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There is not discounting the power there is in the hands of music


There is something with such power and yet so mystical
And can create in the being a feeling that is so wonderful
In some cases there can be such that soothing effect
Being used in some quarters to an agent that is therapeutic

How this has certainly be able to stand the test of time
And has brought some works that demonstrates some brilliant minds
In many place these have been classified as works of masters
Name list Handel, Mozart and Beethoven are among those leaders

Who can remember being around or watching a toddle in the cradle
Standing just look around, even bored or at times a bit playful
But when this dulcet sound reached those little ears
Those eyes suddenly light up, they dance and such infantile joy appears

But what is quite clear and this has been so throughout many an era
This element plays a very integral part in depicting a certain culture
And what can be such an important ingredient in this type of romance
Is that this too is matched by and very deeply by its unique dance

Let us take a look at those guys who were responsible for making it possible
Sometimes being presented with some verse and very lyrical
Summing up all that talent to critique and form as an arranger
Precisely placing those notes to time to make it an ear winner

As time progresses we have seen how far this system has come
And there is no doubt that we have been treated to some beautiful rendition
Some have been touching, some romantic, dramatic and even enigmatic
So there is no doubt there is a very powerful force inside the halls of music


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author avatar Yasmin.k
27th Jul 2013 (#)

No doubt, there is strange power in the hall of music that sweeps our souls with it, a nice write

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
27th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes there is such power in music

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