Murder He Wrote

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A first of three attempts to tell a story from it's end to the beginning. As a bonus, it can be read in reverse. I tried to make it as coherent as possible so I can only hope you enjoy it. Two more attempts to come.

What a day it’s been and who knows what the next will have in store?

You…You killed him!

With all the confusion going on, three words came to the forefront and the gravity of the situation set in.

A man just died in front of my eyes and I was the cause.

I was shocked at what just happened.

His body crumpled to a heap and the blood began seeping out of his body; crawling along the pavement, creating a stark contrast between it and the color of the cold, hard surface and with what was surely his dying breath, his body shuddered, gave one last lurch and soon after, his eyes rolled backwards and became milky white.

A gunshot rung out loudly, nearly blowing out my eardrums whilst its aftershock remained reverberating within my skull.

For what seemed as an eternity, we struggled for the gun. The scrapes and bruises didn’t matter. The pain didn’t matter. Even he didn’t matter. All that existed was the gun.

With that in mind, I leapt at him.

There wasn’t any time to panic or be afraid; only time to act.

I knew I was in trouble and this drove me to action.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, next time I’ll fucking shoot you. Now, empty your fucking pockets.”

A slap brought me back to the present.

Whether it was the chill that had set in, fear or sheer shock, I wasn’t too sure but I was just fixed in place.

“Search yourself and don’t be trying anything”

He reached around for something behind him as he came up to me and when I was close enough, drew out a gun that caught the gleam of the moonlight and brought everything into full view.

At the time, my thoughts were elsewhere as I didn’t notice this fellow coming up to me but seeing as he was now standing directly in front of me, he gained my full attention.

With two or so streets before I reached home, I’d been making a bit of headway until I had turned into a side alley for a quick piss. It was here where trouble found me.


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author avatar LOVERME
24th Mar 2018 (#)

thank you for ur comment on my works glad ur still around

Hi Loverme

Thank you for the great read

You said it best:

"...enjoy it or let the other one have his /her way-------
God only can help..."

Just trust in the Good Lord and let Him take his course.

Congratulations on reaching 8 decades, that's some serious longevity!

like u siva and me very few r around

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author avatar Annie69
30th Sep 2018 (#)

Interesting. I'll watch for more.

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