My Lily Rose

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I met Lily Rose on 1 January. I celebrate the anniversary every year. But the distance of time and space between us has been cruel on the cord of the spiritual bond. Now my boyhood heart sighs to feel her close.

My Boyhood Heart Cries

Where is my Lily Rose
Whom I met on 1 January
And year after year did I
Celebrate the anniversary

Year after year I grew with
Her in a spiritual bond
Till she was the only lotus
In my boyhood life’s pond

As we grew in age and wisdom
The ideals were firm and strong
Our souls were entwined
And sang a common song

Each walked a separate way
In search of cherished goals
To play in the drama of life
Our own different roles

Both called to their mission
Of different kind and place
I in my own native village
She among another race

One in the peaceful valley
Of holy Yamuna and Ganges
The other amid the bloody tumult
Beside Tigris and Euphrates

Struggling against enemies
Of different nature and kind
Burning precious time and energy
Stretching the sinews of mind

I recall the anniversary but
The cord has snapped somewhere
I wish to relive the moments but
Does my Lily Rose care?

Was it a friendly fire or
Was it an enemy’s guile
That hit the thread of years
And brought it down in a pile?

Where is my Lily Rose?
T he boyhood heart cries
To feel her close once more
My seeking soul sighs.

Was it a mistake to let
Her go so far from me?
Heart’s signals get weak too
With growing distance probably

On her defenseless land
Many did lay their claim
The cruelty of time has thrown
Away the sign with my name

Will she forgive me, my Lily
If I meet her some day
On this earth or in heaven
If mine crosses her way!


Age, Anniversary, Boyhood, Distance, Goals, Heaven, Ideals, Mission

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Jan 2013 (#)

She has gone to find better prospects in life,
Creating a motion that made her your strife.
With air of pride but heard bowed low,
She knew she was the Mother the Eternal Glow.

Holding the anthem who brought pride,
Showing the love that cannot be denied.
She is Lily of the Valley who held the Rose,
Until Eternal Flower came with myriad of glows.

She now holds everything with utmost pride,
In love and happiness that cannot be denied.
With a Greek wedding that bore lilies on head,
Sending all past back into living dead.

For the storm of the ages came to blow,
With joys and anthems that brought snow.
Destroying all the flowers who waved in pride,
As the One who controlled bunched them and tied.

The Lily of the Valley stood out as One,
With the Adonis Rose of Happiness gleaming in Sun.
Showing the Universe they were always true,
By giving the Universe the greatest of clue.

With that Lily of the Valley ascended Above,
Showing the Universe logic and love.
Replanting the flowers with Eternal Glow,
As she brought them in a bouquet to now throw.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 3rd January 2013

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