My First Confession about Wikinut and Experience

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Success is not everything but success and failures are just milestone not destination

My First Confession about Wikinut and Experience

I am not wiki ninja among the senior but just follower of them, inspired by them. I still do not know how to write or play with words. I am still learning, where I dare to express about wisdom or experience.

As far I know about wikinut, this is real platform where you can express anything. I am bit experience about other platform which is very tough for the layman but wikinut is open sky you can easily fly without experience too. I am often use wiki from last three years because I could not give time for writing and truth is that I do not know how to write.

Now I realised that to express in other website is like as waste your time whereas website owner are earning the revenue as well as huge traffics and you are getting zero in that sense wikinut is ocean for every writer or editors. If you pass your good times or bad time with wikinut will not make you unhappy but returns with full happiness considering your efforts. I found a huge experience about seo, content syndication, PPC, CPC and Other Stuffs.

I do not want to express the negative Point of Others, I read and feel my deep insight myself I choose the long routes to reach the destination. Here I found and Get bit experience but fruitful in the meaning of Success.
Life is not that what you always dream for. It is that what you never dream has to face each interval means life in another meaning it's footprints of success and failures. Some People think they are getting the success is means life's destination but I use to say Failures teaches us many ways to reach the destination. Without failure success is nothing, for an example if you eat more sweet tastes sour. By that evidence of Experience I can say success or failures are the foundation or pillar to establish stand of Destination.

Whether I am right or wrong it depends on people perception but wikinut gives me the real platform to express myself in many ways. I was Judging the People in wrong or right way who the hell am I to judge the people Am I judge, Storyteller, Audience or ...?While I examine my side in deep thought I was wrong. There was my wrong perception brought me failures. In this View I can Say, if you judge yourself before Pointing by others surely you can correct yourself and Errors.
I experience about life ,which is just opportunity ,we should be opportunist to grab it .Opportunity will never knock your door or mind .If you work hard, loyal and systematically success will be in your feet and failures will never seems close to you then you can see your destination milestone. Some time people will just thirst about success but I started to laugh with their foolishness or greed or dream for...if you see the people most of them will run for success.
Finally, they can not get it in easiest methods, then they say life is depends in fate. Then they forget about their leaning and focus for just materialism or survival system. Why you put self in colors if life is fact why you believe in illusions which seems like as rainbow but it doesn’t exists. If you bring more colors in life it makes you just frustration, sadness Confusion and failure. Why do not you believe like as a coin does have two side in that meaning life also does have success and failures too? I do not mean that success is not everything then why the people are crazy, to do anything for that. More failure brings you more wisdom to make case study of that particular Domain. Most of the People are jack of all trade and master of none is great example which brings you more failures.

No one born as perfect then why, we should get bored with our life's Event. Is this misery of life or success or failures...? If everyone keep patience, faith and loyal with their hardship surely joy and success will be in every seconds and ultimately, you can see yourself in Destination.

Wikinut is real platform where you cannot see in your mind's eye, search the all article of variant writers you feel one day my confession has truly blessed you. I do not want to comment about others but it was my confession towards my success and failures. Now I am very clear about





Words are very close like my daily breads. I received it not from schools or University but I could collect it by the help of Wikinut by variant Contributors and Wikininjas.I can Say very thanks to wikinut to provide such platform to express the freedom of Speech which truly undefined not only me it blessed millions of people.

What are you thinking my dear friends, readers ...It was not the story which I am telling you in fictional view, it was my confession, experience and opportunity which has been provide me by wikinut as a opportunist I used it .Have you ever use the idiom towards your goal, achievement, result and Life.
Think once no-one is perfect as I said before; try to give a space for learning surely once you cross your milestone you will stand in your goal.
Thank you for reading my Article, I am looking forward your kind and sincere comments, what ever you like, judge or Feel Kindly comment.

God Bless you all, Happy Reading the Day with wikinut by the Help of Wikininjas..:)


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
25th Jul 2013 (#)

Welcome. I am glad you are enjoying it here at Wikinut. Yes you are free to write about mostly anything and we welcome many diverse articles.

You can even expand yourself more by reading other people's articles and commenting on them so they get to know you too and will visit your articles.

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author avatar Berojgaar News
25th Jul 2013 (#)

Dear Mark,
I do not know how to drafts the words for you my hands are thrilling to comment about you .However You are Senior Contributor Already,Your guidance is Really worthful for me.
Thank you for your comment.

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author avatar spgreaney
28th Jul 2013 (#)

It nice to hear positive and uplifting tales like this about a writing site. :)

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author avatar wonder
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Glad to read this.

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