My Men in Black Experience

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The story of a Men in Black experience I had when I was a child. There were no actual Men in Black, but it's a memory repression story similar to those I've read.

The Original Memory

When I was 3, in the year 1974, I lived with my mother in an apartment complex in Groton, Connecticut. My Dad was in the Navy in those years and was only present when he was given leave. During one of those times, my parents went out for a night on the town and left me the neighbors, Anne and Dave; a slightly older couple with two kids of their own.

It was night time and storming out when I heard some loud banging sounds from outside. I crawled out of bed and went to the window and looked down at the parking lot. What I remember seeing was a cartoon drum, complete with a face and limbs, walking around in a circle and hitting itself with mallets. I remember feeling a sense of fear for some reason and ran back to bed.

That's the last I ever recall about it until 20 years later.

The Trigger

In 1995 I was married and living in an apartment complex in Illinois. My wife and I had a toddler, and our small apartment was in a single story community. I had come home from work at Firestone on a stormy evening. It was extremely windy that day and most of the tenants of the buildings had taken their outdoor furniture inside.

While I was hanging up my coat, I heard another loud banging noise. I knew the grill had blown over and was bouncing down the parking lot. I ran outside to grab it before it got away and was suddenly stricken with the same sense of fear I had all those years ago. The memory of the cartoon drum flashed back into my head. I quickly grabbed the grill, brought it inside, and forgot about it again.


A few years later, after my divorce, I began thinking about the repressed memory again. I knew that I had saw something horrible, and that my child mind had replaced it with something more acceptable to my mentality. I decided I would like to try hypnosis to try to remember what I had actually saw that night all those years ago.

During my session, I was regressed back into childhood memories, some pleasant, some not so much. We finally got back to that night, and I saw myself lying in that bed in Anne and Dave's apartment. Once again, I heard the banging sounds and ran to the window. What I saw was a little shocking.

There was a man with a white guy 70s afro slumped against a van in the parking lot. Another man had a pistol leveled right at him and fired a few more shots to finish him off. He then walked away, leaving afro man to die against his van.

After that session, the therapist suggested I ask my parents about it, so I did. I mentioned the original memory, the trigger incident, and the therapy session. I then asked her if anything strange had happened that night. She said that the neighbor, Pete, had gotten shot that night.

Pete was a guy kind of like Quagmire. He slept with every woman he met, had a decked out bachelor pad, and was a huge hippie. He had apparently messed with the wrong guy's wife and paid the ultimate price... and I had witnessed it. As far as I know, the murder was never solved.

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wow some pretty deep experiences indeed...

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