My Daily Diary - 11/20/2014 (Sex After Baby and Saving A Few Hundred Dollars)

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My public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading.

There Is Really Only One Thing On My Mind Today...

When can Jerry and I get back to normal? Obviously, with the new little one in the house, it is much harder to make our schedules coordinate--let alone be energetic and feeling sexy enough to be intimate. That should not imply that we don't have sex, but it feels so mechanical, like we are both going through the motions in order to feel like we are doing the right thing. Erik is a wonderful sleeper, but our schedules still can't seem to coincide. Jerry is home a lot right now while he's basically living on the phone and computer to get his business off the ground, but I am still teaching preschool. Since I get up with Erik in the night around 3-4 am, I go to bed at 9:30 pm when he does. Jerry is up a bit later and sleeps from midnight until 7 am, when he gets up to get Erik ready for school and give me a break. I'm out of bed after I feed Erik at 4 am and then put him back down immediately for another nap until 7 am. At night, it's like we only see each other in passing. Does it get any better?

Cutting Out A Few Expenses

Out of desperation, I walked around my house yesterday looking in pantries, cabinets, and through my stockpile to see if there was anything I could cut out. Turns out, there are several products I keep around the house that I could lessen our reliance on, and turns out, there are. These three are so easily-modified that I had to share.

1. Toilet bowl cleaner - $4/bottle (1 bottle per month) = roughly $50/year savings. This can be replaced with bleach in a spray bottle mixed with some tea tree oil or some other fragrance. The bleach should be heavily diluted, but it does the job just as well as any toilet bowl cleaner and the supply is more easily affordable and the ingredients can be used for other things as well.

2. Dusting spray - $3/bottle (1 bottle per month) = roughly $40/year savings. I have a collection of microfiber clothes around the house (I bought a mega pack of cheap ones from Home Depot a few years ago). These clothes are so effective at picking up dust that there is no real need to keep dusting spray around the house.

3. Paper Towels - $1/roll (1 roll per week minimum) = roughly $50/year savings. This one will be the most satisfying for me because I enjoy making changes that help us save the environment as well. I have saved every old towel that we have and cut them up into hand-towel-sized pieces which we can use for major spills and cleaning. Now, paper towels can be saved for when we need to disinfect the counters or clean up meat juice or something more along those lines.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading,
The Happy Home Executive

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21st Nov 2014 (#)

Having children means more expenses and yes intimacy does gets impacted.

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