My Dream Of The Consumer Ship. Part 1 She said

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This is a recall of a dream I had five years ago. I had a feeling in a recent meditation that it is my duty to share this dream now.

The Consumer Ship- a need to join in a dream sharing.

I have recently had a meditation, in which, I was reminded of a dream I had about five years ago. This dream lasted every night for no less than three weeks. Picking up and leaving off in continuum, as if it were a movie and I was the star, for three weeks! The days were dreamy as well. Needless to say, towards the end I was not wanting to go to bed at night, not understanding this dream and becoming increasingly frustrated. My husband started to get worried. His experience was that I was falling asleep the moment my head touched the pillow. Occasionally we would be in conversation in bed and I would fall asleep so deep, he could pick up and drop my arm onto the bed and I would not move. I would go to sleep fast and deep and yet I woke up exhausted. My husband stated that the only thing to do was to try to join together in the dream state and dream share. That night he did join me in the dream but it took three nights for him to follow me through the whole dream. On the morning after the third night I awoke and my husband told me enough about the dream to trigger a full remembering. Anyway here is the dream of the Consumer Ship

The Consumer Ship-Is it a mall?

There I stood looking at this enormous building .The outside of it was, what looked like mirrors. It was dome-like on the outside but not from the inside. As I walked up to the doorway I passed through, into this huge courtyard in what seemed to be a mall? There was the hustle and bustle of a modern day mall. The smells were so intoxicating. I could smell-taste the sweet Cinnabons. The Italian food, oh the calzones, yummy. I found myself trying on clothing and shoes, feeling the softness of the fabrics. I saw myself looking at greeting cards and C.D.'s, I was shopping but not buying. I was searching for something, unsure of what, at this point. As if I was being drawn by some unseen force I, by this time we, my husband had joined me. We were shuffled thru a turnstile counter, you know like in a subway, to end up face to face with a warrior in a suit similar to a storm trooper suit not white though, it was shiny dark grey . The warrior stood at least 6 feet plus. I was looking up! The face was covered by what seemed to be a motorcycle helmet, but as I looked up thru the mirror I saw IT's eyes. The eyes, as I reflect, were so incongruent with the whole scene. With all the input from my surroundings it did not make sense. The eyes were so gentle it brings tears to my eyes as I recall. In that split second or lifetime I am not sure which I felt <The LOVE> the kindness, the calmness, the eternalness. In my mind appeared a thought that said "Its okay". After the moment had passed we found what we had been looking for or so we thought, an escalator. Going down? "What, I am not going down there" my husband said, keep in mind I had been in this dream for sometime before he appeared. I was ready to know and go, so down we went. To our surprise and dismay there was a bullet train. There was another warrior, by the way, they were all holding a weapon of sorts, with what seemed to be little desire to use it. On to the train, we boarded and into a private car we went. There it was, we found what I then knew to be what we were searching for, our children. There they were, kneeling on twin size, metal bunk beds that were pulled down from the wall. Making themselves at home by hanging up pictures, they had drawn, with tape. Here on this strange train, under this strange mall, with these strangely, lovely warriors. The children looked our way and said "Don't worry its going to be all good."

The Consumer Ship-Why we got off!

That was the end . That was it . It was over . The message was pretty clear to us. My family got off the Consumer Ship. Shortly after, the economy started its decline. My husband, a real estate appraiser was losing business. Toyota took back their Prius. The bank took our million dollar property, that we had tried to sell to no avail. They ended up selling our organic 5 acre farm for $400,000.00. The IRS took the last of our funds.
We look back, we see the light and we have learned to appreciate the value of our needs as opposed to our wants. Thank the universe that we left with our souls and those of our children. Our marriage seemed to become stronger, which is always great for the children. Thank goodness for our motor home, thank goddess for the love. We realized that we had got in too deep. I must say, when life/money was good it was never as good as it is now, with much less. The saying "Less is best" never rang so true. Everything was changing rapidly. We were all changing rapidly and for the better. How better to move from ego to humbleness, by falling, only to get up as a family and keep on going. Having faith was huge during this time. Knowing that the "lilies of the valley and the birds in the sky are cared for" made it clear to me ,so would we be taken care of.
Time passed dreams came and went. Some I remembered most I did not. Then the Consumer Ship returned. The true conclusion I assume.

The Consumer Ship- The return of the dream

This time we were part of a crew. We were a team of five. We had on suits of black, similar but different type maybe scout uniforms rather than warriors as in the previous dream. Our mission was to return to the Consumer Ship, which was now a derelict ship drifting in space, we were in some kind of shuttle craft. I knew then that something bad had happened. For this I felt sad for all the humans that chose to stay behind. I had to be strong and do the mission I was clearly sent to do.
We found ourselves on a ship, that at one time had anything you ever could want on it. The decor that had once been lavish and inviting was no longer. All the foliage had long died away. There were no more delicious smells to tempt my senses. There was only the smell of death and decay. There was no light, only that of our headlamps and the flicker of distant lights. We had to climb the stairs, being ever so watchful not to slip on slimy, rusty, broken down stairways. Not sure if anything or anyone had survived. This was the mission to find out what happened to the people on the Consumer Ship. What were we going to find? Zombies or Cannibals? Mutants? What authority we had. Oh, but the choices and not to mention the karma involved. I couldn't dwell on that now. So far we saw no life on the abandoned vessel, I mean to say there was no bodies, no blood, nothing.
We approached a large shower/bath room, there was water dripping, echoing in the darkness. The condition of this large space was as dilapidated as the rest of the ship. It was there that we found the only evidence of life, a cat, a grey fluffy cat. The cat seemed to be calmly cleaning the water from its paws. It glanced up, didn't even meow, and went back to licking its fur.

Again, just like part one ...... that was it. I was thankful that this was only one night of my dreamtime. The message was very clear once again. We had made the right choice. The Consumer Ship may look so enticing, shiny and smell-taste amazing but this dream indicates it is heading nowhere good and fast. If anyone out there has had a similar dream I would love to read about it. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Lets get off the Consumer Ship. All my loved ones which includes everyone because all is LOVE and we are all part of the Infinite One


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author avatar Songbird B
12th May 2011 (#)

This is quite a share, my friend, and so strong in the images that you experienced.. Really insightful, and really interesting too...Great share.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
12th May 2011 (#)

Very wonderful share - I think your family is way ahead of most of the rest of us.

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author avatar MAnature
12th May 2011 (#)

Thanks for reading. Dreams are hard to recall without sounding confusing I am glad you enjoyed.

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
14th May 2011 (#)

I remember this dream! :) Thanks for sharing...

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author avatar MAnature
14th May 2011 (#)

Your welcome.....xoxo

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author avatar R Deckard
15th May 2011 (#)


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author avatar Ann mcgrew
19th Dec 2011 (#)

Thanks for sharing the dreams! Now, I have a ? And I am hoping to see an answer! How do you join another person and share a dream?!?!?

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author avatar MAnature
20th Dec 2011 (#)

It is called dream sharing or co dreaming it happens when you are lucid dreaming..... intention sweet conscious intention. :) Google it, it is a very interesting science. Telepathic or teleportation too :) Thank you for reading and for your comment.

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