My Own World Part Eight

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Moe Gives Amina a surprise call and she is taken aback when he suggests that they all get together and have a cake sale to raise funds.....

Raising Funds for Syria

See link for 1st Part
Part Eight
Later on Friday, just after Maghrib Sallah (Sunset Prayer), my phone rang.
Its Moe. Gosh. What am I going to tell him.
“Salaam (Hi) how are you,” I say casually.
“Hey Amina- it’s been way too long man. What’s up? Are you ok?”
I assured him several times that I am in fact well, just had a ‘busy’ week.
“So are we cool then?.. Because if we are I need your help man.”
Great. He really wants me to help him plan a trip to Cape Town. How wrong is that?! I mean anything can happen- even if it’s just for a day. Guys a girls shouldn’t be alone in a room together because obviously the third person is Shaitaan (Devil).
“Erm what do you need help with?”
“Yeah but don’t tell anyone hey.”
Don’t tell me he is planning to take Zeenat away for a weekend! That will just be wrong. I hold my breath in anticipation of what’s yet to come.”
“So anyways I decided to get my football club involved and have a bake sale to raise funds for Syria,” Moe says.
Wait. Did I just hear correct? He doesn’t want me to plan a trip for him and Zeenat? He is having a bake sale?
“…I told all the owens (guys) from the club to bring cakes and stuff and we will have a table at Killarney mall on Sunday and all the money will go to Gift of the Givers for Syria.”
I was shocked.
“Hey that’s a great idea, Moe! MashAllah (Great),” I say somewhat overzealous.
“So anyways… I need your help… I mean I don’t have any female family members in Joburg that I’m close to and would be willing to help me.”
“You want me to bake for you? Tell You what- I just learn't how to bake red velvet cupcakes, or what about cake pops?”
“That’s really kind of you Amina.. But I don’t need you to bake. I just need your help in choosing what to get from Hanover bakery”
“Oh, yes sure. That’s fine. Let me know when you want to go.”
“You are a star! Did I ever tell you how great you are?” He joked.
I couldn’t stop blushing.
The next morning at 9am Moe shows up to pick me without even telling me.
We hadn’t even confirmed a time! To make things worse, I was still in Pj's.
Moe parked his car, got off and came to the door to ring the gate.
“Moe, is that you? You didn’t even tell me that you are coming for me! I’m not ready” I say to him via the intercom.
“Oh alright my bad. I could wait for you or come back later.”
“Come in, I’ll be with you in 15 minutes”
As Moe sits down in the lounge, I dash to the bathroom. On the way Aunty Behn asks me who is there.
Gosh, it wasn’t the time to explain to her.
“Its Mohammed from Newcastle Aunty Behn. I must get done now ok.”
As I step out of the bathroom I hear Moe chatting away. At first I thought he probably was on the phone.
Wait. He was talking in fluent Gujarati to Aunty Behn!
I rushed to apply makeup. Where were my nice pumps??? Okay, I found it! I just needed to transfer the contents of my handbag to one that matches my outfit.
I was finally ready and satisfied at my reflection in the mirror.
I go to the lounge to find Moe sipping tea and evidently charming aunty Behn.
“Moe I’m ready to leave,” I say casually.
“Bo rupaaree che, (too pretty),” he jokes about me to aunty Behn.
What? He thinks I’m pretty? Oh why, jee thanks!
“You know Amina- I was telling Mohammed Gora here, it’s so rare that you find youngsters like him speaking fluent Gujarati,” Aunty Behn said.
She continued about how culture was dying and youngsters failed to appreciate that they come from a good background. Whatever that meant!
I just wanted to get out of there!
“Mohammed, you must come for lunch on jummah ne hendu (Friday ohk),” Aunty Behn says.
“Okay Ma, I will come even if Amina is not here. You can teach me how to make your famous falooda (milkshake),” Moe says.
Oh what a charmer! He doesn’t even know about Aunty Behn’s “famous” jelly! But it did the trick.
“Next time you come we must talk about when you going Newcastle for formal proposal,” Aunty Behn says.
It took us both a few moments to realize what she meant.
“Noo ma! Don’t say things like that. No! Okay we must go now, come Moe,” I managed to squeak out while completely embarrassed.
Moe just laughed and greeted on his way out.
Once in his SLK Moe gave me a smirk.
“That aunty is mad hey!” I objected.
“I actually like her a lot,” he laughed… To Be Cont... See Part Nine


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26th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice read. Will follow

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26th Dec 2013 (#)

Hi Legend
Thanx a million there's still lots more hope you enjoy the rest of it , :)

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