My Own World Part Sixteen

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Amina finds out Riza's true intentions with Ayesha....

Emotionally traumatized

See link for Part one
Part Sixteen
I was so shocked by Summaya and her little minions. I really thought Summaya was a nice person. But I guess we all have some friends that take out the worse in us.
I just sat at the table, trying to make sense of what happened when the guys pulled a chair each and dug into the dessert.
I felt really awkward. People were giving me crooked glances. It’s not nice for a girl to be surrounded with so many boys. But ag, people will always be judgmental.
Now back to Riza and Ayesha! What is the deal? I had to find out.
“So Riza, whats your deal?” I casually asked hoping I would sound cool and chilled.
The guys laughed. “What you mean, what’s my deal?” he asked.
“No, like why are you being friendly with my cousin when you getting married so soon?”
“Whats wrong with being friendly with her… She’s a cool chick,” Riza said.
I looked at Moe who looked like he was keeping a secret. “Moe what are you hiding?” I asked him.
“Ask Riza…ay this guy..” Moe said.
I had no idea what was going on!
“Riza likes your cousin Ayesha. There!” Luqmaan burst out.
What! How can you like a girl four weeks before you get married?!
“Why… why are you getting married if you clearly are confused?” I asked.
“I know I want to be married to Mariam… She’s wife material. But you know Ayesha is a cool chick.”
What was wrong with this guy.
“I don’t get you Riza, really I don't.”
The guys were all focusing on eating the dessert it was very awkward.
“It’s just that… I know my parents won’t be happy with Ayesha… she’s you know.. “
“No I don’t know!” I blurted. I was getting angry now. These boys are despicable.
“She’s… dark in complexion… my mother wont like that.. Mariam makes my parents happy.”
Omg! What is wrong with the world. This is so shallow.
“But what about what you want. Do you even love Mariam?”
“No it was an arranged thing. But I guess I’ll learn to love her… its complicated.”
“So why then are you playing games with Ayesha. Leave her alone and get married,” I said.
“Like I said… there’s no harm in a little fun. You girls are chilled…”
Now I was livid!
“What you mean chilled?? The girl you can mess with while your wife waits at home?” The whole of Spill the Beans turned to look at me now.
I wasn’t nearly done. “Why not mess with those forward girls from Jo’burg? Huh? Because you like that Ayesha is innocent but is not as backward as the girls from home. After you have fun with her, your wife will be waiting not knowing anything while Ayesha’s reputation will be messed for life. You farm boys! You are all the same!”
By this time people were giving me dirty looks. I called the waiter, paid the bill and gathered my stuff to leave.
Moe looked at me shocked, Riza was red in the face, Luqmaan and Suhail excused themselves and went to the bathroom.
I was in Jo’burg for just over a month and I already saw it all. I was done with this place.
I called Ayesha but she wasn’t picking up. How was I suppose to get home??!
Moe probably brought Riza and Luqmaan along with him and I couldn’t stand being around Riza any longer.
“Suhail, did you come with your own car? Can you give me a lift to campus?” I asked
“Ermmm… Yes sure do you want to go now?”
Suhail and I drove together in silence. It was very awkward. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Ayesha.
Once we got to campus, I told Suhail to drop me off at the gate but he refused. Shame he took me all the way to my car and said he will follow me home.
Shame he was still so sweet. When I got to Aunty Behn, Suhail parked on the side of the road and came to see if I was okay.
“Yeah I’m fine. I am just shocked at some of you guys.”
“We all not the same. Those guys are good guys mostly compared to the others,” he said.
“I suppose so,” I dismally said.
“But Amina, you a good girl don’t ruin your reputation. Stay away from Moe and the guys. They are cool people to hang out with but they ruin your reputation. You don’t want to be that girl that everyone knows she is always surrounded by guys,” he said.
Suhail was right! It had to come from him to make me realize that I’m really going off track.
When I went inside I couldn’t stop thinking. There is so much wisdom in the teaching that boys and girls mustn’t mix. It becomes so complicated and distracts you.
I know I always say this but I really have to start focusing on other things.
I was never like this ever. Maybe I should start going for tajweed lessons (correct pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an). My Appa (islamic teacher) used to always complain that I don’t know the difference between the different rules of Tajweed (correct pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an)..
I think I must also go for tafseer (interpretation) lessons. I have to. I am a Muslim girl. I need to act like one.
I can’t carry on like a Namak Haraam (religion traitor). I am a good girl in my caste and need to stay this way! to be continued.... See link for part Seventeen


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