My Own World Part Seventeen

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Amina finally tells Ayesha what happened at Spill The Beans after all the cooking Saga...

Telling Ayesha Riza is not what he makes out to be

See link for part one
Part Seventeen
It’s been a rollercoaster few days. I received my test marks and I was shocked! I scored in the 60’s (my lowest ever) and people in my class were congratulating me. Apparently 50% is the pass mark, 51% is good and if you get 52% or above you are a genius. Most people write simply to pass and i now see why.
Obviously Aalia and Mishka had 80’s even though they said they “hardly studied”! Liars! I hate people who act like they know nothing but studied their butt off in private. Ag, but they don’t have a life so it would have been bad if they got anything less.
But enough about those two. I made a resolution not to make Ghiba (backbite) even though writing in my diary isn’t technically gossiping. They are just not worth my head space.
Anyways my mother called me the other night to say she found a lady in Mayfair that teaches girls how to cook and “get ready for marriage”. Apparently this woman teaches everything a young caste girl is expected to know. “Amina, you will learn how to make nice, nice rotis (flat bread) and proper our style vagaar (curry base) and currie kitchri (combination of rice cooked in a slit pea soup).. everything,” my mother said.
Although I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea I thought I had to learn at some point. And you might as well learn the proper authentic Gujarati style. Recipe books these days are too fancy everything needs fresh cream and fancy cheese. “Il tell your father to deposit the money for the course tomorrow then you must go ok poiree (pet) I think it is R4000 for the course.”
WHAT! That is insane. This woman is ripping of people. That is just so much. I wonder if she will teach us to make rotis (flat bread) with pure gold dust. But I was in no mood to protest and besides, if my mother agreed to the amount, my father had to agree. After all my mother runs the family finances my father makes the money and my mother spends it.
But at least the cooking course will give me something to do on Saturday’s. Also, maybe I can cook certain dishes and give aunty Behn a break. I hope they teach us how to make dhall (lenthill) and rice because aunty Behn’s is really not tasty. If I had to count the pieces of meat she puts in the whole pot, one hand would be enough. She’s mingy (stingy) on the meat but over does the onions.
Talking about Aunty Behn, I have to be so careful what I say around her. The other day I heard her telling one of her cousins from Lenz that I found a boy and he was going to come home to propose soon. “Kaynee (doesn't know).. Never mind she’s young you know the only reason why we let our girls study on varsity is because they must come home with rich educated husbands,” she said on the phone.
When she put down the phone I told her what she said was not true and she shouldn’t talk about my life but very conveniently her hearing aid wasn’t working at that time. I gave up and went to my room. Old people!
On Thursday night after supper, Ayesha asked me what I thought about Riza as he was still messaging her. Gosh. I actually forgot what happened with that story. “I really think he is interested in me you know that,” she said. Okay, I had to spill it out for her. “Ayesh, he is getting married to Mariam a girl from home in three weeks,” I said as a matter of fact.
“What are you serious? Are you sure? It can’t be,” she said. Oh great, now she was in denial.
“I am serious ask him yourself. I wasn’t suppose to tell you.”
“I don’t think he loves that girl. Maybe he will chicken out at the last minute. I have a feeling he really likes me.”
“Ayesha I’m sorry to say so but he really just wanted to fool around with you. He definitely is going to marry that girl to make his mother happy.”
She kept silent but I saw her struggling to resist tears that were welling in her eyes.
“Ayesha I am sorry. Really I am.”
“You know what Amina…”
I looked at her as she paused.
“I think you just jealous because no one is showing interest in you. I feel sorry for you. I don’t think Riza is like that if you feeling left out you don’t have to make up a story…”
WHAT IN THE WORLD! She thinks I’m jealous! I was just trying to protect her from getting hurt. To Be Continued.... See link for Part Eighteen


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