My Own World Part Seven

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Having Done All the chores and homework and with nothing else to do Amina invites her newly found friends to accompany her to the mall only to meet up with Sohail....


Part Seven
I have no idea why Ayesha is fixated on getting a “good Haaro Poiro (Hen Pecked Son)” husband. We are only 18 for crying out loud. She still has a degree to complete. We have to focus on doing well on campus considering that both our parents won’t think twice to take us out of campus. My father believes we are “keeping busy” in Jo’burg until we get married. I mean it’s not entirely wrong but we have to do well at campus too.
This week Aunty Behn was getting on my nerves. The old lady is lonely- fine I get it- but she is starting to make my life a misery. The way she complains about the maid, garden boy and even the postman.  The last thing I want to hear when I get home is complaints about how the maid finished half a bottle of dish washing liquid in one day. I mean I have my own worries.
Talking about worries- Moe sent me a massage in the week but I didn’t read it yet. How rude would it be to read it and not reply. Mainly though I was worried I’d be tempted to respond. I have to stay clear of that boy no matter how much I miss him. There I said it! I actually miss him. How could I not? I know it’s wrong and stuff but he is really a nice guy. I wonder what ever happened with him and Zee. Ag (what the heck), thinking about her just upsets me.
Breath. Happy thoughts.
On Friday I only had one lecture at 8am and I was free for the rest of the day, Aalia and Mishka suggested we go to the JK (Mosque) to complete our work so we would be free over the weekend. Gosh they were real nerds. But I suppose because they were on scholarships they had to do well. I wonder why their parents couldn’t afford fees- UJ wasn’t a larney (upmarket) private college or anything. Shame, maybe they are poor. But at least they are clever, shame.
We were done with every possible form of work by 10am with nothing to do. I felt bad leaving them alone on campus for the rest of the day because they had to wait for their lift club until 5pm. “Do you guys want to go to campus square- we will be back by Jummah (Friday prayer),” I said. The two agreed after checking with their moms. That’s just crazy though! Campus Square is 2 seconds from campus why did they have to run it through their parents.
Campus square is a small shopping center in Auckland Park/ Melville- literally a stone throw away from campus. Its filled with students mostly and is very convenient because it has most of the important stores and amenities. We browsed through all the stores aimlessly with no rush in the world. I then realized that I needed to purchase some toiletries and went to Clicks (cosmetic and personalized items store). As we made our way back to my car, I ran into Suhail who was furiously rubbing his teeth with a miswaak (natural organic toothbrush) .
“Hey salaams (Hello)- how are you,’ I cheerfully said. He looked at me shocked, then gain composure, put his miswaak (natural organic toothbrush) away and returned by greeting. “I haven’t seen you around for a long time. Where have you been hiding?” I asked him trying to sound casual as possible. I hope he tells me something about Moe. I hope. I hope. “I was actually worried about you- Moe said he couldn’t get hold of you and I tried calling you in the week but you didn’t answer,” he said. Oh! It was him trying to call when I was sleeping on Tuesday. I didn’t even bother to return the call. But shame, he was worried about me. How sweet is this guy!
“Oh sorry man. I’ve been so busy this week hey. I really didn’t have time to look at my phone,” Oh I was such a liar. “Campus was hectic for me too- We are already prepping for tests and stuff ,” he said. What’s up with campus people though- I mean everyone exaggerates about how busy we are and how campus is killing us. Anyways back to Moe. “Anyways, give Moe my Salaams (regards) when you see him and tell him I was meaning to reply but didn’t get the chance,” I said.
Then came the moment I wasn’t ready for. “So who was that boy? your cousin?” Mishka asks. O god. This is the problem with goody two shoes. They are very judgmental. “No just a family friend.” I mean that wasn’t entirely wrong Moe’s mother was my mother’s friend, and I became friends with Moe and Suhail is Moe’s friend and he became my friend so technically he was a family friend. “But you know you shouldn’t be seen talking to guys in public- you don’t want to seem cheap or anything,” Aalia chirps in.  OMG. Really what is wrong with these girls. I wasn’t doing anything really wrong.
I managed to change the topic and we returned to campus. After Jummah (Friday Prayer) I decided to read Moe’s messages. OMG Moe saw me at Killarney last weekend and was wondering why I ignored him. Then a few messages later he told me how Zee’s birthday went. I really didn’t want to know. I mean how unfair is it: she gets her happily ever after with the NICEST guy ever, even though they are clearly wrong for each other… but wait.
MOE: Yeah dude, she loved the presents but apparently I was too late. The CA retard asked her out the day before her birthday and she said yes. He is apparently going to ask her to marry him. How screwed up is that. I really liked her. Maybe if I buy her more presents she’ll change her mind. Maybe I should get her a white gold chain or something. I heard he wooed her by taking her on a sunset out air balloon ride in Magaliesburg. Maybe I must surprise her with a day trip to Cape Town or something. Will you help me plan something?
WHAT??! She rejects him but he still has hope. I mean how wrong is that. Cut your losses and move on already. And he wants my help.
I mean if 15k worth of gifts didn’t give him a shot, a romantic surprise trip to Cape Town won’t do the trick.
I WILL NOT LET HIM DO THIS!!! To Be Cont.... Part Eight


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