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Yes teacher

“One two three four, one two three four, you are not playing it right. Could you please stop making any more mistakes? I am tired teaching you the same thing over and over again”, said Madam Tan to me who was trying my best to play the music piece perfectly. “Yes teacher”, said I who continued to play with a sour face one could imagine. I wished she could just shut up but she never did. All she did was nagging non-stop and that drove me crazy!

When I was little girl, I used to watch my sister play the piano. She would play songs by Richard Clayderman and Mozart. Mona, was three years older than me and she started playing the piano at a very young age. I did not play any instruments when I was seven and I only learned to listen to classical music played by my sister. It was a lovely evening when Mona played the piano and there I was, standing next to my mother. I looked at her and said “Mother, can I play the piano too?” She smiled and said “Which one would you prefer? Would you like to play the piano or to be a ballerina?” I did not think long and gave her an answer straight away. “I pick the piano! I want to learn how to play the piano”. My mother hugged me and she was happy that her little daughter was interested in music. She then said “Liza, I will send you to the music school only if you promise me that you will behave. I do not want to see you doing things now and then complain to me that you do not wish to be committed. Okay?” I nod my head and said “Yes mother”, with a big smile on my face. I was innocent and never knew what I was going to experience next.

My first day in Yamaha music school was great. I experienced something new and my teacher was really nice to me. Her name was Madam Tan. She was married and had children. She was nice and sweet. Well, at least for awhile. I was a slow learner and did not learn as fast as the other students. I was weak in my theory and I always tried not to do my theory exercises. I enjoyed watching the other kids playing the piano and all I did was sitting and listening to the songs played by the other kids. I annoyed my teacher whenever I did mistakes in my theory exercises and she had to explain to me the same thing over and over again. Although I was as stubborn as the donkey, I always listened to her. “Could you go downstairs and help me to pay my bills? Don’t forget to get me a sandwich too”, said Madam Tan who was always hungry in class. I would be the one paying the bills and buying sandwiches for her. She would give me money and sent me out to pay her bills. I was just twelve when that happened! Well, at least I knew that she trusted me after all.

As I grew older, she became more fierce and unfriendly. She was no longer a human but a tiger, waiting to hunt a harmless deer in the middle of the jungle. I was the little deer and whenever she cursed me for being such a terrible pianist, it felt like someone was pulling my tail that made me feel uneasy. I was disgruntled when she started calling me stupid. The feeling was gawky because I was confused whether she really hated me or she was just saying it to make me feel motivated. Her insults were like scourging thorns that pierced my head from the inside. I was always sad whenever she called me stupid. I was just a young girl. My teacher was being mean towards me and made me feel down about myself. She made me feel upset up to the point that I actually felt that I was indeed a stupid person. I went home one day and told my mother that I could not stand the stress and wanted to quit. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t let me do that. “I told you that I will not accept such excuse. You must continue whatever you are doing right now and finish what you have started”. I was depressed and did not utter a word that day. I just wanted to quit although I had the passion for music. As a young girl who was only twelve, it was a cruel thing for someone to say something like that. The mockery was too much for me and I wished God would help me to be strong and learn how to deal with it. He did.

I did not sit for Grade 6. I skipped the level and jumped from Grade 5 to Grade 7. I was not proud for that. My teacher had never complimented me for that. She continued calling me stupid. Grade 7 was very tough and I took a long time to learn each song given to me for the upcoming exam. Although I had a rough time learning three difficult songs, I was able to play them right. I started to hate her more each day. I couldn’t help it but to develop hatred in me. I never felt special and loved by my teacher. She would compare me with a Chinese girl by the name of Hilda. Hilda had a sister by the name of Karen who was always compared to my sister. My sister and I were always compared to the two sisters. They were always the champions and we were the losers. My teacher would humiliate me in front of the other students whenever we had a class together. In this special class, we will be evaluated based on our performances. I was always the worst and Hilda was always the best. It had been that way for almost 5 years. However, the unexpected had happened when I started to shine and became really good at playing the piano. My teacher was impressed and I was asked to demonstrate to the others on how to play the songs correctly. I was proud and satisfied for my achievement. I was hoping that my teacher would write a good evaluation in my notebook but she did not. I can’t believe that she would do that to me! She had always written comments in our notebooks after the evaluation class for our parents to read but she did not do it this time. I was disappointed and came back home with a moody face. I did not tell my mother about it and she thought that everything went well. She was right. It went well. There was nothing wrong with the way I played the piano.

One day, my mother received a call from my teacher. My teacher was telling my mother that she wanted me to extend my training and miss the upcoming exam. She wanted me to continue playing in Grade 7 for another year. My mother did not agree to her request and said that she would send me to another music school if that ever happens. I became an enthusiast ever since and promised to my mother that I will continue to be a hard working person in order to pass the exam. I never liked Madam Tan. She was never a neither modish nor nice person. In my opinion, she was not the best looking person one can ever find. I disliked her and will never like her. If it wasn’t for my mother who had great faith in me, I would’ve quit. My mother is a martinet. She enforced a strict discipline in me and made me a stronger and dedicated person. I was not afraid of my teacher anymore and I simply didn’t care about the insults she had spat to my face. Although my teacher had always exasperated me, I was being very patient and tried my best to seal my ears from hearing the bad comments she had to say about me. I became more stubborn and showed angry faces to her. She became more annoyed by me.

I came to class on Saturday morning and saw her happy face, smiling at me. “Sit down Francesca. We are not going to do any theory today”. I was surprised to see her weird an unusual behaviour. I was suspicious and wanted to figure out the reason that caused her to act that way. As usual, I played the song by Mozart with my fingers running on the piano. I was happy and enjoyed the song. However, I did not play well for my third music piece and she started to hit my fingers with a pen. She brought a Rotan too! I had the worst day of my life and my fingers had turned red. I was in pain and I wished she would stop. I started crying and the room became really quiet after that. She felt guilty for her actions and did not say much. The last thing she said was “You are going to fail your exam”. I got out of the room and went back home. As soon as I reached home, I locked myself in my room. Again, I did not utter a word. My mother was worried but yet to ask me anything about it.

I went to Merdeka Palace Hotel for my Grade 7 exam in 2003. The examiner was a friendly British man. The piano was shiny black and I can’t stop looking at the examiner. I could see his bald head from the reflection on the piano! I became more nervous when he started asking questions and I was not sure of my answers. I was too scared. I went out of the exam room and saw my teacher standing outside the room. I did not greet her but walked away instead. A month after that, I received my exam result and I had passed my exam. I was overwhelmed and thank God for the achievement. My exemplary success had motivated my friends to try their best in achieving good results too. What made us different was the fact that I had a cruel teacher but they had such loving teachers instead. My teacher excoriated me by telling me that I had nothing to cheer for because my result was not a distinction result. Although I was cursing her in my heart, I gave her a smile and said “It’s okay. At least I did not fail”. I must have made her feel like I had thrown dirty mud onto her face when I said that. After all, she used to say “You are going to fail your exam”.


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