My Own World Part Eighteen

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Ayesha finally accepts what Amina told her and confronts Riza to her dismay it was all truth......

The Confrontation

See Link for part one
Part Eighteen
Alhamdulilah (Praise to God). That’s all I can say. After all the Ayesha Riza madness I finally made her see the light and she doesn’t hate me anymore, or at least I hope so.
After she went on about how jealous I was, I told her exactly what Riza said and she was shocked. How could she be so naive! We made peace and everything but I am still a little angry at her.
Anyways, the story got juicy when she confronted Riza and he didn’t deny anything. Bhailow (player)! That little mummy’s boy had no guts, I knew it. He must go quietly and marry his ghora gos (white white girl) and leave my cousin alone.
But I wonder how that marriage will work. Will Mariam sit alone in the flat the whole day while he is on campus? I heard she’s in parda (traditional Islamic attire) too. I wonder if she will let Riza still be friends with Moe and the gang. I must meet that girl!
Oh! And I started my cooking course. We started off with making rotis. My first few rotis looked like the map of Lenz all crooked and stretched. But after a few tries it got better although not “round-round”.
Ma Khairun is the aunty that does the cooking course and she firmly believes girls will get divorced if they cannot make round rotis. “Chi, chi, chi (no no no) my Narends daughter got divorced one year after marriage. Why? That dabo (Idiot) didn’t even know you use a tawa (Roti Roaster) to fry rotis. She will only buy. That’s why the marriage never lasted,” she moaned.
Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed the lesson. Ma Khairun is so dramatic and comical and so it’s always a laugh. The other girls in the class are all Hafiz or Aalimas (Islamic Scholars) who stay at home and are preparing to get married. Shame, they are sweet even though all they can speak about, is their trousseau preparations.
They looked at me in shock when I said I don’t have a “bottom drawer” filled with stuff to use when I am married. “I hope you have your AMC pots and Tupperware at least,” the one girl said. My mum have my AMC pots but not the Tupperware? Really that’s a bit much considering I don’t even have a guy.
When Ma Khairun heard that I don’t even have Tupperware she said I must use the money my parents gives me for textbooks and buy Tupperware. That aunty is a laugh!
“You must take that money without your parents knowing and start buying. My daughter in law sells you must come buy from her. So whenever Mr Right comes you know your Tupperware is sorted out. You can’t go with just one range. What will your in-laws think of you. You must go with the whole blue, green and pink collection. Then at least they will say you got some value.”
I was torn with laughter. My in-laws would value me if I have all three ranges of Tupperware? Oh no that’s not enough to get their respect. Apparently I must also go with the entire AMC pot set, my own Kitchen Aid and everything must be labeled in my married surname.
“You young girls think you must only go with undies nundies (slang for underwear). That is the last of your problems. Even one day before your big day you can go to Senza Lenza and buy all those stuff. You can't buy Tupperware in a rush these things take time, I always say plan two years before your wedding or even if you are not even thinking of getting married now you will have to leave your mother's house someday and then you are all set. You girls must take notes you will thank me for all this advice, jee (yes),” Ma Khairun said.
I was finished with laughter. Undies nundies? And Senza Lenza? This aunty was a scream.
Anyways, I need to get some sleep… it is getting late and I have to wake up early for fajr (before sunrise prayer). Hopefully Shaitaan (devil) won’t use my ears as a toilet tomorrow.
Till next time,
Love, kisses and round rotis- Amina. To be continued.... See Link for Part Nineteen


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