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My life after near-death experience...believe it or not.

Love Of Bikes

I've always loved motorcycles, so it was no surprise that I married a genuine biker. Maybe it's genetic; my grandfather was featured in a bikers magazine in the early 1900's, sitting astride a 1911 Harley Davidson. My Dad decided to take a spin on one when he was in his teens, but seems like it got away from him and he crashed. No broken bones but lots of hurt pride...and a brand new jacket needing repairs. So that ended Dad's attempts to ride in the wind. As for myself, I married a genuine biker with a genuine HD Fatboy.

One late Winter day we were given the blessing of what Spring would bring. Warm sun, clear blue skies, calm winds and mild temps. This combo means one thing only to all bikers; a perfect day for that first ride of the season! The Hubs and I made plans to ride, so while he went about running errands, I began to lay out our leathers; jackets, gloves, boots and helmets. By the time he returned home, I had lost my enthusiasm to go. I can't explain it, but some inner voice nagged me not to ride that day. However, my husband was fired up to go, and off we went.

What I Remember

We're on Interstate 68, enjoying the warm sun and fresh air. I glance to my right and notice a white car in the next lane, which appears to be coming closer and closer to us, and I know without a doubt she's going to hit us.The next thing I know, my husband is turning to the left, running off the road and into a ditch. I can tell by the way the bike is fish-tailing and bouncing that we'll go down. I do what I need to do, hunker down behind my husband, and try to hang on. My brain just waits for the crash. Suddenly, I find my world turning and spinning, I see blue skies and green grass. I remember praying that this must be over soon, please soon, why is everything in slow motion, when suddenly I hear, rather than feel, a resounding "thud" as I land on the soft grass of the median. I later learned I was thrown 25 feet from the motorcycle.

I'm not conscious of any pain, and hear my husband calling my name. But I cannot speak, I am still trying to put the pieces together. I can't understand and think I'm dreaming. I hear someone say she is a nurse and then I hear nothing. I'm unconscious. Briefly I come to and fail to give the right answers; I don't know where I live, my SS number, where we were going. Then I'm out again. A Healthnet helicopter transports me to the hospital. (A week ago, I had told a friend that a ride in a helicopter is on my bucket list. Like the old saying goes, "be careful what you wish for". Too bad I was unconscious and missed the experience!)

In the ER they find I have 7 broke/crushed ribs and both lungs collapsed, requiring chest tubes. My pelvis was separated, slightly fractured and severely bruised. Thankfully, my husband only suffered a broken finger and abrasions.The lady who hit us received a small abrasion on her forehead. She had attempted to (illegally) use an emergency median turn, ran the bike off the road and slammed into us. A truck driver who witnessed the accident reported after she hit us, she kept going across the median, causing him to brake hard and veer off the road. The woman then decided to stop and backed up, nearly missing my husband who was sprawled on the ground.

Shadows & Light

The fourth day in the ICU, I remember an aide coming in with a meal and asking if I needed anything else. I felt so tired, and a deep pull to sleep kept me nodding off. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by a soft, swirling, light gray mist. I wasn't afraid at all, but very curious. I felt absolutely no pain. There was no need to walk, I just seemed to float, drifting on some uncharted course, the gray mists lightening to a soft pale yellow. Soon I could see a familiar figure; standing there was my deceased father. I don't think I can express the happiness that flowed through me as I moved closer to him, instantly recognizing the sky-blue shirt and deep brown slacks he was wearing.

My joy was short-lived as I came within (guessing here) 5 feet of him, and realized he wasn't smiling. I felt confusion as I searched his face and saw the deep sadness and tears welling in his eyes. No words were spoken but I knew Dad was telling me to not come closer. I was always "Daddy's Girl", and there was no way I was turning back and losing him again. I saw the pleading in his eyes, but I was determined to move forward, to touch his face and kiss his cheek, the scent of Old Spice holding so many happy memories.

I moved a bit closer, and as I did so, Dad also took a step forward. Standing tall he crossed his arms tightly and slowly started shaking his head back and forth. Steel was now in his eyes as he held my questioning gaze when suddenly, I understood. l knew I had a decision to make, and quickly at that. I wanted to stay. I wanted to be free of the pain. Yet I had never in my life disobeyed my Daddy. I felt a gentle force, almost like many people pulling me back as I felt myself weakening. I knew I couldn't stay. I wanted to...but I just couldn't. I had a loving family waiting for me to get well, and I needed to see my grandkids grow up. I turned my head to see if anyone was actually pulling on me, no one was, and when I looked back, my father was gone.


Believe what you will. I know I can recall everything that occurred while I was "away". I remember what my Dad was wearing, and the colors. I believe when I was thrown off the motorcycle and landed in the median on soft grass, experiencing no pain, it was my Daddy who caught me and gently laid me down. It was my Dad who once again, saved me. That's just my feeling and belief, of course, and it gives me comfort. I had countless doctors tell me I should have died in that wreck. Perhaps they were all right.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Apr 2016 (#)

It is a possibility but after head injuries, it is common to hallucinate. But that said the dead do talk only to the Ones they love, if they feel like it.

What baffles me is how did you get majorly injured when riding pillion??? Its not an Indian style right for two on bike.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Apr 2016 (#)

Ride for two wherein the woman sits side ways because of her darn saree and because everyone else does it.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Apr 2016 (#)

Your fall is conclusive you fell face forward. Strange.

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author avatar Mariah
18th Apr 2016 (#)

What an experience Lyndy, I believe that you actually did 'cross over' but it wasn't your time and life pulled you back your dad wanted you to live and the power of love is glad you recovered and are here to tell the story.
Great share Lyndy, thank you.

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author avatar Sky Rose
9th Aug 2016 (#)

Wow great experience. I have a near death experience as well that I will write about. I'm glad you are alive and well today. I love this!

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