My OM Breath account has been deactivated

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And... I am faith... I have faith... I overcome... the greatest good come to me Now!

I really felt that I am loved & blessed!

My facebook OM Breath account has been deactivated on the 18th July 2012 and I know is something do with the bizarre experiences with my fb friend!
There are always games playing around & within my fb social network & especially with him! Also facebook & CIA has been monitoring my page since I have awakened.
How do I know? Cuz I have my firewall everytimes some IP attacked my computer...there is an report noticing me. But I am not going to show all the details here!

The more I awakened & enlightened, my wall postings started to explore more & more about the Archons, Negative Reptilians & other Dark Forces!!
Not only I exposed these dark energies but I also informed my friends how to raise their vibration, what kind of ascension options we have, the truth about humanity & Mother Earth etc. Also I spread lots of enlightened messages everyday!

Of course not only me doing all these but lots of my friends doing similar things as well. And because my profile got 5414 friends (Facebook rule is limited 5000 friends only for each account) & 2933 subscribers plus I have my Page too!
So I am on target, but I am sure most of the lightworkers are on target too. I also realised sometimes I went to my friends' wall and left some significant messages on their posts....this could be the main disabled reasons!?

Furthermore, I am not only deleted from facebook... I also got physically attacked occasionally! And after my facebook disabled, my teeth start aching... the others day some kind of energies come into my field during my meditation then I felt sick liked fever whole body ache & shivering... under this hot summer day! Also in the afternoon there is a spectacular of dark clouds, thunder & lightning within 2 hours the weather from bad to normal clear sky!! Then it is the typhoon coming... I slept earlier that night then in the middle of my night... I am awaked by a pop sound & a quick air came through my nose then fall asleep quick again... the next morning all the symtoms gone!! But day after days when I felt some energy moving around above my head then my teeth started to ache again!

About the typhoon... my fb friend told me it is the HAARP made typhoon! And the typhoon signal number 10 is hoisted again after 13 years!! Luckily no one hurt but the TREES... lots & lots of TREES blown down by the wind!! Seem liked the angry wind hate Mother Earth!!

Anyway, I am so appreciate & thank you for the unseen force of positive energy that safe me from the negative attacked. I really felt that I am loved & blessed!

My will is the divine wills! If my OM Breath account is a part of my divine mission... I trust GOD will return OM Breath to me :) And... I am faith... I have faith... I overcome... the greatest good come to me Now!


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author avatar vpaulose
27th Oct 2012 (#)

Interesting info. Thank you FDL.

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