My Own World Part Three

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Amina meets Moe's friends and the mysterious Zee...

A night out with the Boys..! (Part Three)

for Part One see link as follows
Part Three
“Haha you crazy girl. Some of my buddies are going so I thought you may want to join us,” Moe jokingly said.
Oh. So it’s not a date. Okay.
“Uhm yeah (giggles) of course, if it’s a group I’m sure it’ll be fine,” I say to him.
“Ok for sure, should we pick you up?”
“uhhh, yes please- I don’t quite know Jo’burg yet,” I say.
We arrange a time to be ready and I rush home to get done.  Grey skinnies, black top, leather jacket and a grey and black pushmina scarf. I was good to go with a dash of DKNY perfume and glitter pumps.
And exactly at 7pm I walk to the front door to see if he pulled up yet but he didn’t. I kept waiting at the window and finally after messaging him 4 times and waiting for more than an hour, Moe rocked up.
But he’s not alone. He literally had a car full of buddies with him.
OMG! Was I going to be the only girl.
I feel so guilty. I shouldn’t be getting in- it feels so wrong.
I walk nervously to the car and Moe rolled down his window and tells me to get in the front seat.
Suhail gets out of the front seat and joins two other boys- very good looking guys in fact- in the back seat of Moe’s Range Rover which smelt incredibly masculine.
“Guys this is Amina, Amina you know Sue, and that is Luqi and Riza,” Moe says.
The guys laugh.
“Nice to meet you people,” I say.
They then start mocking my KZN accent which I frankly don’t have.
After a few jokes and laughter I ask if we are going to meet the others at Rosebank.
“It’s just us, these are my buddies I’m talking about,” Moe says.
What?! Am I really going to be the only girl with four guys! My mum cannot find out about this!
We get to Rosebank and I couldn’t help but notice how quiet Suhail has been.
“Why are you so quiet Suhail?” I ask.
There is a fit of laughter and I am absolutely confused.
It turns out that Suhail or Sue is very shy of girls and the reason why he got the nickname Sue was that he was such a girl.
I turned around to look at him and saw that he was red in the face.
“You guys are so mean- don’t say that about the poor boy,” I say.
The trio found it to be incredibly funny and resulted in another roar of laughter.
We ended up going to Ocean Basket for supper and chatted about Newcastle and campus stuff and a little about where Riza and Luqi came from.
I found out that Riza was proposed to get married to a haari poiree (same community) from his hometown, Kokstaad, as soon as he finished with his degree.
Besides the odd answer, Suhail was mostly quiet.
We enjoyed platters of divine prawns and calamari in lemon butter with haloumi for starters.
We also ordered extra chips, salmon and sushi.
The meal was lovely and when the bill came I was shocked!
R1500 for five people! I’ve never had to worry about bills before but now I am given an allowance and I have to budget.
I didn’t even know how the bill was going to be shared as no one reached for their wallets.
I dug in my bag and brought out my wallet to pay for my meal but Moe smiled and said he got it covered.
What does it mean he got it covered??
Oh he paid with his credit card already.
Although I sighed a breath of relief, it was very awkward to have someone else pay for my meal.
The guys looked as if they were used to having Moe foot the bill.
“Let’s go get some coffee and catch a smoke,” Luqmaan or Luqi proposed.
I didn’t want to seem prudish but I hate smokers! They simply stink. Other than my Dada (gran-pa), I was never around any smokers.
On the way to Doppio Zero  Moe, Luqi and Riza pulled out cigarettes and shared a flame.
I looked at Suhail who nervously said he doesn’t smoke.
This guy is really good! Bo ruparo che!
We went to sit at a table, ordered coffee and continued talking about random things when suddenly Moe looked shocked and went red in the face.
A girl walked by with supper high heels, tight skinnies and super straight hair.
She had tons of make up on and I noticed that her face and neck were not the same colors.
Did I mention her pencil thin eyebrows and blood red lips- really something out of scary movie but the Moe apparently thought she belonged on the front page of Cosmo magazine.
“Mooooeeeeee” she cooed.
“Hey.. Uhm.. How are you Zee?” Moe asked almost nervously.
My eyes were glued on her bag- I remember seeing the exact same one in Sandton the last time I was in Jo’burg for R8000.
“This is Amina, she’s my hommie from Newcastle,” Moe says.
Huh? What? Oh… He was introducing me to ‘Zee’ and apparently I was his hommie. What is the definition of hommie anyways?!
“Nice to meet you,” I politely say. It was a very awkward moment. I looked down and then looked at Suhail who I caught staring at me. He blushed a little.
Moe announced he’d be back in a little and went off with Zee whose full name is Zeenat.
I panicked because it was close to 9 and I had to be home.
I’ve never been out later than 9 before this.
Luqi and Riza said they wanted to smoke and walked outside the coffee shop.
I quickly gulped some coffee not knowing what to say to Suhail.
Finally Moe and the others came back and we were ready to leave.
As we get into the car, Luqmaan was teasing Moe crazy.
“So did you manage to get a ring on her finger?” he joked.
Moe was red in the face- he obviously liked the girl.
On the way back Moe detailed how what a hot “chick” he thought she was.
“Bra.. that girl is something else. Besides being hot as hell she has a feisty attitude,” Moe said.
“Ay but you know these chicks are high maintenance- I hear her last BF took her on a day cruise but she still dumped him,” Luqmaan added.
“Moe, if you manage to get a ring on that finger you'll be waking up to that hotness for the rest of your life,” Riza added.
I turn to look at Moe’s expression and find him smiling sheepishly. On anyone else that smile would make them look ridiculous but Moe looked incredibly cute!
He catches me looking at him and luckily at that time we arrive by Aunty Behn’s house and it was time to get off.
Ayesha meets me at the door and whispers to me frantically.
“Dude, why are you home so late?? Your mother, naani and gori khala called and I said you were at a friend sorting out your course work,” she said.
Gosh I completely forgot about everyone.
At that time my mum calls, clearly concerned that campus is already so hectic I needed help from a friend.
I didn’t convince her otherwise and made up a few extra details.
Once I greeted and put down the phone I realized that barley being two days in Jo’burg I already lied to my mother for the first time in my life… To Be Cont... See Part Four


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