My Own World Part Fifteen

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Boys only wanna have a Good Time without thinking about the next person's feelings.

Playing the field before getting hitched

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Part Fifteen
The lecturers were not joking when they said university is nothing like school. I was so stressed. I studied so much yet I didn’t know some answers to my test.
They ask impossible questions, some of which do not even have answers.
I read every dua (supplication) I knew and I still battled. I even read the dua (supplication) for eating and going to the toilet, that was my height of desperation in order to at least pass and I mean not just scrape through or else I will be heading back to Newcastle thats for sure!
I just need to pass! Okay get a B at least. Il be devastated if I get anything less.
What made me feel a little better was that Mishka and Aalia also found the tests difficult. Shew! What a relief.
When I went to the JK (mosque) for Zuhr (noon Prayers), I bumped into Summaya who asked if I wanted to join her and her friends to Spill the Beans for a half priced meal.
I was so confused what’s a half priced meal?
Apparently everything on the menu at Spill the Beans is half the price on a Tuesday which makes for a student’s dream come true. Cheap good food is heaven, I hear.
I jumped into Summaya’s car with her two friends Fatima and Fahima. They are also very pretty girls who wear hijaab but they are a little stuck up.
When we pulled up at the restaurant in Fordsburg, I was shocked out of my wits! It was extremely packed. It was as if every Muslim from UJ and Wits was trying to get a cheap meal.
After waiting for 15 minutes for a table we ordered pastas and pizza to share. I ordered some fancy red drink and a salad for everyone to share.
Once we completed ordering, I scanned the restaurant only to find Moe, Suhail, Riza and Luqi sitting at a corner table.
I had mixed reactions. I wanted them to see me but I also didn’t want them to come over.
Summaya’s friends harped on about medical terms which I knew nothing about. I wanted to scream: “YES I KNOW YOU ARE CLEVER!”
Like honestly. Pharmacists are just glorified shop keepers but they act like they doctors.
I could see Summaya tried hard to include me in to the conversation. She was nothing like her friends.
As they continued to chat, my eyes wandered to that corner table and I awkwardly made eye contact with Suhail.
“Amina, Amina… Earth to Amina…” Summaya said.
Huh? OMG I was day dreaming for so long.
“Yeah… I think I’m just tired,” I said quickly.
“Okay… we want to go get something quickly from the sweet shop, could you wait here while they make our dessert?” Summaya said.
“Oh ok. Sure no problem.”
Ugh I hated when people invite you along then do their own thing. I don’t think I am going to go out with these girls again.
When they left, I looked over at the corner table and Riza waved at me.
Oh no. All of them were coming over.
“Hey stranger! I see you gallivanting all over,” Moe said loudly, clearly seeking attention as the others laughed.
“This is my first time here. This place is crazy hey. It’s so packed.”
“Half price is half price,” Riza laughed.
“Oh Riza I heard your good new Congratulations and all of that,” I said.
He looked a little shy and thanked me.
“Hey don’t tell your cousin but hey,” he said.
This was insane! Why not?
“I wont but why not? Surely everyone will get to know sooner or later,” I said.
“This Riza wants to jol a little before he settles down. That’s why he doesn’t want to tell anyone,” Moe laughs.
This is mad! He was going to break my cousins heart! What’s wrong with this boy?!
But before I could say anything Summaya and her friends came back and were shocked that the table was surrounded with boys.
The two F’s had disgusted looks on their faces as they pulled their noses.
It was so awkward.
“Guys this is Summaya and Fatima and Fahima,” I said nervously.
Fatima and Fahima grabbed their backs pulled out a R100 and slapped it on the table and dashed out.
I was confused and irritated. Why are they so judgmental.
Summaya apologized on their behalf saying she had to go. Before I knew it she also pulled out a note, slapped it on the table and dashed out.
What was happening. I was sitting at a table with dessert for three and the girls I came with and they deserted me.
“Gosh I don’t know what is up with those chicks,” I say to those guys. They looked as confused as I was.
Then I realized I didn’t have my Yaris with me… how was I going to get home! To Be Cont... see link for part sixteen


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