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Some say one soul can distribute itself into different bodies. Perhaps souls communicate with one another through photographs. Maybe they can also share "Aha!" moments, moments of deep understanding, excitement or pleasure. What if we could connect with any historical figure in wikipedia this way and share thoughts, have an imaginary dialogue?

Enough is Enough

The photo was taken three years before I was born. Dr. King made his famous "I have a dream" speech on my fifth birthday. As a woman who stood with him before it was popular to do so, Rosa Parks has been a constant source of inspiration.

Rosa's act, the act that was disputed at the time, or what she did, was to pay an equal ticket fee for the bus ride and to expect an equal choice of what boils down to equal seats. The seats are equal. The tickets and their price are equal. Why should she not have an equal choice in where to sit? For her, this was a point of "enough is enough." A personal breaking point. A point of intersection between Rosa, as an individual tired cold wet person on her way home wanting only to sit down and all the other cold tired wet women struggling to support their families who also rode the buses and were asked to move when others were not asked to move. Her turn had come. She refused, knowing that technically refusal was a violation of the law. The law was not fair. She answered to a higher power. I believe that higher power defended her.

The action of sitting in a bus seat does not hurt anyone. By itself, sitting in a seat is not ugly or bad. The ugliness manifested itself in the prejudice of the other passengers and the driver. It is the prejudice that is ugly.

The prejudice declared Rosa's action to be harmful, she was marytered for the cause with her consent and then became the hero i see her as today because she managed to rise above the unfairness of her time and set a better, fairer standard.

When I look at Rosa's face, I see quiet dignity, honest courage founded on truth. She
asked for equality. She got it.

Faith In Action

Here is a link to my current lawsuit to get sheriff and landlord to stop talking at deaf.

Quote from "Concise Statement" (which is 4 paragraphs long)(beginning of second paragraph page 3)

"The topics addressed are: parking, privacy, notice, discrimination, harassment, defamation, joint and several liability, destruction of a garden, 2011 ADA accessible by design standards, and linguicisim as they relate to independent retirees living in multi-generation communities as private homeowners on community land, when there is no other unifying force other than they all pay rent to one landlord, and share one sewer. That is, there is no common bond of agriculture, language, religion, politics, race, education, profession, or other social bonding. There appears to be an absence of effective leadership as evidenced by multiple lawsuits and personnel changes in the management of landlord's enterprise in recent times. Plaintiff has attempted to form a tenants' union at Pine Ridge Park. Absent a tenants' union or other social bonding it falls to each aggrieved tenant to litigate each grievance independently at his or her own level of skill and expense. This puts tenants and the landlord on unequal footing. One of the purposes of this lawsuit is to put the tenants and this landlord on more equal footing. This plaintiff sees what is going on and as an ordained minister, she feels a strong moral imperative to pursue this litigation as an "important public duty.” This First Amended Complaint incorporates new findings of fact: that an MHRT report (Exhibit 1) is a Sheriff's report not a health report, that it is kept by law enforcement for ten (10) years regardless of whether it is true or false (Exhibit 2)."

Summary: law abiding citizens can be the subject of secret mental health reports without any informed consent, if anybody makes a report to the police or sheriff. Those public reports are kept for ten (10) years without notice to the person they are about. I happened to discover a June 30, 2015 report because my landlord sent me a letter I disputed, which quotes a report by number only. In this manner, anybody can create a false report which is accepted and seen as true as it appears in a police computer as "mental health" without any opportunity to the subject of the report for rebuttal.

My situation as I see it: I am a senior citizen with a hearing impairment. This impairment is seen as an inconvenience for those who have no pen and paper or for those who are accustomed to having no paper trail of their actual conversations. Because of her physical disability which is very well documented by the federal government, this woman asks others to use written notes. Many people, including clerks at the civil desk inside the "Justice Services" building, cashiers at various neighborhood groceries, her MD, do use written notes. Other people, curiously all of them directly supervised by the Washington County Sheriff (policy ulitimately set by one individual) refuse and talk at deaf. She can only hear muddled sound that sounds like someone is playing a loud stereo under water. It gives her a headache to strain. She does not understand why fit young people have to yell at her when it only gives her a headache, why can't they use written notes? Why can't an older woman guard at the Justice Services building use written notes? Why do some people want to punish her for being hearing impaired?

She carries deaf cards. Sometimes she speaks. Sometimes she does not speak. Sometimes she wears earplugs, sometimes she does not. If she speaks she says, "I can't hear you I am deaf. Please do not talk" At this point, after more than four years in the same general location, 90% of people she makes this request to do stop talking.
The sheriff's men do not. They continue to talk at her and threaten her with unwanted attention if she does not pretend to listen or smile. They refuse to accept that deaf are humans who cannot and will not listen. They refuse to read and write. They blame her for their own refusal to read and to write.

The problem is not that she does not listen. The problem is that sheriff thinks this is somehow a mental illness. What is wrong, from her point of view, is sheriff's insistence on refusing to use written language. The moment the sheriff's written report is publically questioned the question must become a lawsuit, that's the only existing way we now have as a society to publically hold sheriff accountable when he publishes something on his letterhead in his files that is literally untrue. When he publishes it, in writing. A civil suit is the only public way to publish a different written version of the events to be filed in a public computer side-by-side with sheriff's version of events. I can if all else fails, point future "helpers" to the lawsuit and the date of the lawsuit, showing that the exhibit was this questionable MHRT report, and that I did, as formally as possible, question it at the time.

