My Only Fault

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Here's a short observational poem of spiritual warfare and society. There's no condemnation for any in the Lord. Their life will testify for them.

My Only Fault

I made the cool decision to pursue my vision...
Satan's servants steady stirring confusion
Around is different, heard I'm under watch, jokes and scopes, toted
Noted, like common knowledge, my holy hopes grow
The soul is polished, arguments that ain't really fruitful
I don't attend, feathers knit together, to cover me
I'm under YHWH's grace, pondering the nonsense and what's justice
And clutch trust, crowns, not exactly, my passion
I aim for YHWH'S portion, O, what do I see?
Things are bolder, unlike it's ever been
The more success I reach, creeping closer, and I don't go provoking
Still, I see the claws...
Heard it's dangerous to be successful, rhyming, I had never thought
But, my angels, I trust, to help me out
His Words do not return to Him void
And, think of this, in order for a form of this to come, some have to see you
As an issue, but, for me, that shouldn't be, that
Couldn't be...
Organizing, so the souls would have to join together, like they needed help...
When, the streets witnessed that though, and then it'd act, and see, the thing that's bugging
It's what's discerned and abhorred?
'Cause I can see if it was evil that my verses support
And, obviously, some people want my silence
Urgent resorts, should be disturbing, for my only fault is serving the Lord...
Just like Word the land was birthed from, was merged in and through
My message, and my whole lifestyle, is turn to truth and choose the blessing...
Clues and weapons, some society forms, but I can see, reprove the methods
Or the mire absorbs, the primary, efforts for the normalizing
Is the bigger picture, if I ignore it, it'd still gravitate to me
Ink, papers, torches of wood, so I can bring nature
God's exemplary alignment, life is all of His
Many held as hostages
Evil creating circumstances, hurts to know it though, so I pray for them
Most my power's spirit...
Leaving what I can't do in God's hands
Til' He manifests
Plans and tests, steps, pit in sand and stones
Second guessed
Wrecking ball, snipping nets and all, mega meta falls
Mecha, differentials, different windows, ah
Some settings drawn
I'm well aware of what could transpire
Been on the write for years, tying these originals
Poetic combustion, that gives me peace, when I'm weary, as a gift from the Lord
From love poetry to ghost, to some glory to the Most, through whatever
Fruitful measures be the pinnacle
My memories...
Love repaid with hate I'd never do, odd apologies
Reconnect the ending at the end
Like cosmetology
But no manipulation
Diabolically, acknowledging, and no commends
To satan, in a prophecy, astrology, and sin, that is forsaken
For the will of the Most
And so much more can explained
But it ain't milk to the soul...


Eternally, Spiritual, Truth

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Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of YHWH. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.

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