My Life, My Family

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Poem about my life, my family, the goods, the bads, and the proud moments shared between loved ones.

My life

I was born on the 22nd of March,
In the year of 92,
I had blonde hair and hazel eyes,
And I arrived before I was due.

I am the youngest child of 4,
Born to my father and my mother,
I have 2 of the best older sisters,
And the funniest ever big brother.

My mum left my dad when I was 3,
He was nasty and vicious and cruel,
But we moved to a rented house,
And lived there about a year in all.

My dad left our house and we moved back in,
Thank god as this one was rammed!
4 of us kids in a medium sized room,
Well I guess you could say it was crammed!

My mum met a man, he was a dad to us all,
He treated us all like his own,
Although my dad wasn't happy with this,
He'd abuse my poor mum down the phone.

The years went by and we stayed with my dad,
On every other weekend for years,
But it wasn't so bad, there was fun to be had,
Which being siblings usually ended in tears.

I fractured my skull when I was 6 years old,
I fell off a railing at an underground station,
My dad wasn't watching and I lost my grip,
For this he had no explanation.

I was fine, though it hurt, and my mum stayed with me,
In a hospital in London called Whitechapel,
I was sick a few times but slept through most days,
And recovered and life went back to normal.

My dad drank a lot and so my sister and brother,
Decided that to them he was dead,
This didn't affect him as he had two others,
And a single tear was not shed.

He would manipulate me, shout and scream,
And hurt me when he was drinking,
I know that he's a monster of a man,
But the drink was affecting his thinking.

In June 09 my niece was born,
The proudest moment of my life so far,
She was and is my pride and joy,
My angel and my star.

My brother was married in June 2011,
To the coolest girl in town!
He made the perfect groom that day
And she looked stunning in her gown!

Next up they had a baby,
Conceived on the night they wed,
He was born in May 2012,
And has a very bright future ahead!

In 2012 another date to be proud,
My biggest sister married her prince,
She was beautiful and elegant and they shared there "I do's"
And have been happily married since.

Later that year, my son was born on the 3rd of October,
On the same day as my sister, uh-oh,
The proudest moment of my life,
I love you so much, and more each day and I'm excited to watch you grow.

My life's been amazing, I couldn't ask for more,
My family, friends and in-laws make it worth while,
I know as long as there in my life, and my baby in my arms,
There's no reason to frown, only reasons to smile.


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author avatar SarahOliver2014
I have a 1 year old son who is my whole world. I haven't had a great life, Yet it hasn't been awful. I've had ups and i've had downs but i'm trying to live for the here and now.

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