My Own World Part One

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Outlines a day in a life of a girl trying really hard to succeed...

A New life (campus) leaving high school, family and friends behind...

“You sure you have everything my poiree (grand daughter),” my grandmother or Nani asks me before my family leaves to go back to Newcastle.
My entire extended family came with our Kombi to drop me off for campus. Monday was my first day at University of Johannesburg -also known as UJ- where I was enrolled to study teaching.
My gori khala (Eldest Aunt maternal) was very happy that I wasn’t studying anything else because good Guji boys don’t like too educated girls.
I was boarding at my naani’s cousin’s wife’s sister in laws house. Aunty Behn is an old widow and agreed to take me in as a boarder with my cousin Ayesha.
The house is in Mayfair West which is 5 minutes from campus and had old hardwood furniture and brass ornaments.
Aunty Behn is old so the chances of her actually worrying about what we do is very low.
When my family left Ayesha and I hugged each other in excitement. Tomorrow was her first day at Wits where she was enrolled to study law.
Gori Khala (Eldest Aunt maternal) wasn’t too happy with her choice of study because “howwww could you get a husband with a big, big law degree”.
“So have you decided whether you going to wear scarf tomorrow or not?” Ayesha asked me.
How could I not wear scarf, I mean I’ve been wearing it since I was 14 and I’m sure there are many people on campus who do.
But I don’t  want to be an outcast you know. It’s bad enough that I am from the plaas (Farm). But my mother trusts me.
“I am going to wear it but I don’t know what to wear. Will the dress choti foi (Small Aunty Paternal) bought me from Dubai be fine?”
Ayesha responds in the affirmative and we get ready for the biggest day in our lives.
We’ve been imagining this “freedom” since grade 8 and we finally got it. Unlike many other girls from my hometown.
I went to the Muslim school (Traditional School) in Newcastle and half the girls in my class were already proposed to be married by trials exams.
One other girl from my class was to be at UJ and two girls went to UKZN.
So basically I was from the cool crowd. I was living the dream. Although I was bummed not to get my own flat and I had to stay with Aunty Behn.
But, but I was so excited to go to orientation tomorrow. Moe, who was a year ahead of me in school, was at UJ and whatsapped me to say he’ll look out for me on campus tomorrow.
WHAAAATTTTT??!! He was like the coolest guy in Newcastle and comes from LOADS of money. Like we are well off, have a nice big house, a few cars, a few shops but Moe’s family was like super rich.
People joke that they own half of Newcastle and it may just be true.
Others often speculate where they get their money from but at this stage I don’t really care.
Okay, he didn’t really say that. But he said he will look out for me after I whatsapped him more than 3 times saying I am coming to UJ.
But ag whatever, it’s the same thing!..... To Be Cont... Part Two see link


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