My Own World Part Eleven

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Amina Meets Sumaya in the JK (Mosque) and they get to know each other, learning from Sumaya's past experience helped a lot....

Meeting New people

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Part Eleven
I couldn’t believe this girl. Who was she anyways? I could feel my throat restrict. I hoped I didn’t cry. Ignore her, I told myself.
I think Sumaya picked up on the awkwardness and diverted my attention on to something else.
“I think we can read Zohr (Noon Prayers) now, time is in,” she said.
I couldn’t concentrate in my Sallah (prayer). I just wanted to give that girl a mouthful!
After we completed our prayers, Amina asked where I would be for lunch, I told her I would go to Aunty Behn but she insisted that I go to her house.
“Come man, my mom cooked lovely akni (Traditional Indian Cuisine),” she persisted. I finally gave in.
Sumaya lived in a beautiful house on 3rd Avenue, Mayfair. It was very modernly built and furnished but they were very simple people.
The lunch table was set on the floor! It had been ages since I last sat on the floor and ate.
Lunch was divine and the conversation was lovely too.
Her mother went all out and made amazing gaajar halwa (Carrot Sweet Confection), cachumbar (Green Salad), fresh achaar (pickle) and the most amazing homemade ice tea.
After lunch I went to Summaya’s room and relaxed on her bed.
“So what was that girl on about earlier?” she asked?
Oh gosh. Will she judge me??
“Erm I don’t even know… I only saw her once before that in my life…. I mean.. erm..”
I had a burst of trust and literally spilled out all the details to her. Starting way back to my first week on campus. I hoped she wouldn’t tell anyone and not judge me.
“Hey! No judgment from me we all have our own stories. Do you really like Mohammed?”
“I think I do. He is really kind to me when he isn’t around people. But I don’t know, he is very like… glamorous.”
“Let me tell you what happened to me. In the beginning of second year I met a final year engineering student from Azaadville. He was also a hafiz (Learned Islamic Student) and was studying an Aalim (Male Studying Islamic Science) course part time. He was kind and so lovely. I really thought we had a future together. The whole year he strung me along and 3 weeks after he completed he got married to an Aalima (Female Studying Islamic Science) from the Madressah (Islamic School) in Azaadville.”
Oh my word! How hectic is that?! I felt so sorry for her.
“While I was so heartbroken and I thought my life was over I realized that no good can ever come from wrong. I am not over holy now and I still have a few guy friends. But I believe that if a guy doesn’t show any commitment he is not worth it. It’s not worth having high hopes,” she said.
Sumaya was so right! If a boy likes you enough he will be willing to make things official.
We spoke about so many things and the next thing we knew it was already Asr time Mid Afternoon Prayer)! Time flies when you having a great conversation.
Friday evening I relaxed at home with Ayesha. We both pulled out our scrap booking kits and did some crafts.
I always enjoyed being arty with her, it allows me to relax and introspect.
On Saturday I decided I needed to have a series marathon. I was so behind on Chuck and decided to stay in bed and watch back to back episodes on my laptop.
I was mostly over what happened the week before and Moe was, after a long time, off my mind.
Then in the late afternoon my phone rang and I answered it without registering who was calling.
“Hey Amina, Salaams how are you man?”
Gosh it was Moe. What was I going to tell him? What did he want from me?
“Im okay.” Yes, I am going to be blunt.
“What’s up man? I wanted to explain what happened last weekend. Riza told me you were upset.”
“No its fine. Never mind,” I said.
“I just felt that that crowd is too rough for you. Those guys are real perverts and stuff and I didn’t want them to offend you,” he said.
Oh he did a good job of it already, it made up for all of them.
“Its fine you don’t have to explain yourself. I got to go,” I said.
“No Amina, listen to me, I really didn’t mean it the way it appeared. It’s just that you from Newcastle, you don’t know half the things these Jo’burg boys get up to. I wanted to protect you.”
“I am a big girl Moe. I could’ve handled myself. You were mean. And those girls. That one girl…”
Oh no, I started crying.
“What girl? Which one? Amina? Are you crying? Hey what’s wrong, speak to me,” he said.
“Moe… I don’t think we must keep in contact anymore. It’s stupid… you have so many other friends,” I said with tears in my eyes.
Why was I being so emotional?
“Hey! What are you taking about man? Relax. You know what, I am coming to pick you up and then we can go for a drive and speak.”
“No Moe… Just leave it.”
“Too late, I am already on my way, get ready…” To Be Cont... See link for Part twelve


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