My Battle with My Weight

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My struggles with my weight and weight loss battle

My Battle with My Weight

I didn't have a good start when it comes to food. I was force fed often so badly sometimes that Id be sick. I was given mixed messages about food and was often called fat and greedy. in junior school i started to hide my sandwiches behind the school toilets. I just didn't want to eat it. Though whenever i was school dinners i would eat all of it but very slowly.

I didn't actually believe i was fat until i was about 17. I had ran away from home and had some good friends but depression set in. Its often said that sometimes things that happen to you as a child may not affect you until you are older. This is what happened to me. I was depressed and was having nightmares and flash backs. I did get counselling but my whole attitude towards my self. My body weight and food totally Changed. I felt fat i thought i Looked fat and at the age of 17 went on my first diet.

It was called the f plan. Basically the aim was to eat high fibre foods so that it didn't stay in my system for too long. I took it too far and was eating only three bowls of all bran a day. I was nick named the all bran girl and people joked about me having all bran and gravy for my Sunday lunch.

Although i was depressed it was not really about my weight. I had just decided i was fat and that i was gonna sort it. There were no tears or food cravings or binging. I was quite happy with what i was doing and i did lose a lot of weight. I look back now and i know i was too thin but back then i didn't see it. I eventually started eating normally again but sadly my weight battles were never far away.

When i was 18 i moved towns and maybe it was the pressure of that and moving into the hostel i had found that aroused the idea of becoming a vegetarian. I told myself it was because i didn't want to be cruel to animals but now I'm wondering was it really because i had read that you can lose weight by giving up meat.

Although i wasn't dieting at the time, i wasn't happy with my weight and some diet book or another was never far from my hands.

I fell in love, got pregnant too quickly and moved into my own flat and had my perfect little daughter, a few weeks later i found a lovely group that was aimed at young adults around my age and luckily they let me join the cooking group and i was allowed to bring my daughter along.

It was a lovely group and it was the place my daughter learned to walk, i spent a lot of time there and even became a volunteer doing office duties, but one careless comment from another adult one day set me steps back into my dangerous eating routines.

I had been stood in the kitchen tidying up after cooking and someone asked me when was the baby due, i was well aware of my flabby stomach but at that moment in time i wasn't too bothered about it.

From that day i began to limit what i ate, without really planning too i know now that i was trying to get back to the routine i had had when i was 17, i wanted to choose a diet, stick to it and succeed, but this time i couldn't do it, i failed miserably at sticking to any diet, id stick to it for a week and then binge on rubbish.

I started experimenting with diet pills and water pills, slim fast, weight watchers, slimming world, you name it, i tried it.

I never made myself sick but years later i realised that i had some sort of eating disorder, instead of losing weight i was putting it on. If i had breakfast i felt guilty about eating lunch, if i had three meals one day i tried to restrict as much as possible the next day, i dabbled with laxatives and eat loads of sugar free chewing gum as i heard that eating too much caused a laxative affect.

No matter what i tried i failed and ate loads of junk foods, obviously to make up for the times i restricted because i was hungry, if i was upset or angry i would eat whole packets of biscuits, cakes and crisps and sandwiches.

When i got pregnant again i ate normally and didn't put much weight on so was OK, i felt ok but as soon as she was born i felt guilty about eating again.

My children never saw my behaviour, i did everything in secret, id eat breakfast with them but would restrict whenever they were at school or nursery, or if i was feeling really guilty i would tell them i had ate breakfast before they woke up.

I always ate an evening meal with them no matter how bad i felt, i didn't want them seeing or picking up my habits. Therefore i felt guilty all the time no matter what i ate.

I just grew bigger and bigger and bigger. I finally went to the doctor and he refered me to a dietitian, that was a joke. She basically tried to teach me about food groups and healthy eating but i knew it already.

Most people who have a eating or weight problem know exactly what they should be eating, with me it was psychological.

Over the years i settled into a eating and restricting routine, i had counselling and went to a eating disorders clinic where they group meetings about mindful eating and it did help a bit but i just couldn't get out of the routine of feeling guilty and restricting and i couldn't stop binging, god knows how many extra calories i was eating each day.

About a year ago on my birthday i became very ill suddenly with aching muscles and extreme tiredness and even walking around the house became a struggle, i couldn't walk to town like i always used to do, i couldn't dance on the wii games and so my weight got higher and higher and higher.

Eventually i decided to join slimming world again. For the first time in years i began to really relax about food, the plan was so easy with so many free food i could eat, i didn't feel restricted.

I loved fruit and on the plan i could eat as much of any fruit as i wanted, it was bliss so easy, i lost almost a stone over the next few months, it was slowly but surely. From that very first week i stopped binging completely and i loved the new changes to my body, for the first time i was beginning to be happier with my self.

Then after almost a year of tests my doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia it got a lot worse, i researched in online and read that most people on average put on 2 stone in the first year of diagnosis, i dunno if it was psychological but i started my silly eating again. This time it was different, there wasn't too much guilt attached to it, i simply decided i was gonna eat what i wanted when i wanted.

I didn't start restricting or binge eating again but i did put on almost the whole stone i had lost very quickly, i stopped going to slimming world.

I have only recently started to get my head back in order, the doctor has been pushing me to lose weight because more tests have revealed i have a fatty liver, basically told me if i keep putting on weight my liver is going to turn to fat and will stop working and i don't want to die, i have two young girls to look after.

I plan to take it one day at a time. I will eat what i want but only when I'm hungry, i have good days and bad days and ive found that overall i do manage to lose more weight when I'm eating what i want.

I think once i tell myself i cant have something i avoid it, then eventually give in and eat it, then i feel guilty and then end up eating more of it.

My weight is coming down slowly and i feel relaxed about it, I'm walking when i can and now and again using a i fit vibration machine in my local tanning shop and I'm also taking i slim slimming tablets sensibly. I know I'm definitely on the right track now, although its been a long and lonely road.

If your struggling with your weight don't ever give up and try not to isolate yourself and be lonely.


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