My Lady Thief

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A hunter makes his night hunt only to have his attention drawn else where...

My Lady Thief

I see the stars this night
Glowing, twinkling ever so bright
The moonlight shining through the tress
Then a strange and lovely scent on the calm breeze
I feel my curiosity pushing me to pursue
Then on the waters edge I can't help but see you
Trying to avoid being in the light
But for you that truly is a fight
I kept quiet and crept closer and closer with ease
Silently I stood behind your cloaked figure till your hand I did seize
Out of fear and outrage with a knife to me you did subdue
I felt no fear for all that I could do is stare at your eyes, such a beautiful hue

You saw I had no ill intent
And I did promise to repent
Still I couldn't help but notice I wasn't the only one
You too were staring, it was as if something had begun
With no words you released me and walked away
Entranced by your movements and beauty, on your back my eyes did stay
Left with nothing but your lovely scent
Smiling when I realized I did not repent
The tale of the pursuit of you soon to be spun
For today my journey to kiss your beautiful hand has begun
Pressing forward I begin following your tracks, not letting my eyes betray
On your trail, smiling, thinking, dreaming, I did nothing but stay

Along my travels I found you to be a thief
But your style as colorful as a coral reef
Still with all your elegant tricks you couldn't see
That you had swiftly and sweetly stolen something from me
So I in turn had decided to steal the same from you
This was why I am so persistent to pursue
Then I saw you again you truly gorgeous thief
At the edge I could see you smile, beautiful beyond belief
I dashed across the rooftops so that you would see
In response you began to make chase now pursuing me
What you didn't know was that I was a thief just for you
The turning of those romantic tables will be your next clue

I quickly turned and caught you in my arms
We soon began to fall and I could see in your eyes alarms
I leaned to whisper in your ear
Please my sweet, do not fear, for the end is not near
Our tale is only beginning and we have so far to go
It'll be wondrous, believe me, I just know...


Poetry, Romance, Short Story

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author avatar Mitiria
A young soul that writes from the very core of his heart and mind. Writes Dark, Romantic, Twisted, and even Thought provoking poems. Welcome to his world through his eyes.

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author avatar Retired
24th Nov 2015 (#)

not bad

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author avatar Mitiria
24th Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you.

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author avatar vickylass
24th Nov 2015 (#)

We should always have time to write a poem. Thanks for sharing!

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