My Nightmare

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This short story is about a man who's nightmares from his childhood come real later on in life.

My Nightmare

Trying to forget the nightmares from his childhood Johnathon went on with his life trying to be successful at everything he tried. Now for Johnathon he wasn't satisfied in which direction his life was going. He remembered the childhood horrifying nightmare after nightmare but he was now over that something he wanted to forget about. He looked forward to the future a life that his parents worked ,and saved most of there lives they wanted Johnathon to have the best education that he could get. With Johnathon far away from home in collage he got use to collage life. But Johnathon was having more problems then he was talking to his councilor about Johnathon was now having nightmares but these nightmares were not like the ones he had when he was a little kid these nightmares were coming to Johnathon every time he fell asleep. He told the councilor that he knew they weren't real but he said I can't sleep every time I fall a sleep I have nightmares that are scaring the hell out of me.I feel as if the nightmares are trying to tell me something. But I don't understand what.I think I am starting to lose my mind. Can you help me? It's just in your mind Johnathon they are not real you will eventually get over them . Don't worry everything will be OK.So as Johnathon went on his way trying to keep his mind on his collage class's he fell behind ,and if he didn't improve he wouldn't pass this semester. Johnathon thought about the pain he saw him self going through in the nightmares. But as times for Johnathon got worse he soon left collage ,and headed for home to his parents.

Well as Johnathon long drive to his parents house would take Johnathon through some of the most beautiful country in the world. Now at night Johnathon didn't mind driving he wouldn't be having no nightmares because he was staying a wake.Johnathon listened to car radio his parents got Johnathon into listening to old music from the 1950's Johnathon loved music. As by the side of the road there was a car broken down with 2 girls just out of high school Johnathon thought they looked harmless enough so he pulled up ,and asked them if they needed a ride right they got into Johnathon's car.It was a long ride from where you's broke down to the nearest gas station. Sit back ,and enjoy the ride he told them. They were 2 quiet girls who whispered back to each other there was no harm being done so everybody was listening to music. When one of the girls shut the radio off ,and she looked at Johnathon she said to him "what's the matter John you don't remember us" she said to him He thought for a second then said "I've never met you's 2 before in my life I'm sure if I met 2 girls as pretty as you's are I wouldn't forget yous". Are you sure you don't remember us I'm sure you must have me mistaken for someone else.The one girl looked at Johnny she said I know it's you no more hiding OK. Johnathon said look I have never met either one of you's before.Really she said Really Johnathon said stop playing games it isn't funny it's not met to be funny we have slept together so many times but you always get up ,and leave. I have never slept with you I am a catholic ,and my parents brought me up right now will you stop. No Johnathon you stop.

You see I am telling the truth ,and that's no lie the girl sitting behind Johnathon put a butcher knife to Johnathon's throat every night she said it's the same thing I give you some of my love in you start screaming.Do you remember us we are the girl's in your nightmares the pain is about to begin As Johnathon eyes opened wide as can be he screamed no one to hear you scream the dream world evil side nightmare university wants you to continue your education there. As witch's we have done a pretty good job of haunting you we left you alone when you were little for a while you see you are the one who we will fed to the beast when your done with your education he likes a smart meal.As the witch's both said a spell they all vanished never to be seen again Johnathon was also gone with the witch's he went to become a meal for a beast that he would become.


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