My Experience with Lucid Dreams

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My experiences with lucid dreaming and how i achieved it.

My Experience with Lucid Dreams

I was plagued with nightmares from a very young child, my most memorable ones are big trucks coming on the pavement trying to run me over, or i would dream that i had woken up and there was a giant rat in my room trying to bite me and then i would actually wake up for real, i dreamed of giant dinosaurs and monsters and bad men trying to get me, in fact i started to hate going to sleep.

I had nightmares so often and often the same ones that i learned to lucid dream, i wasn't taught it.

Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are in a dream and being able to change that dream to how you want it by using thoughts.

I believe now that when we all sleep we are actually astral projecting, our spirits leave our bodies and where it goes and what we do depends on our thoughts.

If we are scared the dream can become scary but if you can learn to be aware that your dreaming, anything can happen that you want, this is what i learned.

Instead of nightmares i was soon flying over seas and flying about in space and having a great time.

how did i do it?

Well in one particular dream i would wake up and there would be a rat in my room, i couldn't see it, or hear it at first but i just knew it was there.

At first i used to call for my mum , but the louder i got the louder the rat became, until the end i could see it, it was huge, i would be so scared that i would jump out of bed and try to put the light on but the light switch would never switch on, so i would run to my parents room and then i would wake up.

I had this same dream every night without fail for so long that i began to know i was dreaming, if i woke up with that familiar feeling of a rat being in the room i would run to check if the light switched on.

If it didn't, i knew i was dreaming and i would open my window and fly away, and then i would wake up.

Another thing i learned is that if i could fly i knew i was dreaming, also if you read something and look away it is never the same thing that you read twice, it changes.

I didn't know it was called lucid dreaming at the time but i learned how to control my dreams fully, i could change the wall paper, fly to anywhere i wanted and make anything i wanted to happen happen.

I hardly ever suffer with nightmares now and most of the time when i do i know I'm dreaming and can forcibly wake myself up or change the dream for the better.

If you would like to learn to lucid dream, the first thing you should do is have intent.

if you are spiritual you could ask your guardian angel to help you remember your dreams.

YOU must have intent, tell yourself that you will remember your dreams.

Do this every night, and when you do remember something, no matter how small, write it down the very minute you wake up, if you leave it to long you might forget.

Do this until you are regularly remembering your dreams.

Once you are remembering your dreams do what i call reality checks, ask yourself if you are dreaming at regular intervals and re read something or check the light switch, sounds stupid but the more you do it in the day, the more likely you might do it in your dreams.

To check if you are dreaming in dreams you can try to fly or see if everything is the same as it should be in your room because sometimes things can be different, and check to see if the light switches on and off.

Once you are able to know your dreaming the shock may wake you up, one thing that helped me is to spin around slowly whilst telling myself that i am dreaming and that i want to finish it, sometimes it worked and other times i woke up anyway.

When i first started to lucid dream i used to ask other people in my dreams if they were dreaming too and they would always say no and most of them would disappear into thin air.

The best time apparently to have a lucid dream is when you wake up in the morning, try then to go straight back to sleep with the intent of remembering your dreams and controlling them.

Please note lucid dreams can be scary, your imagination is your controller, what you think or feel is what can happen so be careful to always try to think positive.

I messed up many times. fallen off cliffs and crashed cars and drowned, all because i let the fear creep in and thought to myself oh my god what if i cant swim, or what if i cant drive or what if i cant fly in this dream.

have confidence in all you do and if you do forget to be positive and it starts to turn into a nightmare, remember you know you are in dreaming, your in control and you can choose to wake up if you want too.

you close your eyes in your dream and say i want to wake up i want to wake up, sometimes i have to tense my body as if I'm trying to burst out of a tight box I'm trapped in. that usually works.


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