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An allegory of the previous relationship I shared with a beautiful but toxic "lady".I hope it can open some eyes to see just how cruel the life of an addict can get.

An accurate depiction of my previous lifestyle.

I once had a relationship with a beautiful lady.

I was madly in love with her. She was very persuasive, to the point where she knew all the right things to say, and she carried herself in an alluring manner.

She told me that I was handsome, that I made her happy, and that I was the only one for her. Unfortunately, she was a bit jealous and told me to stop talking to anyone and everyone as so as long as I had her, I didn’t need anyone else in my life.

And for a while, I agreed.

I did everything for her.

It got to a point where I sold all my belongings just to see with her

I thought of her day and night, dreaming of the ways she could make me happy. It got to a point where if I spent a few days without her, I was bedridden with pain. My body couldn’t stand the thought of staying a long time without her and that led me to wish that she was with me so that she could take all the pain away.

I couldn’t stand being away from her any longer and decided to go look for her. I didn’t care where she was, with whom she was hanging out with, or what she was doing with them:

I needed to see her

I didn’t care how runny my nose was, how bad my lower back and feet ached, how bad my skin was crawling, how badly I needed the loo or how much I needed to throw up.

I j…I just needed to see her.

Everything would be fine once I saw her.

After wandering around a dodgy part of town, I found a guy that knew where she was.

He claims that he can go fetch her and bring her to me, to which I agree.

I hand him what little money I have left and he went to fetch her.

That ten minute wait for her drags out to an eternity, and fearful thoughts begin to fill my head.

What if he ran off with her and my money? What if she won't be herself? What if he comes back with a lady I don't know?

But midway my train of thought, he returns with a sight for sore eyes.

My lady.

He hands her over, and she gives me a kiss. And right then, I knew everything would be normal again.

We go home, to my cold floor, overdue rent, lack of food, and the same unwashed clothes but I don’t care.

I’m home and she's there with me and we go to bed…

But I know that she won’t be there the next morning, and I’ll have to beg and plead for her to return.

Not to enjoy her company.

No, in fact, I’ve grown to hate her.

She treats me like garbage.

No, I need her so that I can feel normal again.

I might hate her for taking me away from my previous life, but she’s now the only thing I know.

She’s the only thing I live for.

My girl, Heroin.


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24th Jul 2018 (#)

Wow! While reading this, I actually thought you were talking about an actual woman...then I came to the end....

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author avatar Memba Ben
24th Jul 2018 (#)

Hi LifeisGood, hope you are well.

Yeah I was trying to be as ambiguous as possible but its all true. Sometimes you get to a point where you get so absorbed/addicted to something that you can end up humanizing whatever it is you are addicted to.

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