My Own World Part Six

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Here Amina is seen by one of the ladies in her locality back home with Moe and all hell break loose...

Trying to abstain from being called back home...

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Part Six
Aunty Baanoo! She has to be that Chaachi (Gossip) Ma on Facebook! She meddles in everyone’s business.
How could she ruin my life like this! And I’m not the first person she did this to.
Ayesha’s elder sister Nazia was taken out of high school because of this aunty.
To her, her daughters are the only angels in the whole world! I wonder if she knows that her youngest daughter got a secret phone. She’s probably chatting up all those Daarul Uloom boys (All Boys religious institute)!
I am so angry. It was another thing if I really was doing something wrong.
And she blew it completely out of proportion. Saying Moe is an adman (Non Muslim)! How dare she! He is fair in completion because he is Kanam (half white and half black) but coloured? No ways!
I remember when we were in high school, we used to get shocked at the stories about what the Newcastle girls got up to in Jo’burg. The girl’s parents would force them back home and the next thing you know they are married.
We used to point fingers at those ‘wild’ girls. I remember thinking how stupid these girls were- they were given freedom and managed to leave Newcastle but they got in to trouble and had to then come back. The whole town would talk about them. Are they going to talk about me?
This was not going to happen to me. I am getting my degree in teaching and I am staying in Jo’burg until I find a husband. I waited so long for this freedom. It can’t be taken away so quickly.
I see how despondent Nazia is with her life and I feel sorry for her. At 25 she has two kids and is pregnant with the third. She only has up to grade 8 education and when she wanted to go to Madressah (Religious School) to become an Aalima (Islamic Teacher) she was refused.
Why? Because Aunty Banoo made up a story about Nazia smoking with boys behind the library building in town. We all believed it was true but now that aunty Banoo lied about me I doubt that story.
My mother said she was going to talk to my father and they were then going to decide if I was going home or not. All I can do is make dua (Pray) and not get into sticky situations. Mostly I was upset at Moe. I know I shouldn’t be but it was all his fault, oh and that Haraami (Spiff Tiff) girlfriend of his.
Early on Sunday morning my father called and said my mother and him decided to give me a final warning but the next time I did anything wrong I was coming home. He also clearly spelled out how upset he was at me and how I let him down. “You have to watch what you do- you can’t destroy our family name,” he said before hanging up.
Shew! I was off the hook. I’m staying in Jo’burg!
The next week I was on tender hooks, I didn’t go anywhere else besides campus. I didn’t message Moe and so he didn’t bother either. I began spending a lot of time with Aalia and Mishka which was fine but a little boring.
We would go early for lectures, sit right in the front and always know the answers to every question. They were bookworms and hanging out with them made me one too. Honestly, I’d rather be a boring bookworm than sitting back at home in Newcastle.
On Saturday morning I decided to finish all my campus work.
At least by doing that I stayed out of trouble. I had to get my priorities back in order: I came to Joburg to study.
By 12pm I had nothing to do and decided to do some shopping. I still hadn’t spend the money my mother gave me for new clothes and I barely touched my monthly allowance.
Ayesha was sleeping in so I decided to go to Killarney mall on my own. Thanks to the GPS my Naani (Gran Ma) bought for me, I found my way easily. Killarney is a small mall but with all the necessary shops. I needed to get socks, a pair of pumps, a satchel bag and a jacket.
I started in Woolies (Clothing Chain Store) where I got most of my stuff then I dashed into Mr Price (Trendy Clothing Store) and then in Truworths (Clothing Chain store). After a successful shopping trip, the first time on my own, I was starving I decided to head home. On my way to the parking lot I spotted Moe.
It was weird to see him on his own in flip flops and shorts.
I couldn’t stop to talk to him. I have to keep my distance. So I quickly went to my car and drove off.
I was a little disappointed at myself- I mean what would a harmless conversation do?
But I am on probation so I cannot risk anything at all.
When I got home Ayesha had finally gotten up for the day and asked if I’d like to join her for a Muslim Students Association (MSA) fund-raiser (Charity Association for Students).
“I didn’t know you joined the MSA?” I say.
“Yeah I joined it in the week and I told the chairperson that I can assist whenever necessary.”
“That’s kind of you. Maybe if I join the MSA it will help me stay focused.”
“They do a lot of great work- I’m not sure about UJ but MSA on Wits really does a lot of charity work and stuff.”
“Maybe we can start something for Syria. No one is doing anything about the war that’s happening there.”
“Yeah there’s a lot we can do,” Ayesha says.
“I’m actually excited about this- I hope it’s fun.”
“Besides the fun part, I heard that being on the MSA helps you find a good, Masha Allah (Amazing) boy…” To Be Cont... Part Seven


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