My Heart's Song

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This particular piece was written for a very special course I took called 42 days of writing. I loved the course so much I took it three times.


Have you examined your heart lately, what secrets does it hold? Is it open for all to see, or partially hidden while its true value is revealed only to the chosen few. I believe that as children we reveal our heart to the world.

The child's heart

When we are young, we have yet to learn fear and scorn. When we are lucky enough to be born into a good family which nurtures our hearts and protects them for the precious commodities that they are, we as individuals are open to the world. We are truly capable of experiencing all its wonder.

From children with healthy egos and open hearts we develop into healthy adults. I believe you get back twofold all that you give out. You see the beauty in a smile, a flower, a butterfly, or a summer breeze. You are thankful for the little things in life and your joy overflows. In turn you sent out positive vibrations to all who meet you. Sometimes these vibes can transform even the most cynical of people.

Finding my heart song

Imagine a world where you cannot express your true feelings. Imagine being unable to see the beauty in this world because you hurt so badly and the pain is just too great to bear. Imagine if you were incapable of letting your heart sing? At this point, the world would not be a great place in your eyes at all. Unfortunately many do not have to imagine for they have experiences these very conditions.

When I was young my heart was not allowed to sing. I was not allowed to express who I was. I was always compared to someone else. I did not have a sense of identity. I did not have the sense that I was a good person and a joy to behold. I did not know that I could make a difference in this world and that people would actually be happy to be around me. I did not know I was loved.

But there was a deep burning desire in me to express myself. To let my love come through because I knew I was capable of love, I just needed the opportunity to show it. As an adult I became the defender of the underdog. I knew their pain; I felt it. I devoted my life to easing the pain of others.

Then a wonderful thing happened. By advocating for others, I found that my own pain was easing as well. The more I helped others, the more people were open to helping me. For the first time in my life, the good vibrations I was sending out were in fact coming back to me. People started noticing me. They started to see my good and perfect heart.

Expresses my heart song

The more people started to believe in me, the more I began to believe in myself. My heart grew even bigger and I branched out further. I went to university for a Masters in counselling degree. That way I could reach people on many levels, not just the downtrodden of this world.

Today I express my heart song through my writing. I express how I think, and how I feel. I share my fears and my courage, my joys and my sorrows. I write about my failures and my triumphs, and I express my desires and my dreams. I share my life and my heart with all who will hear. I do not edit or censure what I write for that would defeat the purpose. I share the true essence of me.

Because of who I am I have enriched the lives of many and they in turn have enriched my life too. By sharing my heart's song I have made a difference in this world. By sharing your heart's song you make a difference too.

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author avatar Retired
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

A very detailed account. My heart is not an open book to anyone and like you writing is a perfect channel.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

So uplifting to read, thanks Carol for sharing your heartfelt feelings to motivate others too. It is in giving that we get fulfillment; sadly, we tend to hoard and deprive those in need - siva

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Feb 2015 (#)

I enjoyed this article. Truly it is in giving that we received. You have proven it to be true for yourself. Blessing

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