Few individuals are willing or able to demand to see what sheriff does put in writing. Sheriff is reluctant to use written communication because it would subject *all* sheriff's reports, including MHRT to public scrutiny, at least for those that do pursue civil suits to hold sheriff accountable for falsehood and misinformation he creates and publishes.

Hearsay is not admissible in any court of law, but it is admissible as presumptive truth if it is included in a sheriff's report or other law enforcement report.

Lately, cops are vindicated for shooting non violent youth because of their testimony that they subjectively were "afraid for their lives." I think that's very scary indeed. The only reasonable way I have seen to restrain police who habitually respond to "fear" with guns is the unfortunately long cumbersome and at times frustrating path of civil litigation. Keep suing cops and eventually a judge somewhere will demand to have one of these cops testify then decide if the fear justifies taking life. Yet until a few years ago, cops routinely shot people and claimed immunity for killings, never facing any form of civil litigation once cleared by their own departments.

When cops write secret "mental health" reports about otherwise law abiding taxpaying citizens, which reports are referenced only by a long number, it's hard to hold them accountable. Unless the "third party" as I am referred to by the records keeper of the report exhibited in my complaint knows about the report obtains a copy of the report
and challenges it. They have to know which agency to ask, then pay a fee, write a letter and wait up to 90 days. This is a FOIA or Freedom of Information Request. How many good honest citizens have the skill, time, money, energy, and persistence to do that?

Madam Qwitski

In California over a decade ago, a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) clerk misspelled my name as "Qwitski" instead of "Ovitsky" and before I could tell her it was wrong, I was physically pushed out of line because the next person waiting could not be reasonably delayed and because I was not very successful using talk as a means of communication in 1:1 encounters with government clerks. I was great using a computer from any office or library but not in person.

Nobody listened to me at the time that there had been a typo. Maybe the clerk spoke and asked me but I did not hear her. I did not think anything of it since it was not my mistake. Years later but still about a decade ago, the police in the same state made up a crime arrested me (released me without charging me) and in the hour or so that I was being "questioned" (responding that I cannot hear) without counsel that I asked for, they printed out this list of names as if they were false identities as if I was trying to have a fake ID, pointing to different spellings of my name. Now I think this happens all the time, the police routinely "bait" people and see what fish they catch. Who reacts. Who is defensive. Who "explains." I just said, "typo."

It is all a stacking of circumstances, how one handles minor mistakes such as typos, I could have stood in line again that day and taken a new number and insisted they fix it right away, it would have prevented police from confusing me with a criminal named Qwitski years later but I did not because of external pressures, time, back pain, maybe weather if it was a hot day. I knew it could be a problem but it was not a problem for years. Did I give into bullying? Was it bullying? Or just the way it is in a state with too many drivers and long lines?

The same is true with photo ID. When I worked before 2007, I wore some female makeup, earrings and did not shave my head. I was also obese, I weighed for many years, more than 200 pounds. My ID for many years showed a fat middle aged lady with bushy salt and pepper hair and what I would now call socially conforming attire, gender specific attire. That was the photo ID on my bank card in 2011 when i moved to Oregon and it had never been questioned before. By that time I was still obese but shaving my head, covering it with a balaclava hat I make by hand out of silver coated textile, no makeup and attire what I would call "comfortable" maybe regarded as "butch" or "lesbian" or something like that. I am not a lesbian nor have I ever been, not that it is anybody's business. I am celibate. I have been celibate most of my life. I dress as a hermit dresses, not for dancing or going to work in a law firm. Still, Beaverton Bakery made a drama out of rejecting it and accusing me in front of my then teenage son. He knew it was a false accusation. I used the card to buy croissants that day. I have not been back there for years and probably never will shop there again. I was later told it was the owner who had falsely accused me. Because the old bank photo did not look like me anymore. I did not look like a middle aged legal secretary anymore. I was the mom/dad, the single parent, the all-in-one but to Oregon, I was another strange dyke from elsewhere with a questionable ID card. The bank issued a new card the next week and took the photo off, problem solved.

My 2011 Oregon driver's license shows me at 205 pounds in my funny almost Muslim balaclava hat. My US passport photo (also used for this WikiNut account) on the card I also show when asked for photo ID shows me without hair at the current 155 pounds. I may take off another 20 pounds or so depending on whether I can communicate with the local martial arts instructor which would lead to more cardio workouts in wet weather.

I am not changing my appearance on purpose to disguise myself. I am being myself becoming whatever it is. The more I focus spiritually the more my body becomes an echo and a manifestation of that spiritual focus. I know this can be confusing for police. Our local sheriff expects people who make routine traffic complaints about blocking cars to tell the sheriff what the schedule is of the car that blocks. Sheriff and police look for predictable scheduled behavior. They look for permanence, sameness, conformity. These qualities are not descriptive of me or of creative evolving people I know or love. They are descriptive perhaps of rocks, mountains, landscape, buildings, material things.

Suffice it to say, I think the deputy's need to be heard by deaf is their problem just as the bus driver refusing to drive unless Rosa moved to the rear was his problem. I talk to her, out loud, and ask her for advice. I call her sister Rosa. My personal spiritual inspiration. I imagine she tells me to hang in there and eventually when people are done laughing at me they will read some of what I write or hear some of what I say and that's all one really needs...a drop, a seed, a broadcast. The ones that need to receive it will, and they will come. Build it and they will come.

In the photo above, taken in 1955, she is younger than I am now, she is standing in a parking lot with Martin Luther King, Jr., and they are smiling and listening and I am guessing it is a church parking lot and people are getting inspired by them and their faith in themselves and in their actions. And that, my dear readers, is what leadership is. Faith in action.


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Thank you for sharing this. I now have a greater appreciation of who you are.

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