My Own World Part Four

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Trying to fit in and getting the hang of City life...

Getting into the routine of the City

See Link for part One as follows
Part Four
The next few days flew pass as I tried to get used to a routine.
My daily routine begins waking up for fajr (morning Prayer), getting ready for campus, having breakfast and having Ayesha do my make up before leaving for campus.
I usually go to the JK around 1 and an afternoon lecture if I do have one which is only once a week.
I managed to make two friends who also comes from a small town- Aalia and Mishka.
They are quiet and kind but it’s great to have them because we often do work together.
Once I am done with lectures I go home, watching a series on the telly, reading Asr (mid Afternoon Prayer), do a little homework, read Maghrib (sunset prayer) and Qur'an (Islamic Book) and than of to the kitchen for supper.
It was almost like clockwork.
There is something that's always playing in my mind and I keep obsessing on why Moe had ignored me for 3 days. YES? THREE FULL DAYS!
He didn’t speak to me since Rosebank and I wondered why.
Then on Friday, after Jummah (Friday Noon Prayer), I bumped into Suhail as I walked to my car.
“Assalamualaikum (hello), how are you?” I asked.
He replies that he is well and says he is on his way to see Moe. The conversation was mostly awkward.
“Oh I haven’t heard from him since Tuesday – you must give him my salaams (regards),” I say.
We part ways and I go home to fresh dhall (lentil curry) and rice, with aloo (potato) and kachumbar (salad). My favorite!
After lunch I see a whats-app message on my phone and later I realize it’s from Moe.
Moe: Hey stranger, what are you up to tonight?
Me?? A stranger?? He ignored about a dozen of messages over the last few days. Didn’t answer any of my questions nor did he answer my calls.
Me: Nothing much you?
I heard a saying that showing too much interest makes you look desperate, and I am NOT desperate. Okay maybe I am a little…
Moe: Wanna watch a movie?
Me: I don’t really like going to the movies.
I’ve only been to the movies twice in my life. Once when I was a kid and another when I watched the Movie Material which my parents were cool with because I mean… It was Material The Material Movie that constantly shows us and reminds us of who we are and where we come from.
Moe: okay we could just do supper in Fordsburg.
Me: suits me fine, I’ll meet you there.
I shouldn’t be hanging out with him or his friends. It’s wrong. Before this I have never been around around guys. Not even my cousins. It was always wrong and I actually preferred it that way.
But ag I don’t really know anyone else in Jo’burg.
Its only Me, Moe and Suhail at Adega's as we eat and chat about our weeks that just passes by.
I tell them about how empty my timetable is and Suhail says I’m lucky because he is dying in second year engineering.
Whilst eating a group of people come to our table- they are Moe’s friends apparently.
Gosh this guy knows everyone!
He walks out of Adega's with the group to smoke and leaves me and Suhail alone again. We are a little more at ease with each other.
We were laughing at a funny scene in the restaurant when Moe came back.
“I leave you guys for 2 minutes and you already having private jokes” he says.
After dinner, I greeted them and left. Suhail tells me he’ll drive behind me to ensure that I reach home safely. He was so sweet.
As I reach home, Ayesha just pulls up behind me and she is gleaming with happiness. I ask her what’s up and she says, she met the coolest guy ever and she thinks she is in love.
Before this both of us never ever even spoke to strange guys besides when necessary at matric tuition.
It’s one week and she’s already in love?!!
“Tell me who’s the guy,” I ask.
“He is at Wits studying pharmacy and he is from Kroonstad and he is a Hafiz (islamic scholar)- but you know the modern day types,” she says.
Why did this story sound so familiar.
“He is so Mash-Allah (OK) but a bad boy too you know. Like his family is ba’yat (Holy and pious) to some Moulana (islamic priest) from Azaadville so he is mostly a namaazi (staunch prayer) but he smokes and does the odd bad thing.”
Odd bad thing?? What in the world is that.
She continues about how sweet he was and how he told a common friend that he thought she was cute.
“What’s his name?” I ask.
“Riza- he stays in Killarney and he is from Kokstaad. He is so sweet! And He is totally marriage material. I heard that his family is already building a house for him when he gets married and you know he is proper surti (clan) too.”
Gosh! What a small world… But.. Isn’t Riza proposed to a girl back in his hometown??? To Be Cont... See Part Five


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