My Own World Part Nine

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After helping Moe the day before getting the preparations done for the cake sale. Than gets thrown back the following day as If he didn't know who she was,

Money money and more Money, Friends with bank Balances

See Link For part One
Part Nine
Shopping with Moe was actually very exciting. I had constant butterflies in my tummy and I tried very hard to suppress a smile.
Once we were done placing the order, Moe paid the bill while I went to the car.
We ordered mostly mini cakes and cupcakes with some mini cheese cakes and éclairs.
“At least that is done, finally. I will come and pick it up tomorrow morning,”
Moe said as he sat in the car.
“Is everything sorted out? Cake boxes and stuff?”
“Yeah all the guys pitched in… Hey, you didn’t eat breakfast. Come we go for some Spur (Restaurant) here in Fords (Fordsburg)?”
He is really sweet. I mean, he remembered that I rushed out without a decent breakfast.
But gosh, I can’t risk going to Fords (Fordsburg), I will definitely meet someone from Newcastle, and I can’t have my mum hearing any stories.
“Erm… I’m not in a mood for the hustle and bustle of Fordsburg on a Saturday. I’ll eat when I get home.”
“Okay we’re going to Spur in Rosebank then. You have to eat.”
He is so thoughtful!
We sat down and ordered eggs and sausages while Moe added extra ribs.
Our conversation was luke warm, about campus, course work and tests.
Then, out of the blue, the topic of Zeenat came up.
“Yeah, I gave up on her hey. She doesn’t want someone on campus and besides, my parents won’t even approve. She’s very modern you know.”
“Awww! I guess Allah (God) knows best was not meant to be.”
Could I not come up with anything more cheesier.
“Yeah.. And I’m young too. I have some time to play the field,” he said.
What did that mean? I have no idea!
“And what about you? You don’t have anyone you’re interested in?” Moe asked.
I swear my heart stopped beating for a moment. I blushed.
“No, no. I’m still so young. And besides, my parents will freak out!”
Moe laughed. “I know how Newcastle parents are so protective over their daughters.”
It was time to pay the bill and leave. Like always, Moe insisted to ‘take care’ of it with his shiny card.
Moe dropped me off and thanked me for my help.
I spent the rest of Saturday reading, chatting and baking a little too I was in the mood to try a tested flop free cake and it came out Purrrrrfect, can not help but smile at my self.
I had an early night because I thought Moe would need help setting up for the cake sale in the morning.
Me: Hey Moe, let me know if you need any help tomorrow.
2hours later.
Me: Cos I don’t mind coming in early to help.
1hour later.
Me: Please let me know I am going to bed now.
45 mins later.
Moe: K
Urgh! Maybe he was sleeping…
When I woke up I didn’t have any messages from Moe, so I decided to give him a ring. He didn’t answer. He probably was very busy.
The cake sale was due to start at 10am, so at 9am I left for Killarney Mall to help them set up.
When I got there, I was shocked!
I thought it was an Islamic thing- raising funds for Syria- and that is why I wore an abaya (Islamic Dress).
There were tons of good looking guys all dressed similarly to how Moe dresses: designer jeans, branded t-shirts, branded shoes and well styled hair.
I supposed they all belonged to Moe’s soccer club.
What really shocked me though, was a group of girls that were practically all over some of the guys- particularly Moe.
Some girls wore sleeveless tops while one girl had a knee length dress on. They were REALLY modern girls.
When I approached the table I tried to get Moe’s attention.
I think he looked away on purposely and continued to entertain the group of girls who were literally hanging onto every word he said.
Oh and one girl was sitting on another boys lap!
This was so wrong. They are trying to do so much of good in such a bad way.
I walked closer to Moe who by now had his back facing me.
What’s wrong with him? Maybe he didn’t recognize me. We were fine when he dropped me off yesterday.
As I stood there nervously, Moe glanced at me and then looked away.
“Assalamualaikum Aaaappaaa (Hello Islamic Teacher),” one guy with a crazy mohawk mocked.
The whole group erupted into laughter. I was mortified.
“We can’t sell until 10am you can come back later,” another guy said.
“Erm… I told Moe..Mohammed I was coming to help set up,” I managed to stutter.
“Oh Moe you know this chick (girl)?” One girl with extremely thin eyebrows abruptly asked.
“Yeah sort of.. She’s from Newcastle.”
I was stunned to silence.
At that time another guy- presumably very popular- arrived and all the attention was diverted to him with high-fives and “how-zit bra (pal)” all of the place.
I looked down at my phone, hoping it would make me look less awkward.
Moe sent me a message.
Moe: What are you doing here? I would’ve told you if I needed help.
My eyes began to well up. What is wrong with him? We were fine yesterday.
Then in the distance I saw Suhail, Riza and Luqmaan walk towards the table.
I must get out of here fast. What is wrong with these guys and girls?!
As I turned to leave, Luqmaan smiles as he walks up to me and puts a hand on my shoulder as if we were old buddies.
“How are you Amina? Long time.” He said.
Riza greeted me too and walked towards Moe.
Moe looked very uncomfortable. Then I heard him say: “What is this chick doing here. I don’t know who invited her here. She’s too holy for this crowd. She’s a Newcastle chick. She must blom (stay) at home.”
I could not believe my ears. After everything!
I couldn’t hold back a tear. Luqmaan and Suhail realized that I heard what Moe had to say and gave me an awkward glance.
I reached in my bag, took out a tissue and a R100 note.
I wiped my tears, swallowed a lump in my throat and placed the R100 note in the donations box.
I turned to leave, and walked away as fast as I could.
I was sure I heard a girl say “weirdo” as I left.
I needed to get home fast. I’m so done with this boy! I was so embarrassed.
As I sped to my car, I heard footsteps following me.
It was Suhail.
“Hey Amina, wait- I saw what happened. Don’t worry about it- Moe always acts like that in front of his soccer friends.”
I couldn’t help but burst into tears.
“Hey… Don’t worry man. I don’t think he meant what he said. Just forget about it.”
As I tried my best to wipe my tears and suppress the urge to cry more- Suhail tried his best to make me feel better.
After 5 minutes I felt a little better and thought I should leave.
“Thank you.. Sssuhail. Let me go now, I’ll see you,” I said in a cracked voice.
“Are you sure you’ll be fine to drive?”
I just needed to be out of there.
“Yes. Salamualaikum (Good Bye).”
As I got into my car, I looked down at my phone. I had a message from Moe. Tears welled up in my eyes again.
Moe: What the hell dude? You can’t just show up unexpected… To Be Cont... See Part Ten for follow up link


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