My Own World Part Ten

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Trying to get over the episode at the mall, one of Moe's posh lady walks into the mosque

Getting over the embarrassment and carrying on. No use crying over spilt milk.

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Part Ten
I rushed back to Mayfair. I just wanted to be home. I was so mortified but more than anything I was shocked and hurt.
I pulled up the driveway and banged my car door as I rushed to my room.
As I got to my bed, I broke down. What was happening to my life? What is happening to young people?
I sobbed into my pillow as Ayesha knocked on my bedroom door to find out if I was well.
“Amina, are you okay? What’s wrong? Hey, stop crying.”
I couldn’t stop crying as I told her what happened.
“Oh my word?! What’s wrong with that guy? What’s wrong with all those people?”
I just hugged her as I tried to choke back tears.
“You know, we can’t hang around with boys. This is so wrong. Allah (God) is showing us,” she said.
“Yyyes. We can’t get caught up in Haraam (Forbidden). Boys are bad news,” I stuttered.
I spent the next few days reflecting on what happened, as I tried to analyze the situation.
On the way to campus I put a lecture by Moulana (priest) Suliman Moola about Zina (unlawful sexual habits without being married) and youth on repeat.
Moulana’s (Priest's) words played on my mind the entire day.
“Protect your character more than your reputation because your character is who you really are but your reputation is what others think of you,” Moulana (Priest) so eloquently said.
He was so right.
The next Thursday I was at the JK (Mosque) and a girl who wears scarf and cloak full-time came to sit next to me.
“Assalamualaikum (hello) how are you?” She asked kindly.
“Waalaikumsalaam (returned greeting) I’m okay Alhamdulilah (Praise to God) and you? I’m Amina by the way.”
“I’m okay shukar (Thanks), I am Sumaya. What are you studying? Are you in first year?”
“Jee (Yes) I am in first year. I am studying teaching and you?
“I am doing pharmacy and I’m in third year. Are you originally from Jo’burg?”
“No, no. I am from Newcastle. From a farm town,” I laughed.
“O ok, my Khala (maternal Aunt) is married there. I am from Mayfair.”
Sumaya was really sweet and kind and we really got along very well. There was something different about her, it was as if she was really genuine.
Also, she is very intelligent, I learnt so much from her. I found out that she was a Haafiza (guardian) and she also goes for Tafseer (reading the Quraan with meaning) lessons.
On Friday after lectures I went to the JK (mosque) hoping to find Summaya there.
She was there reading her Surah Kahaf (Chapter on the Cave).
“You look so beautiful in an Abayah (Islamic Attire) Amina,” she cheerfully said as she reopened her Quraan (bible) to continue reading.
I realized that I hadn’t read the entire Surah Kahaf (chapter on the Cave) on a Friday since last Ramadan (annual observance ).
I decided to take a Quraan (Bible) and read the Friday Surahs (Chapters).
It felt very refreshing and my mind felt at ease after very long.
After the whole Moe thing, I felt calm for the first time.
After we both closed the Quraans (Bible) Sumaya suggested that we read from a Hadith kitaab (Hadith are narrations concerning the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad PBUH) while we waited for the time of Zuhr (Midday Noon Prayer).
I was so at ease.
We sat there reading Hadith on Niyat (intention) when a girl walks in with a shriek.
“Hey you! Weren’t you there in Killarney on Saturday? You were the girl that was looking for Moe on Sunday,” she squeaked.
It was the girl that was wearing a sleeveless top and was sitting ‘all over’ Moe.
I gave her a fake smile and looked down. I was not in a mood to relive that embarrassment. I will just ignore her.
“What you doing? Ohhh you reading a holy book (Quraan). Moe was right, shame you a goody two shoes..” She said so loud, I’m sure people on the men's side of the JK (Mosque) could hear.
Summaya looked at her and then looked at me.
We continued reading.
But that girl was whispering so loud to some of her cronies (Rich mates).
“Yeah she’s such a looser. She came to the fund raiser all holy in a cloak and scarf. And she was practically stalking Moe. Yes she’s from Newcastle as well. Such a freak. As if Moe has time for her…” To Be Cont... See Part Eleven


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