My Experience as TEACHER at an elementary school

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Have you ever wondered how hard it might be for a teacher to control you when you were a school kid? You might be very busy with your classmates,complaining, imitating,taunting each other.But it was the teacher who was going on watching you and trying to mold you, punishing you to set you right,screaming at times when the situation got worse.

The Freedom Of Freshness

Its a great feeling of joy when a fresh graduate, who is in on his way to prove himself, finds a job to earn a few bucks.
"Yes ! this is how I found a job, may be suitable for me at this moment,and now I am free to earn and spend for myself and of course, for others a little !"
That's how the conscious whispers with a deep sense of satisfaction and pride.This continues till the responsibility of handling 20 different minds is taken up.
So, lets see what happened to a Fresh Graduate who was posted as an elementary teacher.

An Introduction with pride

It was PIN DROP silence , when I entered the class room. Don't think there were no children there.There were 20 children, sitting so quite and watching me with many questions perhaps in their little minds but unable to get them clarified due to....may be
because of the unfamiliar teacher.
Every child had a twinkle and a slight sense of innocence their eyes.Every child was active and smart to introduce themselves and know about me. I was a bit confident that I would deal with them easily. This won't take much time to tackle the class situation I felt with a slight sense of pride.
I will be able to complete the daily routine, in time ! I thought.After all they are just fourth grade kids,and I am sure, I 'll be able to motivate them and get the work done.

How I realized

The first day was just an introduction class, which took a few minutes with a discussion about the syllabus and how far they had extracted from the previous grade.
The next day, I entered the class with full confidence and interest to take up the class. Children were quite co-operative. Silence broke down after I completed 15 minutes of my class.I saw on them complaining about the other.I somehow managed to neglect the issue lest it would deviate the topic and disturb the whole schedule which was preplanned.
I could realize that there was some air of negativity in the class, but was unable to know the actual cause. Was it because of competition or inability to understand the concept or some other reason. I left the class after completing the topic but was confused a bit.

The War Began

After a few days, children got accustomed with me.There were no more questions or fears regarding the new or unfamiliar face which met them a few days back.
I was finishing up my work and was happy and satisfied about that.But, the complaints they made on each other was to be dealt with.I needed to allocate a few minutes of my regular schedule to listen and clear their problems.
Earlier it was only 1 who kept on complaining and now this number increased in multiples.
I could even find that most of them complained about the one whom I found to be innocent but attentive in studies. I thought to tackle this as this would ultimately make their attitude in future.This is the time for them to inculcate friendly and positive feelings for each other and a sense of brotherhood was strongly needed for them.
We need to guide them and carve them, as they are just rocks and lumps of mud which needed to be carved and molded.That was the thought which kept on ringing in my mind.

Dealing with complaints

I rushed into the class with the topic to be discussed. Completed my job for the day with a few minutes for clearing their doubts if any and then would start the session of complaints.
I waited for them to start as I was in a mission to carve them into good responsible beings with no negative attitude towards each other.
They needed to have acceptance about the other.Why were they not able to accept or tolerate a person next to them ? If this is the situation of children now, what would they turn into after they grew up? That is the reason we have the cases of bullying, commenting, ragging ...Its high time I need to do something about them, I thought.
I kept on listening to them with patience, but could even realize that it was only one or two who had a problem with the innocent-bright fellow. Rest of them were simply following them, though they had no bad experiences personally with him.
I broke my silence, by first raising my hands, in order to make them calm. As I found the boy being complained about, quite innocent, I just made a statement....
" BEAT ME IF YOU FEEL HE IS TROUBLING YOU !" There were no more complaints, no one opened their mouth.
I felt I could deal with them for that day and there would not be complaints for sometime now.

The Bunch of Letters

A few days later, it was now the other one's turn to speak up. The innocent boy, came to me saying that he was being commented and was being troubled.
I thought it better, not to waste a moment and even felt, he was getting deviated from his interests. So, I asked him not to think about it then and concentrate on the topic and write a letter after going home and finishing up his work ,about it.
The next day, he came up with his letter and I assured him that I would clear it.I completed the work with no more deviations from the topic.
I warned the children a few days later who were troubling him and even asked him to respond to the comments made.
"The more we react, the more we will be commented " I said.This solved some of the issues of the class to some extent.
A few days later, I saw a BUNCH OF LETTERS lying on my table.I asked them if they were submitting any thesis for degree of Doctorate.
They all said that, as every one of them had some complaint with the other, they wrote about it in detail as I had asked one of them to do so.
I was shocked, but was holding my laughter actually.But I had to manage this now.
" Every letter will be read and will be discussed with your parents, every problem will be solved in the presence of the principal." I said.As I knew, they were copy cats, simply copying whatever the other does.
Now it was time for them to decide whether to write any letter or not.So I gave them an option whether to leave the letters or take them back.
Only a couple of students accepted for this and everyone else took back their THESIS.
I managed to reduce this attitude of complaining and commenting on each other in them.But I needed 100 % change. They were only adjusting but not accepting each other.
I discussed this with co-teachers and principal and found a solution for this.

The Reward For Acceptance

Lastly, we came up with a notice to the students about an award.
"THE BEST STUDENT AWARD",was the title given to it. Every student would be observed and judged on the basis of behavior, extra curricular activities and academics of course. And the one who was the best in each of the categories would be awarded.

Each of the child was playing his best now, in every field. But we were more concerned about their behavior and attitude.Days passed by and we were happy about the daily routine as the time allocated for complaints was used for learning and discussing about new concepts.
Lastly it was time for us to decide, whom to be awarded. We could achieve whatever we aspired for,and actually we were to be awarded for that.The delightful and affectionate nature among the children was the only award which we could present for our self.

The Tough Decision...Be The Best

Choosing only 1 among the many as best would again create new troubles.So it was a tough time for us. Our principal came up with a solution for this. We decided to categorize the behaviors or qualities now as MOST POLITE,MOST CO-OPERATIVE,MOST FRIENDLY etc.
Now it was easy for us to satisfy them. Every student was blushing and was with full smiles for the award given.
But , lastly we even came up with another new concept. They needed to be the best in all other categories to be the BEST STUDENT OF THE SCHOOL !

Carve A Niche

Every child is a God's gift.We need to bring them up with care and confidence.
Treat children equally with kindness and be responsible in molding them, as careful as a stone carver or a potter.
Only then you won't need to yell at the students and no student will need to scream and make the hell of the class.
That was how our principal guided us and every child was happy with us and I was more delighted about the change I could make for which I became the favorite teacher of the little big students who were now stepping into the next grade !


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

Interesting experience, Gowritells. Children are smarter now with their many gadgets and media.

Now their mothers are more educated and that makes it really tough for the teachers! I heard one doctor saying in frustration that some patients do a research on the net before they come to him! siva

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author avatar gowritells
24th Jun 2015 (#)

haha! That was a good info about frustrated docs.By the way its good to research, even after consulting a doc as many of us don't understand the doc's prescription and the zeal to know doesn't allow us to stay calm or ignore about the problem.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Jun 2015 (#)

I have a relative who can explain the symptoms and cure for every disease with more conviction than most doctors.

And he has a medicine box to boot to cure every ailment! Mind you, he is not a doctor! siva

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author avatar gowritells
24th Jun 2015 (#)

Ya,even I've heard abt such people and I feel half of the patients who consult them get cured due to the faith on them.

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