My Only Christmas Wish

Princess Alyx By Princess Alyx, 31st Dec 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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I wrote this poem right after christmas 2012 when I didn't get the one thing that I wanted for christmas. I was upset so I sat down and put my feelings on paper. Would love your thoughts. To see what you love and what I can improve.

Cowgirl Boots, My Christmas Wish

I gave you money

You promised

You'd give it back

That very next weekend

I wouldn't mind

Just a little at a time

But when you're slurping down

Another glass of rum

Am I even on your mind?

All I wanted for Christmas

Was a pair of cowgirl boots

I know they're expensive

But i'm worth it

Aren't I?

I understood

They would be

A late Christmas present

But you promised me

I would have them

That very next weekend

That weekend came

You came home off the road

And I heard you went out

So I said to you

"I'm not getting my boots, am I?"

You responded, like usual

"No, not this weekend, but you'll get them."

I may be 18 now

But inside

I'm still that same little girl

Your little girl

Still listening

And still believing

All of these continuous

Empty and broken promises.

I hope you're thinking

About me

With every sip.

I know

you're a hard working father

I know you need your fun

After a week on the road

But ,aybe I just

I just want one filled promise

I don't really care

About the money.

I just want my Christmas wish

To come true.

I want those cowgirl boots.

I can't have a horse,

So the boots will do

For now.

I love you daddy.

But I'm still your little girl

Even at 18,

Expecting you to come through.

This is my Christmas wish.


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author avatar Princess Alyx
I am 21 and am pursuing my bachelor's degree for social work. I love to read write play sports listen to music and basically just chill out. I want writing to be my life. It practically already is!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jan 2013 (#)

Meaningful, heartfelt and endearing - siva

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author avatar Princess Alyx
1st Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you. My stuff usually does come from the heart I can't imagine getting it anywhere else.

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