My Own World Part Thirteen

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Here Amina is tired of Boys especially some boys in particular, Moe and Suhail

Hate Boys they so mean

Part Thirteen
I am so over guys! It’s not worth the stress and pain that comes with it, and I wasn’t even in a relationship with him! No wonder so many women are divorced- having a partner is hard work.
I need to focus on campus and that reminds me, we starting tests in a week.
I have already went through all the course work and so hopefully with a little more studying I’ll get 90's for the tests.
Since last weekend’s craziness with Moe and Suhail I decided I shouldn’t speak to them.
Obviously I won’t completely cut them out of my life, they are nice people after all, but I am not going to contact them unnecessarily.
My week was, as a result, pretty boring.
I didn’t go anywhere or do anything other than campus.
I actually had nothing to talk to my mother about every night when she called.
“So what’s new? What happened on campus today,” she would enthusiastically ask.
“Nothing really, just lectures. Oh, I went to the JK (mosque) also,” I would reply.
Aalia and Mishka were as they always are: nerdy, But I suppose its good to have them as company because then I am forced to do my work early.
They are completely married to their studies and don’t do nothing much really.
I suppose it’s whatever makes their roti round (sarcastic tone) Thinking out loud.
Although, if Aalia tied her scarf any tighter around her, her round face will probably explode. So Old Fashioned I mean really.
Oh and she is still wearing scarves with beaded tassels! Who still wears that nowadays (besides her of course). Back in the days when we were very little mother use to make us wear these scarves with beaded tassels and thinking out loud we would always get a scolding cos half or all of the tassels were gone or hanging on its last end, smiling to myself those were the days and here I am being reminded of the yester years.
Anyways, Aunty Behn made me laugh this week with her old aunty panchaat (gossip).
Apparently her neighbor “stole” her khowse (A curry-style chicken breast in coconut milk sauce with pasta and garnish) recipe and is telling everyone that it is her own creation.
“You know Amina, she’s a sneaky thing that one! She sent the maid quiet, quiet to ask our one here, Thandi, to get my recipes. I know her too well! How else would she get my exact recipe huh? And you know that recipe, me and my Bari Naani (great Grandmother) put it together. Its a family secret. Now when the Jamaat (congregation) comes she’ll make it nice nice and tell everyone its her recipe.”
And I thought I had big problems!
Aunty Behn just needs someone to listen to her stories and say an odd “jee” (yes).
Ayesha gets very annoyed with her but mainly because she picks on her for being a little dark.
“Ayesha… You saw the Fordsburg Times got an advert ne (slang right) hendu for skin whitener. You must try it out.”
Apparently Ayesha won’t be able to get a good husband because she is a little dark. I mean she’s not dark, dark- just slightly darker than most of the girls our age.
“Ayesha, you must make dua Allah (pray and ask God) to give you a nice Badat, Randeree, Paruk boy (simple cultured clan boy). Can’t come home with a Khan or a Shaik now what will the people say,” Aunty Behn often says.
I absolutely don’t get that mentality. It is as if other people whose forefathers come from different areas in India are lower than us.
I mean I learnt in Madressah (church school)that all Muslims are equal and the only thing that distinguishes one person from another is their piety.
But, I will still only marry a Guji or Kanam boy (my kind of mommy's boy), they are the best from the lot.
Gujaratis and Kanams come from the same area in India, Surat and that’s what makes them somewhat the same- although Kanams are very fair.
Oh and Moe is Kanam (close to home kind of clan).
Anyways, I was actually shocked the other day when Summaya said she won’t mind marrying a revert OMW (oh My Word).
I mean, she comes from a really good home, she’s pretty and she’s not even divorced!
Some girls from Newcastle got divorced and couldn’t find anyone else to get married to so they got married to hindu reverts (another religion and caste). I don’t know why they were so desperate.
But Summaya insists there’s nothing wrong with it.
“They have Imaan (Faith) at the end of the day. Some reverts are better Muslims than people who are born Muslims which is so true and they have lots of Akhlaaq (practice of virtue, morality and manners in Islamic theology),” she said.
I suppose she may be right but if she does get married to a revert, people will think there’s something wrong with her.
For each his own, I suppose.
Till next time
Loves, kisses and Masala chai
Amina To Be Cont.... See part Fourteen for continuation


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