My Camel Ride Adventure

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My real life camel riding experience in the sand dunes of China.

My lifelong dream

In 2011 I fulfilled my lifelong dream of visiting China. I went with my friend Megan on a trip of a lifetime, an escorted three week “Silk Roads” tour of China with the Royal Ontario Museum. We flew into Beijing and travelled by air conditioned motor coach with our guides. China is so large that we had to take seven flights within its borders to cover the Silk Road.

Dunhuang and the Singing Desert

I had heard from my ex-husband that camels bite, spit and are relatively nasty, so I didn’t really want to ride a camel. I decided to go with the group and just walk over and see what it was all about. Somehow I just got pushed into it and before I knew what was happening; I had my camel ticket in hand and was ready to board the huge although benign creature. I had to stretch my short little legs up around the torso of his/her back; I really didn’t know the gender. I sat between its two humps, (Dromedary camel) putting my feet into the stirrups. My heart was pounding, my body tense. The camel rose first by the back legs and for a couple of seconds I was suspended in the air facing straight down. It was terrifying!!!! I was holding onto the metal cross bar behind the first hump. My feet kept falling out of the stirrups. I ended up holding my feet straight out. It took a little while before I figured out that I could stick my feet down into the stirrups basically standing straight up. Once I had figured that out thanks to my new friend Barbara, I enjoyed the ride a little more.
We climbed the dune too close to the edge for my liking but we did it and survived. We had gentle camels, no spitting, no biting although of them licked my friend Connie’s leg. We were at the top of the dune enjoying the views. I really enjoyed taking pictures of those magnificent creatures and they seemed to pose for me. While we walked about the dune and took pictures they lay down resting and allowed us to come close enough to stroke their handsome faces.

The ride down

The ride down was harder, my camel stumbled; we were very close to the edge. The camel behind kept nudging away from the edge and walked beside us too closely, he or she was intent on passing. I lost my one stirrup, found the rope around the stirrups and stuck my foot into the stirrup holding on for dear life. I figured if we tumbled over the edge the sand wouldn’t kill me but the very large and heavy camel landing on me surely would.


I decided it was better to not look down. We stopped again at the Oasis. I had to pee after all the jostling of the ride, I had finally mastered the hole in the ground better known as an Eastern Toilet, but my legs were so sore... We came back to our camels for our return trip. I certainly had doubts about getting on again; my leg muscles had stiffened up. It was really hard to get my legs off that huge back and really hard getting on it again. It was an amazing experience, one that I will treasure… but it will be a few years before I attempt another camel ride. My rear was sore, my thighs felt like I had done a million kiegels. And worst of all I smelt like camel!


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author avatar Songbird B
17th May 2013 (#)

Oh this was a great read with great wit as well Georgia..Would have been nice to see some photos added, but sounded like a wonderful trip, and certainly a memorable one! What a great share this is..\0/x

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author avatar Mystic Maid
17th May 2013 (#)

Thanks... I haven't quite figured out how to add pictures. I am working on it!

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author avatar Kingwell
26th May 2013 (#)

What a wonderful adventure!

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author avatar Mystic Maid
26th May 2013 (#)

It was smelly but lots of fun!!!

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