you are frantic. This is a strange situation. Would you please fill us in again with your story? But first we must ask you to give us permission…

Martha: Yes, yes..I know about your publishing our material. Of course. There is a price to pay for everything. Can, or rather ‘may’ I continue on now, love?

Rania: Please do. We are waiting.

Downed Helicopter!

Her: We were on our way to Chicago from Minnesota being transported by a little blue and gray helicopter when it went down in a fog which just sprung up suddenly. Lucy could not find the landing strip and Doug the senior pilot instructing her just fainted and we don’t know why.

Rania: What were you doing in the helicopter? Why were you going to Chicago?

Her: My baby needed its father’s permission for a transplant in Ontario, Canada, and he wanted to see his child, her, Alica Grace, before he signed the papers in case she …she…die…no! I cannot say it!!

We knew this pilot, Jerome Peter Henderson, and he knew Doug. And so we all arranged this meeting, free of charge from their end. “All for the baby” they said. Alica is four years old.

Rania: So the helicopter went down in a fog which sprung up suddenly and then what happened? What do you remember, dear one?

Her: Grace flew, literally flew from my arms and her belt unbuckled somehow and I grabbed her tiny body but it flew through the window and I have been searching for her since!

What Martha Sees Through The Fog

Her: Can you help me find my Alica Grace, please love and could Jamie assist us too? PLEASE! HELP! We don’t want to go to ‘heaven’ just yet. They are waiting for us to arrive at Penticton Hospital for ultra something tests first. The hospitals are going down here in Canada and they are becoming short staffed. Dreadful situation, Rania, and Jamie! Just dreadful!!

Rania: All right, Martha. Is it still foggy where you are standing? How far can you see in all directions?

Her: Oh, God! There is Doug! Something’s wrong with his left leg, Rania, Jamie. It seems a shard of metal has separated it from the bone but there is no more bleeding. He looks ashen white! Oh what a shock for him, love! Oh! This is just awful!

Rania: Hold on Martha, love, Jamie is here. I am going to fill him in.

A Vacation In Manitoba!

Jamie: Martha, when did this accident happen, dear?

Her: Twelve days ago, I think when baby Alica fell down the stairs of the back door. Just a few, two or three shallow stairs, but it sent her into cardiac arrest and we flew her to Ontario.

Rania: Where do you live, Martha?

Her: Actually I just moved in with my sister, Brent, in Manitoba, for a goodly needed vacation from my ‘husband’ Charles Brent-Wayford.

Rania: Why is your sister named Brent too, love?

Her: I just call her that because she is so much like my former Charles.

Rania: Former?

Where Is Alica's Body?

Her: That’s right. He and I are divorced. Some time ago, but we are still pretty good friends. Just didn’t see eye to eye enough. Maybe some of it was really my fault. I am a stenographer with the courts and I just didn’t have much home time and he is so good with Alica Grace. He is phenomenal!

Jamie I’m sorry. Are you there? Can you find my baby? PLEASE! Men have this way about them…they are thorough, systematic.

Jamie: I'm here, Martha, dear. You realize you and the others with you are now.."dead" don't you? Your baby, Alica Grace's, body joined the sand on the mountain, peacefully. She did not have much time to experience the world, for she was but a child. The good news for you is that she already entered the light and is now happy. What's left for her to be or do is wait for you to join her.

The Confirmation - Woman And Girl Walk Into The Light

Rania: I can confirm what Jamie has said about your beautiful daughter Alica having gone into the light. That is exactly what I did see. She was walking on the right side of a lady and she never looked back which connotes satisfaction on her part and no problems on the part of the guide. This is good news indeed because you will be allowed to join with Alica when you walk into the light with another guide and walk through the ‘corridor’ to the other world.

Her: (Softly) alica? Dead? Me, her mother, Martha..dead? light? Tunnel is the same as corridor? Need time to think..where is her body…can I see it Jamie? Before I go?

I’m not going ANYWHERE before I see the body of my BABY!! You hear me Jamie?!! Rania!!

Jamie: Martha, you won't see her body anymore. But you'll see Alica in the same "flesh" you did while she was still alive, right there on the other side, just as beautiful a child as you last saw her. Now, don't you ever tarry, now, Martha love. Just approach the light you see, the way Alica had entered, and she'll see you come and welcome you with shrill delight!

Her: Hell! No! I won’t believe it! That my child is dead! You two Luciferic souls, spirits!!

Rania: Now just hold on a minute there, Martha! We are not Luciferic anything! It is honesty which makes us divulge the truth of your situation to you. It may help to tell you that Alica’s body, her soul body, and your own soul body, are the same but operate in a different molecular frequency.

To test us out then, try to walk through a tree or something and you will find that you can. But when you cross over utilizing the light to walk into the corridor, then when you reach the other world you will not be able to walk through trees or houses or anything.

