My Own World Part Nineteen

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Amina hesitates but finally calls Moe to go with her for shopping....

Shopping with Moe....

See Link for part one
Part Nineteen
Guess who I bumped into today at the JK (mosque)? Summaya! She apologized so much about what happened last week at Spill the Beans. Oh and she wanted to know how I got home. Like she really cared. Anyways it turned out that Fahima’s sister was going out with Luqmaan last year and he broke her heart and now they hate everyone that is associated with him. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. These people’s lives are worse than a soapie “The Gujarati Girl and the complicated”!
I told Summaya all was fine because I thought she wasn’t worth being bitter about. I was listening to Channel Islam the other day and Ebrahim Gangat said that hatred benefits no one it just becomes a burden for you to carry. That man was so wise! Now I know why all the aunties are glued to their radios every morning. My mother fights with my father if he sends her out in the morning and she misses Ebrahim Bhai (brother).
After the JK (mosque), I was free for the afternoon and I decided to go to Sandton for shopping. I didn’t need anything but I still had tons of my monthly allowance left over and decided I needed to splurge. First I called Ayesha to find out if she was free and wanted to come with me. My mum warned me not to drive all the way to Sandton on my own so I had to take someone with. It turned out that Ayesha had lectures all afternoon.
I looked through my phone to see who else would be willing to come with me. Maybe I should ask Moe. It was just a random mid-week shopping trip. But I was still mad at him for so many things. The more I thought about the more I realized that the reasons why I was mad at him weren’t really valid.
I finally gave in and gave him a call.
Me: Moe, how are you?
Moe: Hey I am well and you? What’s up?
Me: Are you busy? I wanted to go to Sandton but I can’t drive there on my own do you want to come with me?
Moe: I am free now I just have gym at 6. So it should be fine.
Me: Alright should I pick you up from somewhere or something?
Moe: No don’t worry I am at UJ on the grass I'll meet you outside the JK (mosque) in 5 minutes we will take my Rover.
I just wanted to melt. He was so sweet. I mean who just agrees to take a girl to Sandton because she wants to go shopping.
But I had to keep focused. He was just helping me out and there to keep me safe. Nothing less, nothing more. Even my mother would have approved him coming with. Malls are not safe these days for young girls. I heard so many stories of girls being abducted in parking lots and other scary stuff. Being from Newcastle I was not used to going out to malls on my own it was all still a foreign concept for me.
Moe came outside the JK (mosque) and greeted me with a warm smile. As we chatted on the way to his car, I couldn’t help but notice dark stubble on his face. He probably was too late to shave this morning. He actually looked very cute! Okay I didn’t just say that. Okay I did. Gosh, can you see what this guy does to me.
When I got in his car I was shocked to hear that it was tuned to Radio Islam! Usually 5fm or High-veld radio was permanently playing. Then what shocked me more was that he switched off the radio and played a CD of Arabic nasheeds (islamic Chants). I wonder what happened to him! We started speaking about old Nasheeds (islamic chants) and the next thing I knew we were both singing along to Ahmed Bukhatir on the way to Sandton.
When we reached Sandton we started in Zara (Indian Clothing store). I really needed a new jacket and some scarves. I was so excited when some of their stuff had a 30% sale! I love sales! My father always says I am just like my mother in that regard. My mother will drive half an hour across Newcastle because ghee (clarified Butter) is R2 cheaper.
After I shopped up a storm, Moe suggested we get a quick bite from Debonair’s Pizza in the food court. Shame I felt so bad because he was carrying my packets along. He would make a good husband… just saying. When we sat down to eat I told him all about Ma Khairun and my cooking class. He was in stitches and wanted to know more about what I learned. I was actually apprehensive to tell him about it at first because I wondered if he would think I was a loser to be going for a cooking course.
There was something weird about Moe today. But good weird, if there is such a thing. “Moe, what’s up, you seem very different today. But good different,” I said. He laughed at first but said that he did a lot of think lately and decided it was time to change his life. Change his life??? I was confused.
“I realized I can’t just live for friends, soccer and gym. I need more in my life. After what happened with Zee I realized that girls are just after money and status. That is why lots of girls show interest in me because I drive a nice car. They don’t know anything about me. And I feel that I need to be a good person like my father was. Flashing money and status around is exactly what my step father does and I promised myself I will never be like him.”
What? I was so shocked. Moe’s father was his step father! Apparently his father passed away when he was young and his mother remarried in a very wealthy family. But it turned out that his step father treated his mother so bad and Moe didn’t want to turn out like that. I was shocked! I just wanted to give him a hug and say everything will be fine.
“I started reading my Salaah (prayer) in the masjid (mosque)now. I find that’s the only thing that will give me peace. This clubbing and partying thing I really had enough. You know Amina, it feels so good so speak to someone about this and I know you won’t judge me. I’m so glad to have you in my life…”
Glad to have me in his life??? To be continued.... See link for Part Twenty


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