My Own World Part Five

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Small Town Up bringing versus Big Town Drama creating problems when seen in public especially the Nosy Neighbor.

Breaking Your Friends heart when she just confided in you that she is falling for your best friends Pal... Whom Is Set to get married to a girl from his Town back home...

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Part Five
I didn’t have the heart to tell Ayesha that Riza was proposed to a girl back in his home town.
How mean would that be since she likes- or loves- this guy.
“I think I know who you speaking about- he is Moe’s friend,” I casually say.
“I know! I was wondering if you could find out how he really feels about me,” she says.
Oh great. This is just great.
This is exactly what Apah Sarah, our Islamic studies teacher, warned us about boys who come to study in Jo’burg.
They want to marry the good, good girls at home but they want fun in Jo’burg.
They “use and abuse” girls on campus until they are ready to settle down.
I really hope Ayesha doesn’t get hurt.
These farm boys do become corrupt when they come to Jo’burg or any other Town for that matter.
Okay, not all of them- but most, really.
I told Ayesha I’d try to get information for her but I couldn’t promise anything.
“So what’s happening at UJ- any cute people?”
I evaded her question as much as possible.
Ayesha then has this weird notion that I like Suhail.
“Suhail?? Whaaat? No! He’s not like that. Yeah sure he is sweet and kind but you know…” I mumbled.
This conversation was wrong. Barely two weeks of being in Jhb and we freely spoke about such things.
I hope Aunty Behn doesn’t overhear our conversations.
You know how most old aunties pretend they can’t hear without their hearing aid but secretly listen to your conversations.
On Saturday morning Moe messaged me to find out if I could go with him shopping to Sandton.
I mean, that’s pretty sweet, isn’t it?
I agreed as I didn’t really have much to do and besides, it was Moe after all.
Moe pulled up an hour later in his 2 seater black SLK today.  Its his weekend car apparently which is absolutely gorgeous.
I felt like a million dollars in that car. Compare and Slk to a Yaris and I choose the former any day.
I was excited that it was just going to be me and him.
I wondered how would we spend our time together.
When we got to Sandton I asked what he needed in particular and he said it was Zeenat’s birthday coming up and he really needed to woo her.
This is just great! He thinks I’m his little sister who can help him pick a present for his potential girlfriend. My blood was boiling!
Doesn’t he have buddies that can help him with this kind of thing!
But oh, I’m just his ‘hommie’.
Not one to make a fuss, I gladly started assisting him.
“Do you want to give her something big and wow or small and sentimental?” I asked.
“I want both. I want to give her lots of things but they must be sentimental stuff also. I plan on giving her bunches and bunches of flowers too,” he said.
Awww! How sweet is he! He must really like her. (Even though she’s clearly wrong for him.)
After 5 hours we managed to get her a Nine West bag, Jimmy Choo heels, a REAL tennis bracelet and a watch.
I couldn’t even keep count of how much we spent.
We then went and got her tons of chocolates and ordered bunches of different coloured roses.
I couldn’t help but feel envious of this girl!
She wasn’t even a sweet person.
Maybe if I started wearing heels and extra make up…
After our shopping was done Moe said he owed me lunch because I really helped him a lot.
My self esteem was so low, that was enough to have butterflies run amok in my tummy.
We went to Debonair s (Pizza place) for lunch and chatted about how he planned to give his beloved Zee all the presents.
“I have to get it right this time. I have to show her I care- that’s the only way to win over your girls heart,” he said.
Well try that if the R20 000 worth of gifts don’t work in your favor, I thought.
“So what and how are you going to ask her?”
Moe lifted my hand gently to illustrate how he was going to ask Zee out and as I turned my head I saw Aunty Banoo from Newcastle looking at me with her mouth hanging open!
Oh no!
I pulled my hand back suddenly.
Gosh I hope she didn’t see me! I hope, I hope.
“Could we go already, I have stuff to do,” I snapped at Moe.
He glanced at me weirdly but didn’t ask any questions.
WHAT is Aunty Banoo doing in Sandton! She acts so holy in Newcastle but she is busy shopping up a storm in the heart of Fitnah (Gossip)!
As soon as I got home my mother tries calling.
Oh no.
What? Which coloured boy? And Zina (Sin)??
“YES Aunty Banoo said she was so ashamed to see you doing haraam haraam (forbidden) things with a non Muslim boy? Astaghfirullah (asking God for forgiveness) . I knew this Jo’burg was a bad idea for you- you are coming HOME….”To Be Cont....


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