And just think of Brent or Charles, and in a thought you will be able to transport yourself into their presence, but more than likely they will not be able to see you like I do.

Martha's Disbelief! - Fairy Tales?

Her: I don’t believe it!

Rania: Alright Martha. This is enough for today. You think on all we have said and test us. “The spirits,” as you say, and we will speak with you later.

Her: No! Don’t go. Please! I …well I…you cannot expect me to believe such fairy tales! Do you Jamie?

Jamie: Martha, we are telling you the truth. What we've just said were no fairy tales. If you will just calm down and not be agitated, you will be able grasp what we, Rania and I, are talking about.

Rania: I am going to close her down now, Jamie, she needs assimilate what we have spoken and to try out her new form in a physical world where the molecular structure is quite a bit different.

Jamie: OK, love. When she's ready, there shall we proceed. You have been drained again of your energy, love. Rest a bit.

Rania: Actually, Martha did not drain me of any energy. She briefly touched my back twice, but did not leave her hand on, and did not bother me again….oh, there is her hand …

Her: Not until you help me find my baby, you too!

Rania: Take you hand off my back Martha or we are not going to continue in assisting you. Right now! We will continue this later just as long as you do not drain my energy. We have no trouble waiting for days or weeks, months, or even years before we help you again if you do not move your hand, and begin to help yourself now you have been told the way and reality of your situation, Martha. Now we must go and you must think and get ready to act.

Her: I am sorry, you too. I will obey. Good day. Martha out. I learned that, too, from the others like me. Lot of people around here in never never land. 10:23 am

(Note: Martha’s pressure on my back with her hand immediately desisted. – Rania)


July 10, 2012 10:38 am

Jamie: So let her come again to me, love, right where I am, to feel her presence, so it would be a personal thing for me to get her pass through the light..

Rania: Give her time, Jamie. These people need to experience their new format and come to an acceptance of their new and former state of Being. You may cross her over later. I will stand aside.

Jamie: As you know, I've been having allergies. Maybe manifestations, love, of their presence.

Rania: I do not know love. Usually their manifestations are lights flickering, turning off electricity, hiding items and then reappearing them, knocking things over, walking through you knocking you slightly off kilter, touching some part of your body, and of course manifestation of themselves where it is impossible to discern between their own molecular structure and that of our own.

July 10, 2013 11:00 am

(Note: A rather subdued Martha came to me and told me she was ready to cross over to the other world. – Rania)

Rania: All right Martha, you want to cross over into the light, so we are prepared to assist you now.

Jamie: Love, why should you leave me with this?
OK, let Martha in, love...

Rania: Because you asked me to. So go ahead. You can do it, love.

Jamie: I will, as best I can.. Vague. Is she still there?

Rania: Yes. Very here.

Jamie: So let me hear her voice, love.

Rania: That part is between you and her, love.

Jamie: I want to speak with her now, love.

Rania: Then do so. She is waiting for you to initiate conversation. Cross her over but make sure you acquire details as to the emotional condition she is now in.

Take out of her mind 'those extras' which you need to know. Just as you have been doing with the previous souls, love.

Her: Is Jamie, there?

Jamie: Martha, I know you can hear me. You are still standing your ground because of love for your daughter and other loved ones that perished in the crash. Now, nothing is left to do than to complete "that love" waiting for you. And the peace is inside that circle of love that you'll see inside the light. It is time to go to the light - your ultimate happiness with your daughter there. I promise you your love will be complete including your Alica if you just listen to us.

See the light and go there now as highly evolved guides are waiting for you to take their hands to get you inside where all love in your life will be forever complete!

Rania: Excellent love!

A Simple Thank You!

Her: Just a simple ‘thank you’ I am offering up to you and Rania. Just one more question, if I may, and then I will walk up to the light I see and go through it with that man Angel. No wings, huh..curious..what happened to Doug and Philip, love?

Jamie: Sweetheart, Doug and Philip, I'm sure are on the other side already. If not, we'll be ready to assist them, too, to join you. The important thing is, your child, your most precious, will welcome you to join her, Martha,..

Her: Well..(big sigh) I guess there is nothing for it but to go into the light and take my chance. Good bye all and thank you once again.

(Note: At 11:30 am Pacific Mountain Time, Ryley Alberta, Canada, Mrs. Martha Sally Clemmins walked through the corridor with a guide, neither one of them looking back until Martha was just about to step into the lighted corridor, and glanced back at us. Another file closed Jamie. Good work! Smiles – Rania) 11:32 am

Permission given for publication by Mrs. Martha Sally Clemmins and Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez on July 10, 2013 Ryley, Alberta, Canada, Pacific Mountain Standard Time

Written down by Rania Seila and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Reni Sentana-Ries

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Riveting! Fascinating! Great work you are doing assisting others to move on.

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