My Own World Part Fourteen

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Here Amina Learns that Riza has something up his sleeve and leading Ayesha on....

Emotions and high hopes running wild.

See part One
Part Fourteen
Today was just hectic. Our lecturers are freaking us out. Apparently we have to study all the course work we covered since the beginning of the year for the upcoming tests.
They didn’t even give us past year papers or a scope of what to focus on but we suppose to be doing revision.
In matric our teachers gave us everything and thought us so well. What do these lecturers get paid for? They literally come and read notes to the class (guess thats called paying attention and realised that we aint in matric anymore we part of the big league in the beginners stage.
I am panicking because my English lecturer said he expects only 5% of the class to pass. That is just insane. I thought I am going to get 90% or above but who knows.
I tried finding out from the lecturer how much would extra tuition cost but she laughed at me.
Throughout high school I paid my teachers for extra tuition because that was the only way to get A’s.
I had no idea why she refused me… Maybe I should get my father to give her a call.
After lectures I decided to go to Fordsburg for lunch with Ayesha.
I met her at Adega's and we ordered a prawn pasta to share.
We both moaned and groaned about campus work and lecturers.
“I love what I am studying but the volume is just too much to manage,” she said.
We both joked that it would’ve been easier to stay at home and learn how to cook and bake.
“Oh, guess who called me today?” Ayesha asked.
“I don’t know, tell me.”
“Riza he wanted to know if I could find out from the law faculty whether they are taking late entrances,” she said.
“Oh ok did he tell you who wants to come study?”
“Some Mariam chick. But how sweet is he to call me. Maybe he just needed an excuse to call me,” Ayesha said.
Wasn’t Mariam the girl he proposed to back home?
OMG! Yes. She is probably coming to campus and they going to get married and both be on campus.
I have to find out this story. I hope Ayesha doesn’t get her hopes up though but I didn’t tell her anything.
I need to know what this boy has up his sleeve but… but the only person I can ask is Moe.
I know I told myself not to contact him but this was a valid reason… right?
After we finished our meal, Ayesha and I walked to some scarf shops in Fordsburg. I really wanted the latest Kashka scarf (designer headwear for ladies) but the Egyptian guys only had the fake versions.
Maybe I should ask my mother to order from the scarf aunty in Newcastle and send it for me.
When I got home I still couldn’t stop thinking of what Riza had up his sleeve.
Okay, it was a valid reason to call Moe.
“Moe, Hello,” he answered.
“Hey Assalamualaikum (hello), how are you? Its Amina.”
“I know its Amina what’s up man? Long time,”
“Naah nothing much just campus and stuff. Your side?”
“Eish I had to pull up my socks on campus. Being a good boy and going to lectures.”
“That’s great man…”
“So… what’s new,” I asked him lamely.
“You know.. gym and soccer and chilling with the bros.”
“Oh ok how’s Riza?”
“Ermmm he is cool I think. Why?”
“No just asking… Is his fiancé coming to Wits?”
“Oh ya! I completely forgot. They are apparently getting married in a month because they don’t want to do haraam (sin) and all that,” Moe said.
What? A month!
“But don’t tell anyone. He doesn’t want people to know yet and stuff. I don’t know what is up with that dude.”
Shame he realy wanted to do things the right way.
I actually began admiring him when Ayesha rushed in my room.
“Amina! I told you Riza just needed an excuse to contact me.”
“What happened?” I asked.
“He whatsapped me to thank me for the information I gave him and said we must meet up sometime.”
What is wrong with this boy? He is getting married in a month!
“I know he likes me. He even waved to me the once I drove past him on Church Street.”
No. Gosh. I need to tell her something. But I really don’t want to burst her bubble! Help! To Be cont... See Link for continuation Part fifteen


Emotions, False Hope, Lies

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